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    I'm Carlos, also known around the net as Cardboard Marty and "Razor" on here! I'm the main guy behind Blue Vertigo, Brightly Burning Ether, and TREES III: The Treelogy!

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  1. Are you the original creator the Razor Sprite kit from the early days of the BZPower comic forums?

  2. Wow, fantastic stuff! You did a really great job packing so much detail into that sprite size!
  3. Happy birthday again.

  4. Happy birthday! Razor kit is a legend bro.

  5. Happy birthday you legendary spriter!

  6. Hey, if I would make future comics(witch I will in a week or two), can I use your new kit, I will use Razor and Rayg but this new looks cool too.

  7. Hi i use your kit in two of my comic series.

    Thank You for your kit.

  8. Also, how's it going Razor? ^_^

  9. Yeah, but he's part of the new members list for now so we can't PM him. :(

  10. Whoa, looks like he's still here. Haven't seen you around much, though.

  11. No, that's RZ.

    Still, he's inactive.

  12. Omg! One of the gods of kit-making, has actaully posted in my Razor topic! *faints*

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