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  1. Mr. Shulk! How much can you see?!

    1. Guardian Knuckles

      Guardian Knuckles

      Quite far, my monkey friend!

    2. Hukster

  3. Rezid's pretty cool, but where's it from?

  4. Haha you and me made it to Hapori Tohu's page.

  5. It's been... over two years since I posted here; and I come back to see you retire. I must admit that you did give me a lot of inspiration back then. Now as your comics conclude, I'm extremely thankful to have read them. Part 1 was rather dark, so I await the conclusion with a somewhat nostalgic patience. Update: To fully understand it, it looks like I'll have to catch up with the past two years... and I know I won't regret it. Though I should be sad, I feel only satisfaction. Thank you, Gavla!
  6. So...you are friends with Hapori Tohu. How's that goin'

  7. Being such a noob (Even after I thought I wasn't a noob) on Bzpower has taught me so much. Thank you and Good Bye! Guardian Knuckles has moved on. B)

    1. Dr. Giggles PhD

      Dr. Giggles PhD

      No man.

      You are staying.

    2. Sybre


      What he said.

  8. Profiles are the only thing on Bzpower that work for me...

  9. Even if I try stopping going on Bzpower, it's really impossible to forget about Bionicle.

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