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  1. Catra

    Proud of my beautiful children

    please god let me meet them
  2. Catra


    thanks i hate it also i have no idea how to copy this reply and edit into the comment i just posted. whatever its 2019 and if im still not allowed to double post comments on my own personal blog then thats not my problem
  3. Catra


    i opened the site and it made an actual honest to god sound to tell me i had a notification what the
  4. Catra


    becca are you seeing this ? you tell me!
  5. ive never seen this place so. empty what makes people continue to haunt this ghost town
  6. honestly if this actually happened even in idw in general i would rescind every single complaint ive ever had about the entirety of mtmte
  7. Catra


    2017 as a whole was a year i think we definitely could have skipped over
  8. hot rod finally gets to start hrt and shows her new estrogen prescription to her girlfriend starscream. starscream is full of nothing but excitement and happiness that hot rod has finally gotten what shes always wanted
  9. cyan king i want you to know that this is good content however i disagree with making things like female ta-matoran rare. Just make the elements equal in gender rep
  10. oh yeah the matoran are definitely Strong im just sayin the turaga arent exactly frail old people
  11. in the comics nuju crushed a decently sized rock with his bare fist. id say thats pretty strong
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