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Next Versus?

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Turakii #1 Lavasurfer


Strawberry Shortcake and Roodaka have been going at it for six months now, and both are beginning to feel a bit of strain. Hence, they are very shortly going to declare the match an end and Roodaka the first-ever Bionicle winner in these versus thingies. (Strawberry Shortcake was planning to invite Roodaka to a tea party in Strawberry Land to show she has no hard feelings, but Roodaka had such a violent reaction to the suggestion that Strawberry decided against it.)


So, the question before us today is: Which two characters should compete next?


I've had several really good suggestions over the past few months, but have unfortunately managed to.. *coughcoughforgeteveryoneofthemcough*... so if their suggestors would be kind enough to remind me, I would be quite grateful...




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Recommended Comments

Tahu versus Ed?
Lewa versus Larry?
Kardas Dragon versus Barney?
The Nuva cube versus the companion cube?
Gali versus Barbie?
Aslan versus Axonn?
Garfield versus a Muaka?
Al Elric versus Makuta? (Since they're both just inhabited armor...)
Spinax versus Snoopy?
A bula berry versus a blueberry? :P

EDIT: I was going to suggest Weird Al versus Vezon, but it appears -Evolution- beat me to it. :P

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Guest kopakanuva13


Bumblebee Vs. Keetongu!

Kikanolo Vs. Mr. Ed!

Pikachu Vs. Dekar!

Makuta Teridax Vs. Darth Vader!

Toa Kualus Vs. Gandalf the White!


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Lesovikk Vs. Indiana Jones?

Conjurer Vs. Harry Potter?

Lesovikk Vs. Indiana Jones?

Hydraxon Vs. Captain America?

Antroz Vs. Xavin?

Lesovikk Vs. Indiana Jones?


EDIT: Tren Krom Vs. Galactus?

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*Gasp* You mean that Strawberry Shortcake, the invincible warrior, was defeated in battle?! *Sob* There goes my role model... *Runs around house, burning Strawberry Shortcake merchandise.


Anyhow, how about...

Yoda vs. Vican?

A Muaka vs. Hello Kitty?

The Fire Entity vs. Bob the Tomato?

A Level Five Heat Vision Kraata vs. a Trade Federation B-1 Battle Droid?


And Vezon vs. Weird Al would rock. :D


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Ridley VS. Kardas

Tahu VS. Mario

Teridax VS. Bowser

GLaDOS VS. Tren Krom

Edward&Alphonse VS. Hydraxon&Maxilos

Larry Boy VS. Lewa.

Vezon VS. Alfred Yankovic. (SHALL BE PURE WIN.)

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For some reason, despite my usually expansive imagination, I'm stuck at only one suggestion: Cookie Monster vs. Steak Boy. :P


EDIT: No, wait! I've got a better idea! Turakii vs. Takuma Nuva! A genuine battle of the "wubbers"! :P I'd lose for sure...


TakumaNuvaSmilie.gifTakuma Nuva:infected:

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OFF-TOPIC:Ko-Zap,that would be no competition.Chuck always wins.


OT:Indiana Jones and Takua


Sonic and Pohatu


Spongebob and Hahli



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