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  1. ohi I've been here over 10 years now, yay.

  2. hi, I remembered I do in fact exist. =P

    1. Daler99


      Glad to hear it :P

    2. Great Being Velika

      Great Being Velika

      Ayy I remember you! Glad to see ya around

  3. gg I just noticed my sig is still the banner for BZPMN2 that Onkoo made. It looks nice though, so it stays for now.

    1. Rahkshi Guurahk

      Rahkshi Guurahk

      Also now that I'm looking closer at the new overhaul of the forum from a while back, RIP the friends list, ??-2019.

  4. Yay, it's snowing. Snow is gud.

    1. TERIDAX941


      Not here... though it did a week ago or so. Kopaka must be on vacation

  5. I'm not sure if I should be surprised or disappointed that there are several comments on a recording of something on youtube saying that it sounds "exactly like the bionicle heroes titles." Only the first phrase is the same, then it becomes different. =P

  6. ...sooo I may have failed to look at my friend requests for the past two years. Sorry to anyone who was upset by me ignoring that. =P

    1. TERIDAX941


      It's all good, if I had a nickel for every one I "accidentally" ignored... :P

    2. Bonkle


      I wondered why I got the note. :P I didn't even remember sending the request. Must have been a while ago.

    3. Rahkshi Guurahk

      Rahkshi Guurahk

      I'm fairly sure that you sent that one in 2015 or 16. =P

  7. Ohey you're alive! How's life?

    1. Timelady Gallade

      Timelady Gallade

      Hello!! its doing good, going off to uni in a few months :D

      Sorry for blanking, I was logging in to show a friend my old profile I think haha

      How're u?

  8. It's my birthday! =D Also the birthday of the inventor of the clarinet. :3

    1. Makuta Luroka

      Makuta Luroka

      Happy birthday ya nerd.

    2. ToaTImeLord


      Happy birthday!

    3. Rahkshi Guurahk

      Rahkshi Guurahk

      As I didn't see these as I never check notifications; thank you to you two!

  9. I see you joined the club of having a Guurahk avatar. =P (That makes what, like 3 or 4 now?)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Rahkshi Guurahk

      Rahkshi Guurahk

      Well I don't plan to ever be leaving it; so that's good. =p

    3. ToaTImeLord


      Would that be the Guurahk club or saxophone Rahkshi club?

    4. Rahkshi Guurahk
  10. What have I done with my notifications? ;_; http://imgur.com/a/H6jD1

  11. Today I came to the conclusion I still have no idea what I'm doing in BZPGOT despite the fact I'm actively involved in it this season. =p

  12. I have 949 posts and 1281 posts in G&T. That rectroactive math though.

    1. Toa Imrukii

      Toa Imrukii

      How... What..? WUHT!?!?!?

    2. Rahkshi Guurahk

      Rahkshi Guurahk

      Posts in G&T didn't use to count, they changed that something around a year and a half ago I think?

  13. So that audition I had mentioned went well =D

  14. Wooo I have an audition tomorrow! ;_;

  15. Ohai Clarinets are cool. =P

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    2. McNugget


      Bass Clarinet being the only exception

    3. Rahkshi Guurahk

      Rahkshi Guurahk

      I play both of those so I can agree with the second. =p

    4. McNugget


      I cool

      I play both too

  16. The computering and grammar is not with me today. I blame Winter Band Camp.

  17. October by Eric Whitacre is a great piece of music. That is all.

  18. The band trip went great! =D We just got back.

  19. So I visited Carnegie Hall today and I can't even

  20. Summary of me in band currently: "Schuman y u do dis"

    1. FrozenFlash


      "Aw, I can't believe you done this."

  21. yeeee watching nightmare before christmas

    1. Hidron Nuva

      Hidron Nuva

      The best thing about that movie is that you can watch it both for Halloween and for Christmas

  22. When there's actually a Homestuck Upd8

  23. All ones for my last High School Marching Band Competition =D

  24. So today's my last marching band competition in high school. ;3

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