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  1. I guess I am theoretically back not that anyone would care/it matter much. I noticed a lot of the people I used to associate with are just not here anymore. What happened to people like Ghidora131? Was there a big ban wave over something?
  2. Much appreciated. I'll lurk around some more before doing anything.
  3. Hey, been more than a long time since I've been through here. Anyone have any links to what happened after the vault opened? I never got to see the arc through due to life issues, and would love to catch up.
  4. Great. We have to decode it all... There isn't even a key this time. I liked the last version better.
  5. That is a bit high. Maybe 9-11 GBP (14-17 USD). i'll trust your judgment on this, but i do want to add: the set came out five years ago and it's NIB. i'd think that would merit a higher starting point than the original price? They where never valued at much higher sadly. I sold one privately recently and I got about 16 USD for it. IDK, I will look around on some markets...
  6. Just out of wild curiosity, Will we ever get to bzprpg 2014?
  7. Alright, I don't think people truly understand here why bzpower get so much hate. There are a variety of events that still leave very bad memories within the community. At some point, people need to talk about, and fix these. The first main even that angered people off was the censoring of all outbound links especially those pertaining to MOD. You can't keep on shoving MOD to the sidelines and pretending it doesn't exist (surprise it does). The fact is many of those core fans that influence the entire setting still hate bzp for that very decision. Next, if I remember correctly (forgive me if I don't) we did have a big problem with people that were not able to keep their mouth quite shut tightly on political and spiritual beliefs. Though we do occasionally hit that topic here, in the past I seem to remember multiple heated debates between not just users, but staff, on this board (BRB, MAKING YURI SIGNATURE). Finally, there were in the past (and still are now) some members here in high places that tend to make cults of personalities around themselves, leading them to be very self centered. I will not specify anyone here, simply out of respect, but this is the big whopper that send people out. Watch out for it, you can see it a lot. These key things were all a long time ago. I don't even remember my username from back then. I think we need to somehow re-make our public image from being a tight-knight group to a more open one. Edit: why is the word "" censored?
  8. That is a bit high. Maybe 9-11 GBP (14-17 USD).
  9. If you painted it to give it rust, you could make a Makuta-tohunga with over sized feet. Then mah biscuits would be in real danger.
  10. Pretty nice, but the head seems a little dis-proportioned.
  11. Ima rank gali as my least favorite toa now. >:3

    1. Ghidora131


      You.. MONSTAUR!

  12. Your profile picture reminds me of a Servitor from Destiny. Then again, I HAVE been playing that game for about three days straight.

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