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  1. I never realized how blue BZP was and referring to being single and back here again :P

  2. Feels weird being here in blue with you, again.

  3. ikr? It got locked again shortly after yours because someone else said something and had to be changed. Feels weird being back here


  4. Something about not commenting on another site :P

  5. Sorry bro :P moderator made me delete your comment

  6. Resev

    Ok, I Lied

    Making Isaac's gun was harder than I thought (all the wiring) So I decided to postpone that and work on another project of mine. As you can see, it's coming along nicely, eh? For those of you who don't know where this is from, It's Kroenen's gas mask. ~R~
  7. Resev

    She stole my pancake mix!!

    And owes me $5 >_>

    We're not on good speaking terms.

  8. Resev

    My Next Prop Build

    I think my next prop build will be the DEAD Space Pulse Rifle.
  9. Resev

    I broke all the mirrors in my house, because Bloody Mary kept visiting me lol

  10. Resev

    I'm the original, that's for sure :P

    You have a mic for PS3?

  11. Resev

    Yeah, I'm the eldest.

    That was the old family PS3, we just shared until I got my own PS3, but they didn't change the name >_> Therefor, I AM CLONED!

  12. Resev

    There's cheaper versions of the gun too.

    btw Are you a friend of Foxy or Chane?

  13. Resev

    Art...and Snow!

    Awesome artwork, as always. And I'd take that cold & snow off your hands if I could ~R~
  14. Resev

    New Toys

    Check it out New tracer, EOtech holo-sight and Li-Po battery. ~R~
  15. Look at my display name history :P

    You'll find it's more than 3 :P

    We :P way too much XD

  16. I am a man of many names :P

  17. Resev

    All for $700 dollars


  18. Resev


    Texas finally got some!!! YAY!! Only problem is, I have to work today Oh well, it's still awesome, considering we rarely get snow like this. I'll take as much as I can get. ~R~
  19. Resev

    Like The New Name?

    I'm working on that ~R~
  20. Ye-AH BOI!

    Whoop Whoop!

  21. I'll always be Resev :P

    I just thought I'd switch things up a bit and use my nickname

  22. Resev

    Like The New Name?

    Decided to take a break from Resev for once and went with one of my many nicknames. ~R~
  23. Perfect reminder :P

    Oh well, Resev is in the building lol

  24. Resev

    What I Miss

    Man, Oh man I miss my LEGO Bricks back in Colorado. It's been a while since I've logged on here...Ever since I came back, it's made me realize that I miss MOCing a lot ~R~
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