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    Bionicle (I`m the biggest fan in my country) I like writing, in fact I would really like to become a novelist and publish my own fiction stories since I find that genre to be the most entertaining as it helps you escape from reality sometimes and take to a new world full of fascinating stories. I like reading Manga, watching Anime as well as some other series such as Legend of Korra, Code Lyoko, Invader ZIM, etc.

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  1. All my videos are available on YouTube.

  2. All I can say Mr. Faber is thank you, thanks for being such a creative person who always thought outside of the box, I´m not going to say "goodbaye" because this is not a farewell, I wish you the best of luck in the future and I can´t wait to see Rebel Nature once it´s released, I wager it´ll be as awesome as BIONICLE!
  3. He´s right, go get the Graphic Novel #8 which is full of exclusive comics about the 2009 storyline!
  4. This movie has really good things but it also has some mistakes: because it covers only a half of the 2003 year storyline it has the advantage that it can spend more time introducing some of its characters and its story is simple enough so that people don’t get confused with too many story elements, the bad thing about that is that at least to my opinion is not as epic as Legends of Metru Nui or Web of Shadows. It has a good animation, although the characters aren’t exactly like the sets they look fine and in some cases like the Turaga, I prefer their movie forms. I cannot really criticize the acting because most of the times I watch it in Spanish, so I can’t tell if the English speaking actors did it well. I’m sure people were pleased at the time this movie came out because although we didn’t know what to expect we weren’t disappointed. I think what people enjoy the most about Mask of Light is the nostalgic value it has, it changed the way fans looked at BIONICLE and thanks to it we learned that it really was something big, something important. It’s no secret this was the most successful of the BIONICLE movies so it must have done its job well, it will forever remain in the hearts of all the kids that played with BIONICLE and that made it become the great line we all look back at sometimes.
  5. Correct me if I´m wrong but was it ever stated that the Toa Kaita could control elemental powers? Their masks had the combined powers of the three Toa, mask powers, what about the elements? Assumig they do the I´d say to keep things fair that they cannot use Nova Blasts as they would be too powerful and it would be another reason as to not combine into Kaita too often.
  6. No, complete reboot, no conection to the previous story whatsoever
  7. In my opinion the story is more epic this time because now you have the new heroes struggling to understand their powers and their reason to be, you can identify more with the Toa Metru than with the Toa Nuva because the Metru had to learn how to be Toa, the Nuva always knew it, the Metru made mistakes in their way and had to learn the hard way that being a hero is a great responsibility, but they could prove their worth and saved the Matoran in the end opening up the gates to all the upcoming Bionicle year’s storylines. I believe the music in this installment has the best soundtracks of the original trilogy; it made me feel sad, ready for action, part of a greater adventure and part of a more legendary tale. Also, Makuta sort of wins in this movie because he put the Matoran to sleep which erased their memories, he caused the Great Cataclysm, killed Lhikan and forced the Toa to flee to another land away from one of the most important island there is. Although looking at the numbers, MoL was more financially successful than LoMN probably due to the hype of being the first movie released, but that doesn’t mean it’s better in comparison, but well this is just my opinion, LoMN is my favourite Bionicle movie of all time!
  8. I don't think the whole "Mata Nui being a giant robot" thing would work again, and since Ekimu is Makuta´s brother now who also fell into a deep slumbre I think it means we won´t see Mata Nui in this reboot.
  9. I think since Toa Nuva can use regular Kanohi then Bohrok Kal can use regular Krana,
  10. Maybe they stay inside the villages to protect them and the Toa can travel all over the island collecting the masks
  11. What about Toa Tuyet and Toa Naho, will you not have them on your series? Apart from that, nice pictures, and really good stop motions!
  12. well after Ekimu and Makuta fell asleep everything went dark and it sarted to rain, coincidence?
  13. I'd say for the sake of the plot no, because we cannot meet more Toa Nuva and it would be confusing. Story-wise I'm not sure.
  14. What's with this obsession about Turaga? haha In order to become one you must give up your Toa power which most likely has to be voluntarily, just like the Makuta getting rid of their light-side within. And Bonesiii is right the Nui Stone drains elemental power not Toa power.
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