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  1. IC: Forgemaster Viltia NUVA - Toa NUVA of the Green Location - Kini-Nui, near the Airship With - Zataka, Tuyet, Exuze, Axxon, Atamai Whoa, things were kind of heating up. It seemed this axe guy was kind of angry. And by “kind of” she meant “really”. Which, well, she somewhat understood. She didn’t like the sound of the past having something horrible happen to it because of time travel. That wasn’t right. Viltia spoke up, oddly melodic voice trying to get the large being’s attention, “Hey, I know how to make Great Discs. Do you think if I made duplicates of what these guys stole that it would fix the past?” =---------= Twekohui would find that trying to move at all in the completely encapsulating block of dried ironwood Viltia had left behind would be next to impossible. The way the wood filled the entire bunker and sealed around his form completely removed any leverage he might have to try and break out of the hard substance. It would be like trying to lift up a steel beam in a destroyed building while you were laying down, pinned under it… and the beam was completely covered in debris. OOC: @Eyru
  2. IC: Past Viltia #1 - Toa NUVA of the Green Location - Le-Metru Nuva Past Viltia #1 bid farewell to Spark as he took his things to his hut. She kept walking, over bridges and using her tethers to take a couple shortcuts over open air. The millions of insects in the Life Kraata’s sensing range were a beautiful backdrop in her mind. The power had this awesome way of tuning out the mundane masses to focus on the extraordinary individuals. It was something she appreciated a lot, because trying to make sense of an unknowable amount of insects would probably fry her brain. And she didn’t want to have to turn off the power, either. It helped her feel so connected to the world around her. And there were more nuanced layers to it as well. Varying degrees of range and of intensity. Like with the Rahi around the village, when she wasn’t focused on them, they were in a layer behind the many species that lived in the village itself. Layer upon layer, yet never overwhelming. Instead she felt like she was finally truly one with the world. With Life itself. She had arrived. The hut was slightly larger than others in the village in the trees, but it looked exactly the same as many others. It was made of unpainted wood, grown from either herself or the Matoran with the Green as a Rhotuka power. It’s nondescript appearance didn’t really display properly the purifying power it contained. Past Viltia stepped inside to see rows upon rows of canisters, all gathered from what she had purified below. It was a true treasure trove. And the swamp kept on giving them more to purify as this whole island slowly decayed away. She sure hoped their trees would remain strong. Speaking of trees, it was time to see if her theory was right. Past Viltia grabbed a canister, thought about it, then grabbed another. A short tether ride through the treetops later and she was before the Vuata Maca Tree. It was still as wondrous as the night she had first cleansed it. It stood stall, though it was dwarfed by the hundred foot trees that surrounded the small clearing it was in. Its fruit glowed a light, greenish white that spoke to the energy they contained. Past Viltia activated her NUVA Mask of Possibilities, focusing on the thought of a hundred Vuata Maca Crystals forming. She went overkill in number to try to get as many as possible. Hopefully. She wasn’t quite sure how the mask worked exactly. She opened one of the canisters and carefully poured pure EP over where the roots of the tree were below the ground. That done, she had her tethers lift her up and she opened the second canister. This one she poured over where the cluster of branches diverged, as close to its base as she could, making sure to leave enough to pour all around its trunk where it wasn’t touched from the previous maneuver. Once she was done, she pulled back and observed the Vuata Maca Tree, trying to focus on her mask power as much as she could. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator or @Eyru Past Viltia #1 is attempting to use pure energized protodermis to cleanse the Vuata Maca Tree to the point where it produces a ton of Vuata Maca Crystals. While she does this, she has her mask of Possibilities powered on.
  3. IC: Forgemaster Viltia NUVA - Toa NUVA of the Green Location - Kini-Nui, near the Airship With - Zataka, Tuyet, Exuze, Axxon, Atamai Wait, Atamai stole Great Discs? That… that wasn’t right at all. And now Time was unraveling, not just being wonky? That was horrible. But maybe she could help. Maybe she could make the six Great Discs of legend for this guy and they all get sent back, fixing everything. That might work. If only she had more Vuata Maca Crystals. So many emotions rolled around Viltia’s head as she tried to understand. Tuyet, presumably the Ga-Toa, could time travel? Was there a Legendary Mask of Time? No. Tuyet seemed to have a normal Kanohi, not at all legendary. It’s form was good, but not great and definitely not masterful. So it was an innate power? Either way, that was an insane kind of power to have, and she would know. Her worry for Le-Metru Nuva mounted. She flashed a look to Zataka. Zataka seemed sincere in wanting not to be defined as a Rite-born. That was good enough for Viltia. Her mind made up, she created two small wooden cards in her hand, text carved into them. With a simple thought and the activating of one of her innate powers, two Time Duplicates appeared. They momentarily took in the situation then grabbed the wooden cards, taking time to read them. The first one nodded in agreement and teleported away. The second one seemed slightly confused, but then she shrugged and teleported away as well. IC: Past Viltia #1 - Toa NUVA of the Green Location - Le-Metru Nuva As she flew she grew concerned. Even more of the island had disappeared since she last checked like an hour ago. Time was running increasingly short. Which made her mission even more important. Past Viltia #1 checked her wooden card again. It read, “Make sure Le-Metru Nuva is safe. Need six more Vuata Maca Crystals. Try to cleanse the Vuata Maca Tree somehow to get a lot at once. Help Sorilax if he’s there and needs something. Then bring back more protodermis ore for our pack.” That was a puzzle right there. She had spent a month trying to keep the Vuata Maca Tree as healthy as possible, purifying the defiled EP around it and making sure it had proper sun and shade. The only time it had given another crystal was when they had cleaned and re-routed that stream to run by the tree. How could she even get one more crystal, let alone six more? Well, time was of the essence. Past Viltia spotted the part of the Fau Swamp that was extremely familiar and teleported. The foliage parted to let her pass as she gently floated down. The Kahu noticed her and squawked out a hello. She smiled and waved back at it. The village was quietly bustling as her tethers brought her in for a graceful landing. Everyone was out and about working, slowly gearing down as lunch was about to arrive within the hour. Viltia got a ton of waves and a couple surprised looks at her new height and appearance. A familiar chorus of “Pok-pok-pok” rang out in the distance and many insects were buzzing out their own songs. The light under the canopy was scarce, but an abundance of lightstones now lined the various bridges, platforms, and huts that sprawled through the branches of a couple giant trees. It was beautiful. It was home. Wing was nowhere to be seen, nor was Torch. Beruv was probably down working in the forging hut. She spotted Spark being forced to clean up his technological junk from one of the tables where everyone ate. He spotted her and flashed a smile, opening his mouth to speak. She quickly held up a finger to stop him, “I’m a Time Duplicate.” His smile dropped, “Awwww. There were so many things I wanted to tell you.” He pouted for a moment and then his grin returned, “Well, it’s good to see you anyway. It looks like you finally got NUVA.” Past Viltia #1 smiled and nodded. Spark picked up the small wooden crate he had put his stuff in and started walking with Viltia in tow, “Lookin’ good. Very flower-y. Well, I suppose you’re here to check up on us, then. So far so good. We haven’t had any attacks we couldn’t handle and every time more defiled energized protodermis shows up, we cleanse it and bottle it. We’ve got quite the store of the stuff now. We’ll need you to make more Great Kanohi of Removes Poison soon.” Viltia thought about that. Pure EP had transformed her and then later brought her back to life. It had healed and improved Mazor. The grass of the valley had even been refreshed anew and brought back to perfect health. Maybe that was the answer to her problem. IC: Past Viltia #2 - Toa NUVA of the Green Location - Kini-Nui, Amaja Circle Past Viltia #2 stood in the sand of the Amaja Circle, confused by the wooden card she held in her hands. “Go to the Kini-Nui Amaja Circle. Switch out the Muaka’s Optic for the Opal,” the card read. It didn’t make sense. Past Viltia could sense two Rite-born nearby. It was already odd that they weren’t attacking. And now present her wanted them to be able to run away? It didn’t make sense. But she trusted herself to make the right decision. So she scooped up the Muaka’s Optic, setting it in its place outside of the circle. Then she grabbed the Opal, speaking as she placed it within, “The Past Forgemaster NUVA swapped out the protective stones, working the plan of her present self. To what end this would help the stars, no one could say.” She teleported to herself, relaying what she had done with her own wooden card, soon dismissed back to the past. OOC: The Kini-Nui Amaja Circle has had the Muaka's Eye removed and replaced with the Opal. IC: Voracious - Zivon Location - Irnakk’s Tooth The weird feeling of being trapped was gone. Voracious no longer had to hide amid the ash and obsidian. He slipped into the Realm of Nightmares.
  4. IC: Forgemaster Viltia NUVA - Toa NUVA of the Green Location - Kini-Nui, near the Airship With - Zataka, Tuyet, Exuze, Axxon, Atamai Viltia nodded along to the story. It sounded like it would have been quite a sad tale if told in its entirety. She yearned to hold and comfort yet another broken star. This whole world was so sad. She needed to save it and then help everyone. Zataka switched topics and asked about her being a Forgemaster. Viltia shrugged and thought back, Well, I only really know how to make a couple tools, so I’m not quite a master of all things forging. Mostly I forge Kanoka and craft Kanohi. I’d like to think I’ve gotten pretty good at it. I’ve even made a couple Great Discs and one Legendary Kanohi from one of those Great Discs. I’m so pumped that I figured that out. It’s so cool! To find out something isn’t just legend and then to go even further with the possibilities provided by this island and make that legendary thing is just so awesome. Viltia shifted, looking to Axxon as he approached. She was maybe running out of time to talk. She needed to be a little more direct and stop any meandering. She continued, But really the whole Forgemaster thing is a title from the Suvas around this island. It’s something that took me forever to unlock. That’s its own story. Basically it lets me use the Suva as a forge to make whatever I want, even Silver and Golden Kanohi. I could make one for you if you have any extra Kanohi. And then Axxon spoke, his words ringing true to the power of Truth that flowed through her. The Ga-Toa here was a thief in the large, deformed being’s mind. Whether that meant she actually was a thief or not was still up for debate. A beacon of silver and iron strode up, golden optics gleaming. Atamai NUVA. Viltia could sense he was a Toa NUVA through her Kraata, so it was no illusion. It was a unique feeling to sense another NUVA. Even though it wasn’t Sidra, just being a NUVA seemed to cause her to feel a kind of kinship to him. She wondered if that was just her or something more. He spoke, voice oddly devoid of emotion. His words were also true though, which surprised her when he mentioned that Axxon wasn’t from this time. She knew time was wonky since getting to this island, but this seemed like something more. Just what had she walked into? The Lesterin, whatever that species was, spoke up afterwards. Viltia wouldn’t have paid him much mind with his flippant comment, but he mentioned woodwork and that got her thinking about more than just the conversation she was having with Zataka. It made her think of the Makoki Stones and of Le-Metru Nuva. Of future growth. Viltia looked around the valley, noting a significant change from when she had just looked at it earlier. She spoke to the Lesterin, voice slightly energetic and full of compassion but also a little melodic in a weird way, “Maybe, precious star. Another NUVA portal just opened. Somebody may be coming to unlock their Kaita mech soon.” OOC: @Vezok's Friend @BULiK @Unreliable Narrator @Eyru @~Xemnas~
  5. IC: Forgemaster Viltia NUVA - Toa NUVA of the Green Location - Kini-Nui, near the Airship With - Mazor, Zataka, Tuyet, Exuze Viltia looked around as the voice came back. A glance from the tall, Rite-born being seemed to confirm it was her that was mentally talking. Zataka. It was a nice name. It sounded strong, yet gentle. It made her think of the desert and its beautiful cactus flowers. And Viltia had been right! There was no way this was a normal Rite-born. Irnakk really was getting better. Well, at least he had with Zataka. The lingering fires on the outside Irnakk’s Tooth spoke to more, normal Rite-born having emerged some time ago. Which wasn’t quite nice. But at least this mind talk was kind of fun. She wished Sidra wanted to do this, but Sidra didn’t really like using her element, which Viltia didn’t quite understand. She replied to Zataka, still in her head. Oh yeah! That was me. My name’s Viltia. Well, technically now it’s Forgemaster Viltia NUVA, but that’s kind of a mouthful and technically two of the words are just titles... I think. Not sure about NUVA. It might actually be part of my name now. No idea how that works. But hey, it’s nice to meet you! How are you a Rite-born? Aren’t they all supposed to be crazy monsters? It’s not often you meet one that doesn’t destroy you. It’s nice. OOC: @Vezok's Friend IC: Cravious - Skakdi of Lightning, Mind Reading and Quick Healing Location - Fire Ruins With - Whira The inside of the Ruins had stabilized as best it could. Space was still warped in places, but at least they didn’t feel like they were actively melting. His active nightmare had died down after experiencing his past nightmare, but it didn’t help to be walking where it had taken place just days before. Cravious fought down his emotions and focused. He quickly led Whira through the portal and down the forge hallway to the NUVA room. The receiver thankfully seemed intact. Hopefully whatever was locked behind here was intact as well. It would be horrible to work so hard, risk life and limb, and then to have everything come to naught. No, it wasn’t possible. The reward would still be there. It had to be. It was going to be. Cravious inspected the Great Disc of Enlarge that he had created. Based on the manual, it should have had 1-5-9 stenciled on it. But he hadn’t bothered with that detail. He knew what the disc was and if his enemies didn’t, that was preferred. He reached in the top of his duffel bag without looking and put on his welding mask. He had no idea what was coming and didn’t want to risk losing his sight if this thing shot out a burst of intense light. Cravious turned the disc over in his hands one last time, making sure it was as perfect as when he had made it, then inserted it into the receiver. Wait. This wasn’t his welding mask. There were optic holes where there should have been glass. That’s right! He had put the Kanohi of Iron in the top of- His thoughts got cut short. OOC: @~Xemnas~ @Unreliable Narrator Cravious has inserted the Great Disc of Enlarge into the Ruins of Fire NUVA room's Kanoka receiver.
  6. IC: Forgemaster Viltia NUVA - Toa NUVA of the Green Location - Kini-Nui, near the Airship With - Mazor, Zataka, Tuyet, Exuze “Whoa!” Viltia said involuntarily to herself as she heard the voice in her head. It wasn’t like talking with Sorilax at all. It was kind of intrusive. But it was just words, not an attack, so she kept from merging with her Muaka, intrigued. She looked around, but no one else seemed to have heard the voice in their minds. At least if they did, they weren’t surprised by it. She shifted the large sack draped over her shoulder, tether holding onto it. It was nearly empty, but still held the remains of the forging materials and equipment she had grabbed for becoming Forgemaster. As always, another tether also held onto her Rahkshi Staff of Hunger, it’s (apparently) always sharp edges glinting in the sun. Her axe was on her back, ready to be easily grabbed, but it didn’t seem like she needed it. Yet, anyway. The vines and jungle flowers that adorned her body, everywhere there weren’t tethers, rustled in a breeze that came by. He tethers themselves, the ones unoccupied, flowed as if in an ocean current, gently swirling and waving in unseen water. Unlike back in Le-Metru Nuva, she had them about as long as she was tall. Even if it might freak beings out to see them like that, their length allowed better defense against potential dangers. Having them short was also not really natural to her. Letting them flow was much better. Since no one else seemed concerned, Viltia tried to think back at the voice. She had no idea if this would even work. Hello? Can you hear me? Who is this? OOC: @Vezok's Friend IC: Cravious - Skakdi of Lightning, Mind Reading and Quick Healing Location - Ash Barrens With - Whira Regret washed through him like the surge from a broken dam. Cravious felt the loss of past mistakes. He felt brutal tearing away that came with losing good workers and friends to Tahtoraks and raiding parties. He felt immense sadness at the loss of his mentor Preceptor. He felt the loss of the good work Voracious had provided him for years. All his mistakes and pain over his three hundred years filled him to overflowing. The third Crystallized Nightmare was his own. There was so much he could have done better. So many mistakes. So much regret. So many widgets lost, never to be regained. He understood the loss he had felt from Nektann’s nightmare. It was all consuming. The pain Nektann had felt daily must have been crippling. How had he kept going? The Cube slowly drifted to a stop, its legs deploying as the Weight Increase Kanoka thunked against the frame and brought it down to gently rest on the ground. Clash checked the cameras and went to find Cravious. He found his boss staring at one of the crystals, optics lost in thought. The Kanoka he had been working on was cool in the mold. Clash nudged Cravious, “You okay, boss?” Cravious’ whole body jumped as he was forced to come back to his senses. He felt emotionally drained. Like he just wanted to lay down and go to sleep, never to awake. He fought against the feeling, trying to draw on anger as he had previously. But the anger mixed with his regret and was negated, leaving him to force himself to keep moving. He thought of all the horrible things that had happened to him. He thought of how he had been powerless to stop them. He set his jaw, determination growing in his optics as he made up his mind to keep moving forward. He turned to Clash, “What do you want?” Clash motioned with his head, “We’re here. Well, hidden a bit away, but we’re here.” Cravious looked to his Kanoka, seeing it was cooled, the pure EP separated from the mixture. He must have gotten lost in thought. “Alright, keep a lookout. I have something to finish.” Clash left, and as he did, a feeling of empowerment overcame Cravious. Suddenly Clash’s thoughts popped into his head as he focused on his hireling. Cravious smiled savagely. Voracious was reborn and Whira had grown in power, as had he. Finally, he could read the minds of others. It had taken forever, but now it was finally time to reap the rewards of supporting Whira. And speaking of Whira, now he would know if she ever thought to betray him. Though she had never given him cause for concern. Which was surprising. He thought she would have tried to betray him at least once by now. It was a pleasant turn of events. Still, better to know for sure. But later. Cravious got to work. The Kanoka was quickly re-melted, the pure EP taking hold and binding evenly throughout. His Crystallized Nightmare completed the mixture and soon he held another Great Disc in his hands. This one too he formed into the shape of the Mask of Shadows, taking care to be as precise as possible as he evened out the forms and added the minute details. His body was well tuned to this kind of work, and it didn’t faze him at all to have worked near non-stop these last three days. He had gotten his sleep and one meal each day and that was enough. Creating was where the wellspring of widgets began to flow and he loved it. Perhaps if widgets didn’t exist, he might even be a mechanic just because he loved it so. But he didn’t dare admit that to anyone else. Even the thought of there not being some form of money was horrifying. When everything was cooled sufficiently, Cravious put the Kanohi of Hunger into his duffel bag, then the Kanohi of Iron. He grabbed the remaining Kanoka and gripped it tightly. He was ready. He walked to one of the doorways outside, Whira and Sagacious waiting for him. He looked to Sagacious, “Keep a lookout and stay safe. Whatever you have to do to do that, go ahead and do it. You know my priorities. Stick to them.” The female Skakdi nodded. Cravious turned to Whira, “Alright, let’s go see what treasure is locked up in there before the place is gone for good. Then we can focus on your Grand Wish again. Obviously, we’ll need your cloaking shadows.” Cravious looked around the Cube one last time. He had no idea what to expect in there and so he appreciated what he could while he could. He appreciated the things he didn’t regret. And there were a lot of them. When he really thought about it, the good far outweighed the bad, even living on Zakaz. He turned away, focusing now on the task ahead. “Let’s go.” He opened the door and started to run. OOC: @~Xemnas~ Legendary Mask of Hunger approved by GMs.
  7. IC: Cravious - Skakdi of Lightning, Mind Reading and Quick Healing Location - Ocean With - Whira The Great Disc of Iron was just as easy to make as the first disc had been. The nightmare had been Voracious’. Cravious found a cruel mirth in the feeling of being inferior to himself. Voracious always had been more of a sidekick. It was just official now. The true test now lay in the making of a Kanohi. Cravious didn’t waste thought on a different design. He grabbed his hammer and the disc and started to form what he had practiced for a month straight. As his hammer clanged and rang out, a Mask of Shadows took shape, but in shape only. The power contained within was far different. There were finely tuned contours. Peaks and valleys. Openings throughout. It all flowed without a hitch. At this point it was almost second nature. With a hiss of steam as the Kanohi was doused in water, Cravious sneered triumphantly. He set it next to the first Great Disc and grabbed his manual once more. There was a merging of Kanoka that he had seen that he knew he wanted on his side. Ah, here it was. Hunger. Cravious grinned. It was a perfect power for disabling annoying elements. He checked his supply of protodermis ore. It was running low. And his mines were probably gone with the rest of the island. He needed some mystical way to conjure up more. Maybe that creating mask Irnakk wanted him to make. He would have to figure that out when he had the time. At least he knew he had enough for the job at hand. Cravious got to work making and merging Kanoka. OOC: @~Xemnas~ Legendary Mask of Iron created with GM approval.
  8. IC: Cravious - Skakdi of Lightning, Mind Reading and Quick Healing Location - Ocean With - Whira Cravious went over the Kanoka forging guide. If he had just had this thing one month ago things would have been much simpler. He grabbed blue and green hued protodermis ore and melted it down, running it through his purification process. His machines whirred and clanged, the heat of the forge nothing compared to the fires of Irnakk’s Tooth. With the mixture freshly cleansed, he carefully grabbed the vial of pure EP with tongs, tipping the golden liquid in. Like before, it bound with the protodermis ore, but he knew not for long. The warping effect of his prolonged nightmare gave him little pause as he grabbed the Crystallized Nightmare he had set aside. He needed to toss it in quickly. It was a Heartlight replacement, after all, and that meant the pure EP would unbind soon without it. But holding it in his hand brought the nightmare of another to him. He was in a calm seaside garden, but the garden was lost to the ravages of drought. He rode along the east coast, a comforting seat below, but his ACR had been taken by another. He wanted to bring the world a little green, but instead all he brought was a scourging fire. Cravious recognized the Skakdi from the nightmares. How couldn’t he? It was Nektann. Or Boss, as he liked to be called. Cravious sneered, anger flowing through him at the realization of whose nightmares he held. That cretin had kept him held back for far too long, forcing him into deals that weren’t quite so lucrative. Making ACRs and weapons just so he wouldn’t get killed. Whira’s power would break Cravious free of all these petty power plays. She would rule supreme, an answer ready for all challengers. She would do what she wished, and no doubt he would be forced to make sure things ran smoothly. Whether that meant an actual reign or a metaphorical one, it didn’t matter. Either way, he would be able to monopolize many things. Cravious let the crystal fall into the mix. It diffused into the molten ore just as the Heartlight had, the power of the nightmares contained within being transformed as it merged with the mixture. Cravious made sure everything was even in the mold, then let it cool. When the orange glow faded, he doused it in water and placed it aside to settle. He saw the silvery sheen as he moved it through the air. He had succeeded. It held power. But he felt no great joy. There was still so much to do and little time in which to do it. He kept the forge hot, grabbing a Kanoka of Iron he already had ready. Just to be safe, he ran it through the purification filters. While that ran, he went and scooped up another vial of pure EP from the large vat of it that he now had, eventually adding it into the Kanoka mold with the now purified ore. Cravious grabbed another Crystallized Nightmare. He had plans to accomplish, even if it ended up empowering others. As long as they were on his side and made him widgets. OOC: @~Xemnas~ Cravious has created a Great Disc using his GM approved unique method with a Crystallized Nightmare. Essentially his version of Viltia's Vuata Maca Crystals. IC: Voracious - Zivon Location - Irnakk’s Tooth There was pain. It was hot. Unbearably hot. It felt like the world itself was changed into a star. But then… a change. An updraft of air. Spewing of lava. A chitinous body glistening in the light of an eruption. Voracious was reborn. He sat atop Irnakk’s Tooth, new mind taking in the island with fresh optics. He couldn’t remember how he got here, or what he was supposed to do. But he felt as if the whole world now gazed at him and sought his destruction. Voracious scampered down the mountain to find a place to hide. OOC: @~Xemnas~
  9. IC: Cravious - Skakdi of Lightning, Mind Reading and Quick Healing Location - Todbuk-Koro With - Whira The Vortixx’s mouth was open with awe as he entered the Cube. Cravious opened up and slid back the lid of the large iron vat as best he could, revealing the tainted contents within. He then produced two Kanohi, both of which were unknown to him. A quick read through the Kanoka manual on the walk over revealed they would either be Regeneration or Removes Poison. So perhaps not entirely unknown anymore. The Vortixx took the two Kanohi, placing the first on his head. “So what am I testing out, exactly?” He glanced where Cravious had stowed away the widgets. Cravious tapped the iron vat, “We’re seeing if we can cleanse this.” The Vortixx laughed, “Unlikely, but okay. As long as I get paid.” He focused on the liquid and activated his mask. Nothing appeared to happen. He stood there for several moments before shifting and shrugging. Cravious grabbed a broken tool and motioned to it. The Vortixx focused on it and the tool was almost immediately repaired, “Okay, this one is just Regeneration.” He put on the other mask. He paused, “Odd, I’ve never felt this power before. What is this?” Cravious motioned to the vat, “Removes Poison. Test it out.” The Vortixx chuckled, “Removes Poison just removes poison. It doesn’t remove impurities. That’s why no one makes masks out of it.” Cravious glared at him, “Do you want to get paid?” The Vortixx yelped and turned to the vat. He focused his attention on the tainted liquid and activated the mask. Clash wandered over to see what was going on. No doubt Asperity was up above. The Vortixx sighed, “See, it doesn- What?!” A portion of the liquid turned golden and pure. Cravious smiled savagely, “Perfect. Now do the rest.” His theory was right. He could do it. He would do it. The Vortixx nodded, trying to figure out why this was working. Slowly, bit by bit, the defiled became pure. The Vortixx didn’t notice an intriguing development, but Cravious did. As the mask purified the vat’s contents, it was becoming tainted and cracked. Almost like it was taking on what it was cleansing. By the time the vat was completely pure, the Kanohi crumbled to dust, startling the Vortixx. The Vortixx backed away slightly, confused, “Why? Wha-?” Cravious put the rest of the payment in the Vortixx’s hands and walked for the forge, calling back to Clash, “See him out.” The confused, yet monetarily satisfied Vortixx kept asking questions and Clash grabbed his arm and guided him out. Once he was successfully removed from the Cube, Clash closed the door, his continued questions cut short. Sagacious initiated flight. The Cube started to move as Cravious carefully extracted a disc’s worth of Pure EP. He grabbed a Crystallized Nightmare, momentarily lost to its pain, then snapped back to himself. He growled at himself. There could be no distractions. He started forging a Kanoka of great import as the Cube left the village far behind. OOC: @~Xemnas~
  10. IC: Cravious - Skakdi of Lightning, Mind Reading and Quick Healing Location - Todbuk-Koro With - Whira They had found it. Cravious had them set down well out of sight and set off on his own. The village was set up around one of the Ruins. It was dusty and noisy and yet also far less chaotic than any Skakdi settlement he had ever seen. There seemed to be some kind of crisis happening near the entrance to the Ruins. He ignored it. Instead he found himself in the market. Every town large enough had one. This one was fairly quiet with all the other goings on in the village. He spotted what he wanted, though. A Vortixx surrounded by small bits of machinery and a couple manuals. Cravious casually strolled up, wanting to make sure he controlled the situation. The Vortixx looked bored and quickly perked up when he saw Cravious. Cravious nonchalantly looked through the wares, his insides jumping in delight as he spotted a “Kanoka Disc Crafting for Idiots: A complete guide for the aspiring forgemaster” manual. His optics lit up in joy only fleetingly. He huffed in disdain, flipping through a couple of the other manuals. Several of them were damaged in some way, many missing pieces or having had received water damage. He picked up the Kanoka manual and grimaced. “I’ll take this, though I don’t like its condition. You have a better one?” The Vortixx wrung his hands, “You’ll find that one to be in superb condition considering our predicament. New world and all that.” He smiled sheepishly. Cravious frowned, “Still, I expect better, especially from a Vortixx.” The Vortixx looked a little pained at the statement, but he needed to make some widgets and smiled weakly, “I preserved it the best I could.” He stated the price. Cravious laughed his harsh laugh, counter offering with a ridiculously low price. The Vortixx wrung his hands again, far more vigorously this time. When he seemed like he was going to burst, he said, “Fine! Fine. But I don’t know how you knew it was only worth that. You don’t seem like a book connoisseur.” “I’m not, normally. But sometimes you can’t strangle the information out of a Skakdi.” Cravious laughed and handed over the widgets. He paused, the hefty bag displaying the many widgets still within. The Vortixx winced at the attempted joke, snatched the offered widgets, and looked at the bag with clear greed. “I-is there anything else I can help you with?” Cravious weighed the bag in his hand, as if he were contemplating his response. In truth, this was why he was really here. “Actually, would you like to test out a couple Kanohi for me? My vehicle is outside town. I’m a native Skakdi, you see, and I can imagine the kind of panic just rolling into town might cause.” The Vortixx nodded vigorously, “Yes, yes. I understand.” He looked to the bag, eager for its contents. Cravious took out a generous amount and offered it to the Vortixx, “Half now, half after.” The Vortixx snatched them without hesitation, “Deal!” OOC: @~Xemnas~
  11. IC: Cravious - Skakdi of Lightning, Mind Reading and Quick Healing Location - Irnakk’s Tooth With - Whira The Cube came to rest, allowing Whira and Cravious entry. Cravious ordered them west and so west they went. Cravious immediately got to work. They spent a day traveling by land, carefully traversing what remained of the mountain range. Cravious had torn up every wall in the Cube from the base of the floor to three feet up. It turned out the inside was hollow, with many supporting struts and various large wires running throughout it, and that was just what had become visible. There was far more hidden behind the rest of the protosteel walls. He installed the Levitation and Weight Increase machines directly up against the supporting struts on all sides, making sure they could still be accessed for when the discs ran dry, which was something he had figured out by how often Clash had Enlarged his meals, using up that disc. The next day was spent traveling through what was left of the desert. If Cravious was concerned about the disappearing landscape, he didn’t show it. Instead he spent the day stewing in his anger and making the rest of the Levitation machines, wiring up all of them into the main control panel. After that it was a simple matter of putting back the wall panels. That took him to their first destination. Getting inside Debt Collector, Cravious grabbed the iron vat he had made a couple days before. As he descended the garage ramp to see the sea beyond, he smiled savagely, his nightmare abating slightly as his goal became more attainable. The water was tainted for sure. He took care not to touch the sea, even from inside his ACR, as he filled up the iron vat. When done, he secured the lid and took it back to the Cube. Step one, done. As the garage ramp lifted up, several thunks rang out and the Cube started to float. No, to fly. A propulsion engine lowered from its center and it headed north-northeast. OOC: @~Xemnas~
  12. IC: Sorilax Life Seeker - Aspect of Light and Silence Location - Elemental Temple of Light With - Mahrika, Bellicus Kastus, One, Two Sorilax considered the revelation. The Mask of Life had life itself. It only made sense in hindsight. If he had his own body here, this situation would be far easier. No doubt he could just don the Mask of Life and fix what had been broken with the mask’s help, but things were much more complicated than that with this whole technology thing. But what it said about Life and Death, Sorilax felt a stirring deep within his soul. “You are wrong. While Life and Death are inseparable, they are not the same. An absence of Life is not Death. And an absence of Death is not Life. They are not two sides of the same widget, they are two brothers who work together. I do not understand how you do not see that.” He would say more, but with the outside influence corrupting the Ignika, he could not reveal to the mask that he was potentially its rightful bearer. Or at least its greatest ally. Sorilax leaned down, inspecting one of the cables at the point where it connected to a crystal pillar. He used his mental link to Kas to ask him, You said the Ignika was buggy, which I assume is the infestation of another mind that it spoke about. Is it possible to remove these cables and fix what has been broken without destroying important Mi-Kiri things? OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Harvali IC: Forgemaster Viltia NUVA - Toa NUVA of the Green Location - Kini-Nui, Valley With - Mazor, Mauka NUVA Proxima Viltia observed the Krom Sphere, naturally shifting it to form the pattern she had seen. A sphere. A triangle. A hexagonal prism. But nothing extraordinary happened beside the sphere feeling peaceful and comforting to be around. She reluctantly gave it back to Mazor. She knew that it wasn’t hers to keep. Mazor had laid claim to it and Sidra had entrusted him with it. So that was good enough for her. They were close to Kini-Nui now, and an airship sat close by. Viltia looked over at Kini-Nui, seeing only three white beings around the Far Shore Portal. Korruhn, Whisper, and Stannis were nowhere to be seen. She sighed, “Well, it looks like they aren’t here yet. You get to use your beautiful wings after all.” She idly turned to the three precious stars near the airship, probing out with her Life Kraata to sense any nearby Aspect, which would indicate if Korruhn, Whisper, or Stannis where near. While she did sense an Aspect inside a being, what was shocking was to realize there was a Zivon nearby, and then another Rite-born of a kind she was completely perplexed by. It was a normal being, perhaps a bit shadowy looking. It wasn’t attacking or anything. Had Irnakk been getting nicer like she hoped? This was fantastic. Though now she had to think about the Zivon. She peeked in its direction, not seeing anything. So, another dimension then. Why wasn’t it attacking? Viltia looked in the direction of the being that had an Aspect inside of it. Had it something to do with the Aspect? Was it super powerful and causing the Zivon to refrain from its actions? Viltia walked a bit closer to the assembled group, veering from her path towards Kini-Nui. Her Muaka drew close and she had a couple tethers wrap around it, ready to merge into him at the first sign of danger. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Vezok's Friend @Eyru @BULiK @Smudge8 IC: Cravious - Skakdi of Lightning, Mind Reading and Quick Healing Location - Irnakk’s Tooth With - Whira Cravious slumped to his side, breath short and rapid. For the first time since he had been created, his mind was blank and in shock. There was heat and there was rock and there were the four Nightmare Crystals. Nothing else. Not even him. The crystals wailed quietly, vocalizing Cravious’ numbing agony of nearly dying from a being beyond his comprehension. Cravious lay like that for he knew not how long. Slowly, he returned to himself, and with it came his ever present nightmare. Then the anger returned and Cravious was back. He slowly rose to be seated on the ground, staring at the crystals in his hands, feeling their nightmares mix with his own when he focused on them. Whether it was from his Mind Reading Kraata that allowed him to do so or something more, he wasn’t sure. He closed his hands over them and felt the power of the opportunity presented to him. He stayed like that for a moment, then put them within a smaller bag that he produced from and then returned to his duffel bag. He rose to his feet, trying to fight his nightmare and focus on what Irnakk had said. Most of it had been lost to his fear, shock, and the desperate feeling of almost dying. Something about being a good sleeper. Which was a good thing, hopefully. But then there was something else. Something about creating a mask. No, Creation of a Mask. A creating mask? Irnakk must know he was figuring out Kanohi. And now with these Nightmare Crystals, he had what he needed to make ones of even greater power. So Irnakk wanted Cravious to figure out a Kanohi that was able to create things. That sounded fair enough. That was a three crystal net gain. Cravious got to his feet, determination in his optics. He knew what must come next. And he knew what he wanted to happen. And he knew all his plans within that. But even thinking such things might bring death with beings of unknown dimensions roaming about. So he kept his thoughts on other things, especially since it seemed crazy was commonplace. Who knew, maybe an extra-planar being was able to read his story like a book. Nothing was outside the realm of possibility. He wasn’t about to divulge secrets to anyone. Hopefully Whira would do what he hoped she would when the time came. And then they would receive their just reward. Voracious looked around wildly from the ground, finally free from his nightmare and also from something else that he couldn’t understand. He propped himself up on one elbow and looked to Cravious, fear in his optics, “What just happened?” Cravious looked at him for a moment, then turned and walked away, leaving the question unanswered. In his mind, Voracious was already dead and reborn. An asset that was in the process of being upgraded to better serve the user. Cravious continued walking, plans merging with his nightmare, merging with the nightmares of the crystals he carried. His anger continued to carry him. He would figure out how to never be afraid again. He would figure out how to make himself un-killable by all. He came to himself and realized he was standing at the mouth of the tunnel entrance into Irnakk’s Tooth. His nightmare had abated slightly and his mind was more clear. He pulled out his radio and sent a stream of static bursts. A short moment later, a couple bursts replied. The Cube was on its way. His future was waiting to be crafted. OOC: @~Xemnas~ IC: Hahvok - Za and Ja Krana of Ice Location - Kini-Nui Temple With - Nuju The first thing Hahvok noticed was that his Ice Shields were shiny, although clearly still functioning. They were heavier too, but all that required was a simple adjustment from his mechanical body. As both of him looked at each other, he realized several things were now strapped to both of him. There was some mask strapped to his Kohrak, along with another Krana and a bullhorn. Hahvok was overjoyed to see another Krana and his Krana Za’s powers let him communicate with the Krana Su. Hello, fellow Krana. Have you figured out your purpose as I have? Cleanseitallitmustbecleansed-cleanseitallitmustbecleansed-awaiting orders-cleanseitallitmustbecleansed. Hahvok was taken aback by the response. Its mind was simple and constantly on repeat. Not at all like his own. He pondered this, a feeling of superiority overtaking him. Instead of finding an ally, he had found a minion. He mentally commanded it, Orders are to obey all my instructions. The Krana Su responded, Affirmative. Then it went back to its babbling about cleansing. Hahvok shook Zal’s head in disappointment. As he had just learned, you needed to cleanse with purpose. That was his Duty. And apparently it was a higher calling than other Bohrok worked towards. Hahvok noticed Zal had two claws strapped to him. He switched them out for his Ice Picks, noticing how sharp they were as he ran them along themselves. They would allow him, in Zal, to be able to climb much easier. And even destroy things should they need to be cleansed. Both of him turned to Nuju, “Thank you, white Matoran. I have found my purpose.” Hahvok turned and he both walked back into the Far Shore. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Vezok's Friend @Eyru Hahvok has entered the Far Shore.
  13. IC: Forgemaster Viltia NUVA - Toa NUVA of the Green Location - Kini-Nui, Valley With - Mazor, Mauka NUVA Proxima The knee high ferns had given way to knee high grasses that swayed in the valley’s warm breeze. For having such altitude, this place was somehow warm enough to be able to support a jungle biome. Viltia really enjoyed it. It was kind of like the Fau Swamp, but so pure and full of exuberant life. She wished she could spend more time in it just experiencing all it had to offer, but that time might never come. They were halfway to Kini-Nui now. It sat on a sparkling lake as the sun ever so gently climbed up the sky. In an hour or so it would be noon. Maybe even time for a snack. Mazor asked her about the mech. She happily gave a response, “Well, if it sees a Rite-born, the monsters from Irnakk’s Tooth the volcano, it stops at nothing to go fight and kill them, even if no one is piloting it. “I unlocked it just in case I needed super quick access to the mech. Then I had to start it up to get all my powers back. Unlocking the bunker had drained them. But I don’t want it wandering off and potentially getting in over its head, so I was forced to lock it up again. Although this time it's a lock I made, so it’ll be way easier to hop in should something happen. “But I’m sure everything will work out fine. So, what do you think we should do if no one is there with any Makoki Stones yet?” Viltia graciously accepted the Krom Sphere, turning it over both in her hands and in her tethers as she inspected it. OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Smudge8
  14. IC: Sorilax Life Seeker - Aspect of Light and Silence Location - Elemental Temple of Light With - Mahrika, Bellicus Kastus, One, Two "Slow down the wall," the Admin asked back as if shocked by the idea. Sorilax was confused. He had not talked about slowing down the wall at all. Was this the Administrator trying to twist things? It certainly seemed so. The Administrator continued. "Why would someone want to slow down the wall of Prophecy? It would be much easier to speed oneself up with a Kakama. Although, perhaps by donning the Ignika-" Kas managed to get out an interrupting, “Don’t.” Sorilax appreciated the gesture from the Toa and loosened his grip on the mouth functions of Kas’ body. It might do Mahrika and him good to hear at least a portion of what Kas had to say. For all his flaws, he did seem to understand this room and its functions. As for using a Kakama, the Ignika, or, well, any mask for that matter, it was next to impossible. Sorilax had no vessel that could even don a new mask in this room. His creations had no way to wear Kanohi. Mahrika could not even utilize any masks given to her, and with how she was, Sorilax was not sure if she would allow her mask to be changed. And Kas’ Illuminated mask was the only thing keeping the Toa in check. In order to wear and use a Kanohi, he would need to somehow remove Kas from the equation in a different way than he already was, then get his normal vessel here, which could prove to be very difficult. So it was better to get all possible information before choosing which actions needed to be taken. Sorilax, with One’s help, turned and walked back to the center of the room and the crystal pillars around the overflowing wading pool. “Administrator, define the purpose and function of the cables plugged into these crystal pillars. And list the proper safety measures that need to be taken in order to be able to interact with the Ignika.” OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @Harvali Is Sorilax able to sense or "read" Kas' thoughts at all? IC: Cravious - Skakdi of Lightning, Mind Reading and Quick Healing Location - Irnakk’s Tooth With - Whira, Irnakk Cravious’ fear of Irnakk burst back into full color as the Great Spirit stated his anger. And at Cravious no less. The Skakdi of Lightning couldn’t look away from the many optics stared down at him, judging him. The hand on his chin immobilized him, the remnants of magna melting his chin, only for his chin to heal with his Kraata power and the process to start again. The pain didn’t even register in his mind, however. Cravious tried his best to remain lucid and not lost to the nightmare that still coursed through him, “I have provided your Prized with countless weapons, vehicles, and ACRs as soon as I was able to learn how to do so. Collectively they have kept your Prized well armed and able to defend themselves, and to destroy others. “I have provided jobs and money to your Prized both in the Rig and across the island, helping to sustain them in this wonderful land you gave to us. I most recently secured the skill of a Giant Skull Skakdi, Gore Fury, to provide well cooked meals for your Prized. “I am constantly seeking to innovate, to provide more advanced technology to your Prized as well.” Cravious wracked his brain, trying to figure out what “old toys” meant. Maybe the Rite-born? That seemed to be the only option. “A Tahtorak of Water has strayed and destroyed the Rig, the home of a large number of your Prized. A Zivon tried attacking myself and my hirelings, all of which are your Prized. The other Tahtorak of the Green seemed to be staying your course when I saw it.” OOC: @Unreliable Narrator @~Xemnas~
  15. Hahvok's Far Shore Adventure has concluded. I challenged myself to do it all in one post. I didn't quite get in everything I wanted, but hopefully I did well enough within the limited amount. Hahvok's prompts were: Timeline: B Element: Ice (Havohk gets a boost to their Ice powers due to shared element) Conflict: Character vs. Nature Twist: The Story That Never Was Optional Matoran Principles (may choose up to 3): Duty Peace Prosperity Speed Stamina I chose to go with Duty, Peace, and Stamina. @Unreliable Narrator @Eyru @Vezok's Friend
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