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  1. I do like this story. You have a quite descriptive writing style which helps flesh out the world, which I love. Already, I find myself caught up in the story. It's great. I'll definitely be keeping my eye on this story.
  2. I like these. I like them a lot. Particulaly what you did with Optimus' shoulder armor and Megatron's...just Megatron in general. They're both pretty cool.
  3. I really need to come out of lurkery.I like it, especially that awesome staff. The leg design's pretty cool, and I like the cloak.
  4. Sometimes, I think I underestimate our fandom. This is very inventive. Love the way you used the orange studs. This reminds me, have you seen Saber-Scorpion's Dark Fantasy MOCs. They're sort of like this.
  5. How did you get so many Vahi? This is a well-built MOC. It seems a bit too bulky to me, but that's my only gripe with this MOC. It's a good build.
  6. It's a god avatar. Now if it would actually show up, that would be so much better.
  7. Well, no, but now you mention it... TPBM is on the internet.
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