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  1. IC Odiina Brando - ISD Insight: Odiina had almost managed to forget about the past few days for a moment when she suddenly felt very, very wrong. Despair and anxiety crashed over her like an all consuming wave, and her breathing became shallow and frantic. Cold sweat formed on her brow, and the hair on the back of her neck sttod on end as if she'd become electrically charged. Nausea reared from inside; Odiina rushed to the nearest waste receptacle and voided her stomach. And then it was gone, but she still was wet and shaky and panicked for no clear reason. She wiped bile from her mouth, and on shaky legs decided it was time to go to med bay.
  2. IC Odiina Brando - ISD Insight - Mess Hall: A short search found the Stormtrooper in the mess, and at last, she felt a little more comfortable. Star Destroyer or not, this was familiar. Off duty troopers and officers just.... Relaxing a little. She wasn't hungry, but she hadn't been assigned anywhere yet either so here was as good a place as any. She found an open table and sat, the tightness in her chest loosening just a little.
  3. IC Katrin Nuva: "The last piece! I dunno why, but I'm real excited to see what happens now that the whole stone is complete!" Kat's thoughts turned to the future, as always. She'd never been one for dwelling on the past, and she certainly wasn't going to start now. Tomorrow would always bring a new day, and a new adventure. That much she was sure of.
  4. IC Katrin Nuva - Kini Nui: Kat was a little over the whole portal shtick to be honest. She decided to stay put and see this through to the end, whatever end that may be.
  5. IC Katrin Nuva - kini Nui: "Well, looks like there'es only one piece missing now! I wonder where it is, though....." she looked over at the mountain. or rather, what was left of it. "Should uh..... we be worried about that?" she asked no one in particular.
  6. IC Katrin Nuva - Kini-Nui: She glanced over. "That sounds reasonable." She did just that, slotting the stone into the others.
  7. IC Katrin Nuva - Kini-Nui: "Well I Def nitely don't have a death wish. Hey uh... Where's Nuju, anyway? I found this, and figured he'd want to take a look at it." She held out the Makoki stone fragment. @~Xemnas~ @Gecko Greavesy
  8. IC Katrin Nuva - Kini-Nui: "Whoa, hey, you don't look so good, are you okay?"
  9. IC Katrin Nuva: Kini Nui: The village was empty. Kat's mind wandered to the body in the sky, dreading that somehow everyone had long passed. But then there was a great shake in the earth, and she dashed off in search of it. Kini Nui. Two immense beings. Oh, and a third, a NUVA, even. And maybe even Nuju, assuming he was visible and not vanished from existence. "Hello!" She called out. @~Xemnas~ @Unreliable Narrator
  10. IC Katrin Nuva: On and on she ran. Faster and faster, propelled by her own inner fire, her well trained body, and the boost offered by the Calix. It was invigorating, being back at 100%. She still didn't really know where she was good ng, but she trusted her instincts and sure enough, they left her the right way. The way home. Kini-Koro was in sight.
  11. IC Katrin Nuva - Caldera: And then suddenly that gaseous thing was gone, swallowed by the pool. And then the buzzing started. Well, it had been there before but now it got LLOUD Kat had a horrible feeling she might have just watched a being die, and picked up the stone. She tucked it under her arm. And she ran.out of the cave, into the light of day, the sun warming her body, and flames pouring from her feet, propelling her faster and faster in a beeline away from the dark temple. She didn't know where she was. She didn't know where she was going. But being stuck in a creepy cave with nothing but Nui Rama to keep her company wasn't going to get anything done, and the only other thing she could ask questions to..... Well, whatever that had been was gone. So Kat ran.
  12. IC Katrin Nuva - The Caldera: The universe really did have it out for Kat it seemed, and no sooner had she stepped through than she was confronted with a very large and angry sounding Rahi demanding she leave, and then buffeted about by the back draft of said Tahu's rage against a pool of gross green juice (had she come out of that?!) And then realized she held not an ornate stone sphere, but a small fire staff. On the bright side, she felt a familiar power well up inside her once again, and she noticed the Rahi had dropped a piece of a familiar looking stone. "Excuse me! Are you using this?" She asked, pointing to the stone. Except all she saw was a gas cloud hovering over the pool. And the Rahi.....who knew. Things were moving pretty fast, it seemed. @Gecko Greavesy
  13. Finally wrapped up Kat's far shore adventure, did not get to hit all parts of the prompt or do everything I wanted to do but i wanted her back to see the end at least. And who knows, maybe she'll get to keep that stone she brought!
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