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  1. This is possible, along with Midak potentially being an Av-Matoran. I'm torn on the idea personally. Part of me thinks that'd be cool, but another part of me thinks it'd be more interesting for some Matoran to simply have uncommon traits and quirks like that regardless of their element.
  2. Well that was quite the read. Lots of really cool and interesting concepts in here. I think the destiny of the Skakdi, Toa of Sand Mazeka and the Great Beings' weird and exotic weapons like the Mind Spider are among my favourites. I appreciate you not shying away from the crazy power scaling in Bionicle, what with the frequent use of kraata powers, psychic mind battles, pocket suvas and more. And wow, there was no shortage of deaths either. I found the Whatever factories very disturbing. I think I'll be making much of this my headcanon for the story post-2010 save for a few small things. As for critiques I would've liked the ending to be a bit longer, to hear more about the state of Spherus Magna and the fates of various characters - as we didn't really get much in that regard beyond a few lines on Lewa and Sahmad. Reunions between Norik and Varian and as another has said, Vakama and Lhikan would've been nice too. Just more closure like that would've made the ending more satisfying. At a few earlier points throughout the story (especially during the war) I also felt the current status of some characters had become unclear, such as Vakama who IIRC seemed to disappear later on. To be fair though, there are so many characters and so many things going on it must've been hard to juggle them all as is. I feel the ending would've been a good time to address this somewhat. Given what Greg said about Takanuva's planned destiny I thought he'd have some hand in bringing peace between the two sides, or be involved in the illumination or something - his ending was much sadder than I expected. I'm unsure how I feel about the illumination and all those people being killed by it, including all the Vortixx and Skrall. I'm also a little confused about the Chair of Vision, though maybe I just missed something. That whole thing was a little weird. All in all though, I really enjoyed this. Writing something of this scope is most impressive.
  3. When's the redirect gonna be updated? It still says BzPower is under construction. also how do I edit my signature in the new layout, am I missing something obvious?
  4. Assuming such a thing were possible, I wouldn't trust them with Bionicle again after how badly they squandered G2 and beat the brand further into the ground. Unless, however, the original minds behind (and/or fans of) G1 were to come back with a genuine idea and passion. That could be something.
  5. Some actual thought, care and budget put into it would be nice.
  6. I don't know about the US, but over here in the UK it appears to have been something of a corporate suicide. Overpriced products, listings always unavailable on the site, no stock checker of any kind, and sometimes stores too scarce for convenience. I can't say I didn't somewhat expect this.
  7. Given so many other integral parts of Bionicle were missing from G2, probably not. They probably didn't even think about it.
  8. Well that's a little disappointing. Instead of any of those other ideas we get sexism in LEGO form. Hopefully Voltron will pull through, looks like a great set even if I would've preferred the Legendary Defender version myself.
  9. It just occurred to me, when an elemental master has a child, does the child get the elemental powers instantly or when the parent dies? For example when Kai and Nya were born were there two Fire and Water elemental masters for a while?
  10. Please tell me this isn't serious. You're just trolling right? ...right?
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