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Status Updates posted by Cambion

  1. nidhiki and orde and gorast are all trans girls and thats just the facts folks

  2. hello. yes. i come for you in the dreaming hours

    1. Sumiki


      sounds like me with farm animals

    2. Catra
  3. i am the moc guardian, guardian of the mocs (children quiver before me)

  4. have you ever been walking down the street with your best bro, and while you're walking you accidentally touch hands? you think to yourself, "that was weird, but i'm not gay". you are. you are gay

  5. i should probably get around to posting my MOCs oops

    1. Makaru


      Yes please!

    2. Voxumo


      *Throws some random distractions your way*

  6. protip: "looks/doesnt look female" is not a legitimate criticism of the new Gali set

  7. the name says starlord but the photo says andy bernard

    1. Catra


      my photo says andy bernard but my heart says andy dwyer

    2. Cambion


      your heart says andy dwyer but your name says starlord oh wait

  8. all these people are ranking gali as their least favourite toa..smh

  9. new hobby: recycling old bzp memes

  10. petition to add 'hype train' to the word filter

  11. [sits around the forum waiting for the inevitable(?) burst of activity]

  12. when you need foundation repair, you want foundation repair

    1. -DJ-


      and you wanna make a lotta money, right?

      and you wanna [redacted] a lotta [redacted], right?

    2. Cambion


      then you should call HoH SiS

  13. that's really cool that we're now able to freely use ableist slurs here. i love it

  14. i'm liking the new signature. you can rest assured that i'll be bringing as many hats next week as i can find.

    1. Sumiki


      i look forward to wearing them

  15. please peruse people's profiles prior to proclaiming pronouns

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. P~M


      Teacher calls on a student and says, "Give me two pronouns." The student looks up and says, "Who, me?"

    3. Makaru


      Amazing alliteration, as always

    4. Cambion


      i'm presently positively pleased per your perfectly passionate (perhaps not prompt) praise

  16. i've always enjoyed the irony of the bzpower staff disliking the color purple and the rest of the site loving it

    1. -Windrider-


      I tried to get B6 to make the Retired Staff color purple but it didn't work

    2. Cambion


      that's a shame. purple is nice

  17. Mentioning sites with forums = bad

  18. moderator moderator moderator moderator. hmmmmm. hmm would you look at that

  19. vomits black sludge all over the internet

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    2. Cambion


      shrugs noncommittally

    3. Voxumo


      *Does not look impressed*

      Well it isn't going to clean itself up


    4. Cambion

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Aurora the cat

      Aurora the cat

      I thought that there where only seven.

    3. Kopekemaster


      I have all the toothpicks don't even try to win

    4. Xaeraz


      seven toothpastes.


      maybe more



  21. pretentious profile you've got there

  22. your signature banner is amazing

    1. Kakaru


      thank you I like to let people know that I'm constantly angry at everything I see

    2. Cambion


      i can't think of a better way to do it

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