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  1. Hey, I have no idea if you'll ever see this. Hope you're doing well!

  2. You're just worried we're gonna steal your thunder. <3
  3. Cheery. I might just start wandering around the regions, visiting and looking for interaction.
  4. Wow...coming back and looking at some of my old haunts is bringing back memories. I'm almost surprised the same region topics are still up. Have I actually missed anything in the last few years?
  5. It's been a long time.

  6. I heard someone calling my name.
  7. OOC: I did say I was going, yes. IC: Dail sat at the stern of the boat, eyes already scanning for trouble. She wasn't expecting any yet, but one could never be sure. She'd had contracts go sour faster.
  8. IC: Dail stepped into the boat. "Let's go." She said.
  9. OOC: Dail is, obviously, attending. IC: Dail added her name to the list without hesitation.
  10. IC: Not just an archaeologist, the curator of a museum. That explained quite a bit about the history passion. "When do we leave?"
  11. IC: Dail looked back at her prospective client. Such a sum was...meagre, but if she scrounged, she might be able to stretch it to the next job. "Good enough." She offered her hand to shake. "Dail."
  12. IC: Dail refused to let herself be shoved aside and shot the interloper a withering glare. "Services that cost nothing are worth nothing." She stated icily.
  13. IC: Dail looked down at the Matoran. "That's a cheap price, girl." She stated. "If I was expecting this job to run into trouble I'd be charging ten times that. I can give you a hundred fifty widgets per battle, but I can't go lower than that." If she did, her budget wouldn't last a week.
  14. IC: "Alright. So a hundreds widgets per day, sounds good?"
  15. IC: Oh fun. Complications. "As long as I get paid." Dail stated. "How long do you expect this expedition to take? I can do contracts by time on retainer, battles, or objectives achieved, depending on what your budget is."
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