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  1. Mef, I miss you!

  2. You'll probably never read this, but remember when we were noobs, running around without a care in the world? I miss those days you know. Hopefully your problems have gone away, and if you ever come back, just stay for a moment and say "hello", 'kay?

    1. Razgriz


      Seconding this.


      I'm only on a small part of the time these days, but feel free to pop me a note.

    2. Haman Karn: A Magical Girl

      Haman Karn: A Magical Girl

      Repping this hard buddy. Techna was a blast with you in it and so was the BZPRPG

  3. Having some problems in life, so I need to quit BZP for the time being. Sorry if I'm leaving anyone hanging in the BZP, but it's what I have to do (for now).

    1. Athmos


      Take your time.

    2. Hexann


      That's ok.

  4. "Shouting out to anyone interacting with me!" Well, I've only been back about two weeks and find out that not only do I not have the time to RP anymore, but a few people aren't exactly happy to see me back. So, I'm going to nip this in the bud before it gets any worse and take a step back (I'm not leaving, mind you). Due to certain discussions with other players and issues popping up in my personal life, I'm planning on dropping all but one of my characters for the time being. I'll be RPing as this one character as well as doing a project or two on BZP. So, I'm not exactly leaving, just taking a big step back. I know I've only been back for a couple weeks, so sorry to be interacting with alot of people then just leaving like that. I hope you all can understand that this abscence of mine is alot more serious then last time since this has to do with my own personal life as well as other problems on the RPG. Thanks, -Mef
  5. IC(Ledzel) (Le-Wahi, Pala-Koro) Ledzel stands at the ready; weapon in hand. The Toa of stone takes aim at the closest enemy. OOC: Whoever is attacking Pala-Koro, could one of you attack Ledzel? I've lost track of everyone. -Mef Man
  6. IC(Mef) (Ga-Koro near Bounty Office) "It's just a few blocks down," Mef explains, pointing toward a building a few houses down. The two would soon be there and have a job; Mef was sure of it. (Jade) (Ga-Koro Beach) Jade leans her head against Fleron and lets out a small sigh. "Thank you Fleron," Jade says, simply. "I know all of this must be very annoying for you. I've just been very confused about things the past few days," the Toa explains. But, you're making things better, Fleron. -Mef Man
  7. IC(Jade) (Ga-Koro Beach) Jade was...surprised to say the least. She had just met the Le-Toa and they were already kissing. Sure, she appreciated him helping her out yesterday and taking care of her so much, but did she really have feelings for the Toa of air? But, he was the only one who had ever kissed her and actually meant something by it. Of course there were others she had kissed, but those were just one time only seductions where it ended up with her using the being on the other end in some way. This was a Toa who had feelings, who would be hurt if she walked out of the door the next day, who would always remember the time they shared together. But, yet, she returned the kiss. After only a few seconds, though, Jade pulls away. "No, I...I can't do this to you," she explains. The Toa takes a seat on her own chair and looks toward the water for a few moments, contemplating what she was doing. She eventually turns back around, saying,"I live the kind of life where I'm here one day and I may be gone the next. I can't afford to have long term relationships in my work. You have to understand that. You'd only be playing with fire if you ever tried to find love here," she adds, placing a hand on her leg. The Toa hangs her head downward a bit, her eyes closed. At first, she was only kidding when it came to romancing the author. But when they kissed, she realized that it was a much more serious situation. The Toa was starting to have feelings for her and she was starting to have feelings for him. It was a situation she felt as if she had to stop. But was that the best idea? Wouldn't it be nice to fall in love with a nice guy who won't drop you in a second? Wouldn't it be nice to play housewife for the rest of her life? To be there when her husband got home from work? To cook meals for him, to help raise their children, to always love him for the rest of her life? You're a hunter. Always remember that. Relations you have with others are only temporary, your time is not your own, your body isn't your own, even your soul isn't your own. They all belong to the benefactor of the day. Always remember that. And Jade did. The words that she allowed to escape from one of her old teammates before she dealt the killing blow still echoed through her ears. She wanted to get rid of the words, to get rid of her way of life, but she knew that the only joy she would ever find was in the thrill of the hunt. She had only just told Fleron that the joy she got out of life was living on the edge. Bounty hunting was her way of living on the edge. She had to return to that way of life. She must return to that way of life. "I'm...sorry, Fleron," Jade sighs, head still hung low. "I don't want to hurt you if we ever try to be with each other. You have to understand that anything I do only lasts for a few moments then it's gone in a flash of lightning," the Toa adds, emphasizing her point with a small flicker of electricity resonating from her pointer finger. "If we ever try to be with each other...it would only be temporary. I'll have to move on to bigger things. I'm sorry," she repeats. -Mef Man
  8. IC(Jade) (Ga-Koro Beach) "Is this what normal people do?" Jade asks Fleron, eyes slowly opening. "Talk about sandwhiches and boring things all day? I thought maybe if I...found my parents, we could live an interesting life. Maybe it's better that I didn't meet them. Maybe they were just like everyone else," the Toa admits. "I want something more in life; something exciting. Something that can give you immense joy but possibly kill you at the same time. I want to live on the edge and not regret one moment of it." The Toa was getting carried away in her thinking out loud that she didn't even notice that she had risen to a standing position. -Mef Man
  9. IC(Jade)(Ga-Koro Beach) "It's just a sandwhich," Jade explains. "It's nothing special." The Toa of electricity rolls back over, only to be met by the sun once more. Jade's fingers quickly begin to form fists before she finally slams them down onto the chair. "I've had enough of this sun!" she exclaims before standing up and storming off of the beach. She would beat this. After a few minutes, Jade was soon back on the beach, this time with a big, floppy beach hat on top of her head. A smile had replaced her anger filled face. "Much better," she explains while sitting back down on the chair. Now the sun wouldn't bother her at all. -Mef Man
  10. IC(Jade) (Ga-Koro Beach) "How's the food?" Jade asks from her awkward position on the chair. She couldn't see Fleron, but she knew he had sitten himself down. He was making little noise anymore. -Mef Man
  11. IC(Gahree) (Onu-Koro Inn) Gahree's eyes slowly open the next morning. The Matoran had slept like a baby (like he always did) and was ready for another day of work. Gahree was soon in the bathroom washing his face and looking it over in the mirror. Once the Matoran was sure it was clean enough, he walks back to his night stand and places his glasses on before dressing once again. The Matoran decided to wear what he usually wears: a dark blue suit and black dress shoes. Underneath the suit, he wore a white dress shirt with a black tie which was strung around his neck. Back to the mirror, Gahree smiles upon seeing his outfit turning out just how he wanted it. The Matoran of water walks outside of his room and knocks on the door to the room next to him. "Hey, you awake, Voutok?" -Mef Man
  12. IC(Jade) (Ga-Koro Beach) Jade simply nods before rolling over onto her front. She didn't care if the food looked good. As long as it tasted good, Jade would be satisified. She had learned to cook for her group atleast a decade ago. The Toa learned that a good meal with plenty of calories was alot better than a fancy meal with little calories. Stupid suns. I'm going to go blind even with my eyes closed. I better go ahead and get me a hat or something... -Mef Man
  13. IC(Jade) (Ga-Koro Beach) Right on cue, the Toa Jade was just looking for arrived on the scene. Jade looks up toward Fleron and states,"It's fine. Lunch is ready," she adds while pointing toward a small bag beside her chair. "It should still be fresh," she adds before closing her eyes. Need a hat next time I go to Ga'maleia's... -Mef Man
  14. OOC: Yeah, sounds good. IC (Jade) (Ga-Koro Beach) Jade glances toward the path that led to the water. Where was Flaron anyway? The Toa of electricity had finished her meal a long time ago and had begun tanning. She didn't know that the Le-Toa would take so long to get here... -Mef Man
  15. IC(Gahree) (Onu-Koro) "Okay, sounds good," Gahree replies. "And, heads up!" he calls out as the De-Matoran wakls off. The Matoran of water throws Voutok a small pouch of widgets before walking off. In case he found something he wanted, he could buy it with Gahree's widgets. "And, try to see a doctor. Better make sure you don't have heat exhaustion." The Ga-Matoran disappears into a nearby inn after telling the guide goodbye. The faithful Po-Matoran would be leaving the two here. He had family and other jobs to attend to in Po-Koro. The Matoran needed to see if both were okay after the incident in Po-Koro. Gahree had soon paid the guide and bid him farewell before escaping into the inn. After purchasing two rooms, Gahree leaves one of the keys with the innkeeper, giving him instructions to give the key to a De-Matoran with ear muffs. Gahree (on the other hand) was going to get some rest. It had been a long day and he was as exhausted as could be. Soon in a luke warm shower, the Ga-Matoran finally begins to relax. It was nice to wash all of the gritty dirt off of his skin and being safe and sound inside of a nice inn was also another luxury. On the inside, though, Gahree longed for his home, but there were jobs that needed to be completed even in Onu-Koro. He had several different detachments of his industry even in Onu-Wahi. All of these needed to be checked on and looked after. Sure, he didn't have to do it, but he felt obliged to. It was the least he could offer the employees who put in long, hard hours for him and his business. Gahree exits the shower and slips into a pair of pajamas that he always brought around with him. The silk clothing always seemed to put the Matoran to sleep for some reason. And, as always, it proved to do just that. The Matoran of water was soon fast asleep under the covers of his bed, a small smile on his lips. -Mef Man
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