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  1. IC: Long Hyan-Fei - Odaiba - Western Wilderness Hyan-Fei blushes at Kura's thanks, and tries (unsuccessfully) to hide it with a curt nod. With the fish now all eaten, Hyan-Fei begins to clean up, burying the bones and viscera she got rid of and tossing dirt on the fire to smother it. She nods in agreement with Kura's suggestion. "We'll have to look on both sides of the river as we go, though," she says. A frown crosses her face as a thought comes to her. "Do Chand do anything unique with their campsites?" she asks Kura. "Any special markers or setups?" For all her accidental discoveries since becoming a nomad, she has never actually come across a Chand camp, in-use or broken. Any identifying elements would be useful in helping them in their search. And, well, since Kura is a Chand... OOC: @Palm
  2. i fully expect this to be one of my most controversial posts, but i stand by it wholeheartedly. the bionicle community DOES NOT need bionicle to come back or be revived. let's talk about why. 1. lego itself doesn't need bionicle back. making a new lego line is risky. within certain budgetary confinements, lego has to pay for: licensing fees (if making a licensed theme) designers to design new sets and packaging molds to manufacture any new pieces and plastic to make those new pieces material for packaging shipping and distribution fees to get completed sets into stores advertising to get people to buy sets if lego doesn't make enough money from the new line to cover these costs, they'll declare the line a failure, toss it in the bin, and move on; they're not going to try to salvage it in the vain hope that sales will turn around. while the exact amount of impact is debatable, you can't deny that fan campaigns played a part in bringing about bionicle G2. despite evidently strong support for the revival, its sales ended up being so abysmal that lego decided to put it out of its misery and end it a whole year early rather than keep bleeding money. what does this tell lego about fan campaigns? it tells them that they're just for show. and what does this tell them about reviving retired themes? it tells them that that's not a profitable course of action. lego is a business above all, and their concern is earning and keeping money, so even though they're more well-off than they were back then, they're going to make the smart business decision to invest further time, effort, and money into what is already bringing in profit. 2. you make yourself look bad by continuing to beg for another bionicle revival. i already know somebody's going to come in here and say, "but... but muh snyder cut!" let me shut you down right there. the snyder cut was released because the millions of people organizing these fan campaigns were actually willing to put their money where their mouth was in order to support the creator's original vision. the bionicle community doesn't have millions organizing fan campaigns. it has the same handful of sweaty man-babies whining for the return of a toy line that financially failed twice for the sake of satisfying their own nostalgia. there's a reason most of the other lego communities look down on the bionicle community, and this is it. (ironically, these are the same lego communities vainly begging for the return of classic space and classic castle, but that's neither here nor there.) by continuing to ignore reality and keep screeching "bring back bionicle" every time lego makes even a vague reference to it in the hopes that it'll get them them to let you relive your rose-tinted childhood, you risk further alienating other lego communities- and eventually, maybe even lego itself- from what's already an extremely insular community. 3. you have the power to make bionicle your own. there's a saying somewhere that goes, "when companies fail to make content the fans want, the fans will make it themselves." bionicle has the benefit of being produced by a company whose primary product experience is making your own content with it. that means that you have the freedom to make whatever kind of bionicle figures you want. you're not constrained to the same certain aesthetics, "legal" techniques, part counts, or budgetary concerns that lego factors into their processes. there will be other constraints, sure, but that's inherent to any hobby. you're not even constrained to making bionicle figures. think of all the books, comics, web serials, animations, etc. that accompanied bionicle G1. think of all the characters that never got visual representations- you can give those to them. think of all the events and locations that were mentioned, but never really explored- you can tell stories about them. heck, you're not even constrained to what accompanied G1 or G2. you can make up new stories about new heroes in new worlds that lego employees could never even dream of coming up with. to paraphrase the inimitable bob ross, you can do whatever you want, because it's your little world. the only limits are your imagination and your work ethic. to say, "i want lego to bring back bionicle like this" is to say, "i need someone else to be creative for me." and that's so utterly sad. in conclusion, when does a man die? when he is hit by a bullet? no. when he suffers a disease? no. when he eats a soup made out of a poisonous mushroom? no. a man dies when he is forgotten. bionicle doesn't need to be brought back, because it will never go anywhere as long as people are there to remember it fondly. those who keep campaigning for bionicle to be rebooted again and again, despite common sense saying that that's a bad idea, have forgotten what already exists. lego has given you plenty. they are not obligated to give you more. if you want more, make it.
  3. what a time to bee alive

  4. IC: Chiaki - Ta-Wahi - The Charred Forest I'm just about to say something back when the blue one yells to watch out- oh, she means her two o'clock. I turn quickly to face what's behind me... And duck, just barely in time to avoid a hot streak of laser vision from burning a hole through my skull. It burns a hole through my hat instead, almost searing the top of my head and mask just underneath. I look up to see the telltale smoke and fading glow around the ugly green Skakdi's eyes. He's the one for me to target. Dropping my hat and my backpack to the ground, I straighten up slightly and activate my mask. The ground he's standing on looks pretty rough already, but I make it even rougher. Using the power of my Matatu, I lift big chunks of ash, dirt, and rock quickly up from under his feet, trying to get him to stumble. I then pelt him with the chunks, trying my best to keep them away from where the gray one is fighting my opponent's ugly red buddy. With the hand that's not directing my mask power's actions, I pull one of my jitte out and set it to just under maximum voltage. Just in case... OOC: @Razgriz @Geardirector
  5. IC: Long Hyan-Fei - Odaiba - Western Wilderness Kura's offer catches Hyan-Fei by surprise, and for the briefest moment a flash of nervousness crosses her face. The moment passes, however, and she brings enough of her original confident demeanor back long enough to return her new traveling companion's nod. "If you're offering. You'll find I'm a fast learner," she says. Then, looking at the campfire, "But I learn faster on a full stomach." The truth of the matter is that Hyan-Fei has never been good at riding Soko, and due to her own philosophy she has never tried again after that one time. The thought of falling off Naiana and embarrassing herself in front of Kura is slightly terrifying to her; she would much rather run alongside. But of course, she makes none of this known as she sits down cross-legged and seasons her catch with her jars of salt, pepper, and hot spices. She offers Kura a pair of chopsticks before tucking into the flaky fish flesh with her own pair. "So. If it were me escaping from Koshiki, the first thing I'd want to do is get as far away from it as I could." She shadows her brow as she looks first down the branch of the river that continues to wind west, then, several bio away, down the branch that heads south. "I suggest we head for a dock, or a port town; could be some of your Chand are going there to evacuate with any others." She shrugs. It is an idea; Kura is free to take it or leave it. OOC: @Palm
  6. IC: Long Hyan-Fei - Odaiba - Western Wilderness "You're being silly again," Hyan-Fei says bluntly. "Of course some Chand still exist. You're still here, aren't you? And so far, being Chand is the only way you can be sure they keep existing. Don't be so wishy-washy about 'maybe I'm neither Chand nor Long.'" Of a sudden, she stands and plants her hands on her hips, confident in the choice she is about to make. "Finding survivors is clearly very important to you, and I have nothing better to do at the moment," she proclaims. "I'll join your quest, if only because you need someone to keep you from breaking any more ribs." OOC: @Palm sorry about the wait mate
  7. IC: Long Hyan-Fei - Odaiba - Western Wilderness With the fire officially going, Hyan-Fei sets the flat stone over the flames, and the fish over the stone to cook. "I wish I'd been a Chand, but I don't think I could ride a Soko very well," she jokes, leaning back onto the grass and cushioning her head with her arms. She frowns at Kura's question. "No," she answers, "the old ways are enough for me." She turns her head to look at Kura, an odd expression on her face. "Honestly, up there would probably have been a better fit for you than me. How long did you stay before...?" She lets the question trail off. OOC: @Palm
  8. IC: Long Hyan-Fei - Odaiba - Western Wilderness Hyan-Fei tilts her head as she considers the Soko's name. Naiana... It is a good name, she decides. She makes a note to pet Naiana when her hands are free of fish guts. Fish successfully cleaned, she washes off a thin, flat rock in the river to use as a cooking surface over the eventual fire. At Kura's question, she nods with a satisfied humph. "I have," she replies, "and I've loved it. It's much better than being stuck in that stuffy old monastery." And why shouldn't it be? Even with new nasties running about, the wilderness offers much more freedom than the same four walls every day. OOC: @Palm
  9. IC: Long Hyan-Fei - Odaiba - Western Wilderness Still breathless from her sudden dunk, Hyan-Fei nods, acknowledging Kura's choice to retrieve some firewood. As the other Dasaka leaves, she sets about the gory but satisfying task of scaling, gutting, and deboning her catch for cooking. She repositions herself on the riverbank to be a little closer to Kura's Soko, in case something happens to make it run away. In between knife strokes she catches glimpses of the creature. Road wear-and-tear aside, it is a lovely specimen. She finds herself somewhat envious of Kura for owning such a fine steed, but only for a few fleeting moments. OOC: @Palm
  10. IC: Long Hyan-Fei - Odaiba - Western Wilderness "Yes, after that speech!" Hyan-Fei huffs. "Training will help me take care of myself! And it'll help you with that, too; you should try it, silly." She tosses her head in exaggerated indignation at Kura's stifled laughs, before relaxing her posture and smiling too. Chand Kura is a silly Dasaka, she decides, but for the first time in a while, she decides that that's not such a bad thing for someone to be. It is also the first time in a while that anyone has called her admirable. Trying to hide it, she blushes behind her mask. "Thank you," she says quietly. Hyan-Fei lets out a shout of excitement as the fish she tempted earlier takes her bait. Hooking it with a mighty yank of her pole, she struggles to bring it in, but it puts up enough of a fight to pull her into the river after it. Several moments pass before she bursts back onto the riverbank with a laugh, holding her prize in her hands. For a moment, all thoughts of the mountain and the Dragons and the Spawns of Zakata are forgotten. For a moment, it feels like any regular summer afternoon on the Archipelago. OOC: @Palm
  11. IC: Long Hyan-Fei - Odaiba - Western Wilderness "Well, the first thing Long Hyan-Fei is going to do," she replies, bouncing her lure to try and attract a juicy-looking fish, "is catch lunch." "After that?" She shrugs. "When I'm ready, I'll go back to the mountain. But until then, I'll keep doing what I've been doing. I'll eat. I'll wander. I'll train myself." No reason why she should have to give up her lifestyle, even if the world has gone south. Did her Taajar ancestors abandon their ways every time disaster struck? No, they used their ways to survive and become better. That is what she will do, too. She nods, reaffirming her choice. OOC: @Palm
  12. IC: Long Hyan-Fei - Odaiba - Western Wilderness At Kura's comment, Hyan-Fei furrows her brow. "What do you mean, you're not sure?" she asks, a bit more rudely than intended. "You've had eight weeks to be sure, to make a plan. What will you do if you find more survivors? What will you do if you don't? What will you do if it turns out Odaiba isn't safe anywhere anymore? With Dragons and spined things running around, you can't afford to linger or say 'I don't know.' You'll end up with more of those." She points to Kura's bandaged ribs. "Those, and worse." She sits back, and with most of the bluster gone, finishes, "You're the only you you've got, you know. Go out of your way for others if you like, but you can't do that if you're not keeping yourself safe." OOC: @Palm
  13. IC: Long Hyan-Fei - Odaiba - Western Wilderness The fruit completely misses Hyan-Fei's hand and instead hits her lightly on the head; flushing a little, she chalks it up to a bad throw, not her own delayed reaction. This slight embarrassment is not enough to dampen the fruit's crispness and sweetness, however. Hyan-Fei munches contentedly on it as she listens to Kura. She likes that the other Dasaka is similarly brief about her family situation- it would be unwise to share overly personal information with someone you just met. She shrugs. "I'm not that amazed. Personally, I think the harder you try to avoid coming across nasty things, the more likely you are to actually come across them. How can I try to avoid something I didn't know existed until today?" She smiles as she continues, "As for how you found me, around here, wanderers have a tendency to bump into each other." Hyan-Fei's expression changes as she thinks about what she has heard today. "Did you have somewhere particular you wanted to go, or were you just running away in general?" she asks Kura. OOC: @Palm
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