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Jim Henson's Turkey Hollow

Toa Smoke Monster


As someone who tries to remind everyone that Thanksgiving exists between Halloween and Christmas, I'm usually okay with new Thanksgiving specials being made. When I think of the Lifetime Network doing a Thanksgiving special, I would think it would have some sort of family drama that would possibly end with someone being murdered. (Seriously, Lifetime movies have people die in them all the time these days.)


But Lifetime, surprisingly, has never done a Thanksgiving themed special before. But that is going to change this month, as the following trailer shows what the network's first special for this holiday will be:



No, your eyes are not deceiving you. This is a real thing.


With on-screen narration done by the actor and rapper Ludacris,( :blink: ) I guess this will be a story about a family who finds these creatures in the woods and have them over for Thanksgiving. The creatures names are Burble, Squonk, Thrinng, and Zorp, BTW. This is not a joke, folks.


The only shinning light to this is that this is based on a story written back in 1968 by Jim Henson (best known as the creator of the Muppets) and Jerry Juhl. Though obviously the story has been updated to present day.


I heard that Jim Henson's works back in the day were good, so I guess that could help make this movie good too. But in Lifetime's hands, I have my doubts. I guess we'll see when this airs on TV.



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The thumbnail for that video just screams Thanksgiving.


Seriously those freaky koala-bats are way too horrifying for this to be a "family adventure."

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There is one word that comes to mind when seeing these things for the first time, but let me tell you, it's not fridge.

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Jim Henson's seriously messed up side.



Why?! First they absolutely ruined Muppets with the Disney movies, then replaced it with sick vomit as a TV show and now... This? It's most definitely heavily edited and the original buried with Jim himself.

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