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  1. Strictly speaking, there was no kidnapping. Three Dasaka and one Mata Nuian were invited to Labelle's house in Ga-Koro, and subsequently drugged. One, Dakte, evaded this and has been fighting her. The rest of the shore party just broke down Labelle's door, so that'll be resolved very shortly. As for where Moeru is, no bunnying has been done. He would either be on the sub, or in Ga-Koro as part of the shore party, in which case, his actions for the last half hour or so in game are up to you. Thanks again for the help. Guess it's time for me to start posting again.
  2. Thanks for the help; when I left, the battle in Ko was past the point of no return, so it looks like the Dasaka being kidnapped was all I missed. ...I should really start posting as Moeru again. EDIT: Speaking of which, can someone do me an even bigger favor and fill me in on what has become of Moeru since my unexpected hiatus started? Did he get bunnied along into being kidnapped, or the rescue attempt, or what?
  3. So... Can anyone do me a massive favor and give me the short version of what happened in the last three or four months?
  4. So I sorta haven't really been on BZP since around the beginning of November, because reasons. Could anyone tell me what I missed?
  5. So what's happened in the last month?
  6. So I unexpectedly left town Friday afternoon and just got back home. In those 44-ish hours, I've received 579 notifications from the three RPG topics I follow. Anyone care to tell me what in the I missed? As a side note, why do you people only ever do stuff when I'm not home?
  7. never. there will never be a character introduced into this game by the staff or by players with the traits, backstory, abilities, or name of vezon. ever. -Tyler NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
  8. I've actually asked this a couple of times, and planned to test it(that's the only advice I got)before life derailed that idea.
  9. I had a theory a while back that the GSR did exist; it involved the five major islands of the Archipelago being five fingers on a hand. It was immediately shot down. Ah, good times.
  10. . I was really hoping(and expecting)he would pop up eventually.
  11. I dunno, Mata Nui the character is Akimu, the island is Okoto, both brothers are asleep, it looks like quite a few changes are being made.
  12. IC(Ignitus(on board the Inika)): I stepped back from my work, satisfied. As I set aside the dark red paint, I looked at what had been Gravus' armor prior to his death. It was much lighter than mine, easier to maneuver in. More importantly, I didn't see myself wearing it while I murdered entire cities every time I went to sleep. The idea had occured to me the night before, after waking up from another dream. I had to hope that I would have them less the more I distance myself from anything related to my time before Mata Nui. After I changed into the armor, leaving my old armor in a heap in the corner, I looked at a mirror. Where once had stood a Toa in armor of bright crimson, scarlet, and silver, there was now a being in lighter armor of black and crimson. My mask had changed too, from its previous scarlet to a darker shade of red. I stuffed my old armor - Ausar's armor - into an empty barrel and left it amidst the rest of our emptied supplies. I dared to hope Ausar's memory would stay with it.
  13. Still curious about having an Antidermis-ed Parakuka bond to a host.
  14. So while we're on the topic of Dasaka: We've heard in the Chapter II opening that the Dasaka had legends of "being as colorful as Janu birds who wielded the powers to manipulate nature"(or something along those lines), meaning Toa, but is the reverse recorded anywhere? Did Mata Nuians have any knowledge, however ancient and disregarded, of the Dasaka prior to their first IC appearance in Chapter I?
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