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  1. Hey! I'm looking for one of these guys, I'm willing to spend around $80, less if its in rough shape. Thanks!
  2. Slizers were pretty dope ngl. I loved those glow in the dark wheels.
  3. I doubt The LEGO Group will ever bring back Bionicle in its traditional form, but I'd like to see a new system of CCBS. The building style is extremely diverse, and could continue on into the future if there are new waves of compatible elements. Like a universe of robots who are, idk, trying to fix the environment on an alien planet kinda thing. You have the good guys who have powers related to nature (water, earth) fighting against the villains with destructive powers (fire, electricity/storms.) There's always a possibility of a new CCBS line, but its not in the cards for the immediate future. We can dream. Back to the discussion at hand, we can preserve our collections, and hope tech evolves to the point of recreating and continuing bionicle indefinitely. Plastics are only ~140 years old, the first 3d printer was made in the 80's, they first became economical in the late 2000's, and now they can print things that look much more streamlined then they did even 5 years ago. We are close to a point were people could 3D print LEGO pieces with similar quality to LEGO without the crazy molds. Thats still in the future, but its not too far off.
  4. I believe that is this set https://brickset.com/sets/10023-1/Bionicle-Master-Builder-Set
  5. I gotta go through all mine and see which are misprints then!
  6. I got a few like that, I don't know if they are a mismold however. Do you have a picture of your miscolored kraata you could post?
  7. They gotta be out there somewhere, we just aren't looking in the right place I guess.
  8. Your priority totally should be getting all of the kraata. I wish you luck in that regard. I'll take pictures of my stuff this next week and send em your way
  9. If you have any others that aren't overlord's missing kraata, I'd like to snag em off ya. I'm not going for the whole collection, I'm just trying to get as many as possible.
  10. How much would you sell all your duplicate kraata for, I'm interested in all of em. If you like various LEGO polybags (any theme, I got piles and can show you if interested) , i can trade for kraata as well.
  11. I found a misprint Kraata (trans-green to tan instead of the normal bronze to tan) in the Bricks and Minifigs down in Portland. I only learned about them last week too. I'll add photos when I get home and clean the heck out of it. Ok here it is. It's supposed to look like the one on the left.
  12. We better get more of the goblin and orc looking guys! Little bro is psyched for this 
  13. Yeah, definitely cheerful, and bubbly as well.
  14. It was hard getting that many Kraata in the right color, I think I have to make a large moc with em. Too bad I can't build terrain for Im getting a ton more Kraata soon, hopefully I'll be able to have a ton of trees
  15. Cause what can't you do with Kraata?
  16. I'd love Kaita variants for the Rahkshi, I loved all of the normal ones back in the day. I wanna see how LEGO would approach those nowadays, cause they could actually make the Rahkshi's faces open up like in the movie. Plastic engineering has gone a long way in seventeen years.
  17. Definately in public. It's nice to have a separate work and life place. Would you rather eat only pizza or only ice cream for the rest of your life?
  18. I just started an I cannot access my profile, so I'll have no Avatar for the foreseeable future. Edit: looks like it's working now. Sweet!
  19. I really hoped LEGO would go with the theme, I was short on cash when they had their indiegogo campaign.
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