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  1. IC: Insidian felt his mask budge a bit thanks to his foes' own mask power. As his mask slipped a bit against his face his dopplefangers vanished. As he felt the tug grow stronger Insidian rached up and grasped his mask making sure it was still on his face. The gauntlet slammed into Insidian's chest, causing him to stumble backwards as his chest armor dented and he felt intense pain. "You may control stone... but I control the Earth under our feet." Insidian roared as he stomped on the ground. Underneath his foe a sinkhole was created twenty feet around him. Insidian tapped his foot again and the hole opened up as he attempted to drop the Toa within. He then activated his mask, filling the hole with the Toa's greatest fears, he didn't know what they were but he let the illusions of darkness and fear invade his enemies mind as he grasped at his chest.
  2. IC: Dahrak Nade - Onu-Koro (Streets) Finally, a potential candidate appears. "Many have tried." It was then that the surrounding rubble slowly began to levitate off of the ground, courtesy of his Matatu, before being systematically flung back towards the Toa who had created it. At the same time, he shifted himself into a more battle-ready stance, and threw an uppercut into the air, purposefully hitting nothing as a pillar of stone in the shape of a fist mimicing the same gesture errupted through the floor of the hut and attempted to strike the underside of the other being's chin. "None have succeeded." IC: As the ruble burst towards Insidian he tightened his fist. Mounds of solid earth burst forth around him, deflecting the incoming rubble. Before he had a chance to react a massive fist burst from the ground unto his chin. Insidian was lifted off his feet and into the air, flying backwards into the wall. He snarled and shook his head before activating his mask of illusions. Insidian split into four Insidian's, each looking exactly the same, it would be hard to tell who was the real one. All four versions of the earth toa surged forward, twin proto-steel wrist blades sliding forth as they all slashed at Dahrak, however only two pairs of blades were real. Crystalia hung back as she tried to tell which Insidian was real.
  3. IC: Crystalia jumped to her feet and turned towards Insidian, two more of her daggers floating into her grasp. However, she paused when a Toa of stone approached the scene after spilling his drink due to the destruction. Insidian whirled towards the Toa his red eyes glaring at the intruder. "This doesn't concern you Toa! Now leave or I will be forced to end you." He growled. "And as for you Crystalia... I can feel your connection to the earth, you are in my domain now!" He said as he raised his fist. The ground exploded underneath her as a massive shard of earth burst forward and slung her into the air, she shimmered into existence again as she fell towards the ground. OOC: on mobile so no colors
  4. IC: Ashala laid in the middle of Ga-Koro square on a green towel made of a lilly pad. She looked up at the sky and breathed in peace as she soaked up the sun's rays. Things had been quite around here for a long time... Ashala couldn't remember a time she had to fight. She was a Toa sure, but she was a healer first. That's what she'd been doing for years, mending the wounds of her fellow villagers within her hut. She wondered if today would be any different then her last, or the days before that. OOC: Open for interaction
  5. IC: What was a Toa of honor doing in a place like this? Some would say Lathon wasn't a Toa of honor. He wasn't like most good Toa who didn't kill. They followed the Toa code. Not Lathon however. When he saw an act of evil he put a stop to it, or he died trying, and that meant taking out the one causing pain to innocent lives. His entire team had been slaughtered by vicious Skakdi years ago. He'd been forever changed that day. Now, he spent his days in places like this. Places where the other unsavory pieces of scum here wouldn't judge him for his inner demons. "I'll take a ale please," Lathon said as he stepped up to the bar. He looked over at the Toa (PRAXIS) next to him. He was a Toa of gravity, Lathon hadn't met too many Toa of gravity. "Long day friend?" he asked. OOC: For Praxis
  6. IC: "Hey!" a voice drifted from within the dormant hospital, a scene of death to some. But a place of silent refuge for another. Zarkov, chaotic Skakdi of Iron lived on the upper floor of this building. When he heard a wall crumbling he made his way down the stares. "What the bloody do you think you're doing down here? Can't a Skakdi get some sleep in peace?" Zarkov said as he made his way to the bottom step. That's when he saw Raaka, a fellow Skakdi that was unknown to him. "Oh, I did not see you there brother." Zarkov's face twisted in a massive grin and his eyes glinted red. "What brings you here? To this place of death..."
  7. IC: Rujak had made his way from the beach, to the charred forest, heading towards Ta-Koro when a certain small home that also appeared to sell wares caught his scope. The sight of it reminded him of the merchants he used to see in Ko-Koro square. Rujak approached the dwelling onto to find a Vortixx sitting within. "Hello," Rujak said carefully. This may have been the first time he recalled speaking with a Vortixx, they weren't common, at least to Rujak. "What exactly do you sell here?" he asked, trying not to stare too much. IC: Kaeren had spent his last six months inside one of the various pubs that existed within Ta-Koro's walls. Some said the Ta-Toa had become depressed as of late. He spent most of his nights inside the Lavapool Inn drinking silently to himself. He had once been a member of the Ta-Koro guard before he'd been asked to kindly step down due to his frequent intoxication. Kaeren stared down at the mug in his hand and at the contents of the brew within. He hadn't even taken a drink yet, this was to be his first of the day. "Not today," Kaeren shook his head. He was done drinking, he was done letting it sway his left. He activated his powers of flame and watched as the glass literally melted to slag in his hand from the heat. "Sorry about that," Kaeren said as he tossed an extra few widgets on the bar. "For the glass and the mess." he said before he pushed up with a glint to his eyes. He then swept from the pub and did not look back. As he walked through Ta-Koro, lost in his thoughts of what he was going to do with his future... he bumped into someone... a Le-Toa wearing a Huna. "Ah my apologies friend, wasn't looking where I was going." he said. OOC: that's for Roosevelt
  8. IC: Her name was Crystalia. Some knew that name belonged to a female Toa of gravity. One with a reputation for being an assassin. They wouldn't be wrong. But she hadn't always been a killer. Not until she'd met him... Insidian. A Toa of Earth so evil that he was practically a Toa of shadow... but he was also discreet. Terribly so, he was never seen doing his acts of evil in the light of day. He stuck to the shadows and had other people... people like Crystalia do his bidding for him. He'd gotten to her when she was young, an orphan Toa without a family or purpose. He'd tricked her into selling her soul to him, and since then he'd been ruining her life every so slowly. The past six months he'd been forcing Crystalia to train harder then ever before. She knew who he served, Insidian. He was obsessed with Makuta, practically never shut his mouth about how he was the true prince of darkness and that Makuta was the rightful heir to the world, and that Toa were meant to serve him. She could care less about Makuta, or the people Insidian forced her to kill. But one thing was certain she wanted away from this Toa, one way or another. She was tired. He had her back to her now, muttering to himself about Makuta. Her hand slid to her daggers at her waist and she crept forward. Without a sound she lifted a hand, activating her gravity power she sent both daggers forward through the air; and right into Insidian's back. The Toa of earth howled louder then she'd ever heard him before. "HOW DARE YOU BETRAY ME!" Insidian roared as he whirled around. The ground began to shake within earthen hut they were inside. The ground burst upward smashing into Crystalia's body and smashing her through the wall of the hut. She rolled across the ground, before activating her mask of invisibility and vanishing. "I WILL KILL YOU FOR THIS!" Insidian said as he reached back and tore a dagger from his back. OOC: Both are open for interaction, up to anyone if they want to help defend Crystalia or let them fight
  9. IC: Jarrun couldn't remember the last time he'd been back to Po-Koro. For about six months he'd spent his time in the deserts of Po-Wahi. He'd decided to train alone out there and test his survival skills. He'd made it back alive, but his armor was a little more worn from the sun then it had been before, his Pakari more worn as well. He'd have to get his mask filed down and repairs, that was if he had the widgets or time for such trivial things, he didn't. Soon Jarrun found himself within the bustle of the city. The brown armored Matoran running around brought hopes back to his spirit that he hadn't felt in a long time. He soon found himself close to a certain Po-Matoran who was jotting something down on a notepad, and from the looks of the contents strewn around him he looked like he was good with technology. "You have any good weapons partner?" Jarrun said as he halted a few feet away from the unfamiliar Po-Matoran. "I found a nest of some really nasty Nui-Jaga, unusually aggressive. Yeah I could have crushed em' with stone or used my mask, but I was lookin for something a little more... fun. Plus I hear tales of evil taking Ko-Koro, you can't be too careful these days."
  10. Name: Kaeren Ravern Gender/Species: Male, Human. Appearance: Dark black hair with a small goatee. His eyes are a mix of red and yellow due to his affiliation to the dark side, other then that he appears to be a normal attractive human male. He wears all black and red cloaks. Weapons: Kaeren has two twin crimson colored lightsabers with obsidian colored hilts. Skills: Kaeren is a decent fighet pilot. He was taught by his father who was a smuggler. When it comes to using the saber, Kaeren is skilled enough for a rookie Inquisitor. He has been trained a good deal by other Inquisitors and wishes to grow in his power with the dark side. Force Powers: Kane as your average Sith/Jedi force powers, however he enjoys using force choke and he has developed force lightning though he can't channel it for as long as he'd like. Personality: Kaeren has always had to be tough. Ever since he was born. Life had never been easy for him and he’d have to fight. That's what growing up on Tatooine made him, strong. One day the Galactic Empire came to Tatooine, and sent their Inquisitors out, looking for force sensitives. They found Kaeren, and sensed the anger within him. They turned Kane to the Dark Side, something he never knew was inside him. Kaeren is not totally evil, he does not enjoy killing or slaughtering people, but he will do it if he must, he will do it if any of his Inquisitor superiors commands it, or the Empire itself.He is a soldier now, and a good one. Kaeren can’t escape the Dark Side of the force, but there is still light in his heart somewhere… buried. History: Kaeren was born on one of the harshest known planets and the one furthest from anywhere decent: Tatooine. He was born as a poor farmer in the dunes of Tatooine until his parents were murdered by Tuskan Raiders. Kane moved to Mos Eisley, one of the seediest cities on the planet. There he was forced to steal, gamble and fight to survive. When Kaeren was a young adult he befriended a local rookie bounty hunter and began hunting down criminals that owed the Hutts or other gangsters money. He never went on any massive jobs but he learned to shoot and he learned to hold his own. Kaeren's bounty hunter friend, Mando was slain during the end of his career. It was then that Galactic Empire had their Inquisitors sweep the city, looking for force sensitives. They found Kaeren in the streets of Mos Eisley. They sensed Kaneren's potential, sensed the Force Sensitivity that had been harboring inside him for some time and took him with them when they left. Kaeren had nothing left on this planet, no family, no real job. So he want, he pledged himself to the dark side and to the Empire. What had the new Republic ever done for him anyway? Since then he has trained day and night with the Inquisitors. The more he learned to control his powers over the Dark Side of the Force the more he hungered. It wasn't long before he was taught to craft his very own lightsabers, choosing twin red blades as tradition with Sith and Dark Jedi. Now, Kaeren has been instructed to search as others have before him, to search for force sensitives to bring into the Empire's fold. This is why he came to Taris. Affiliation: Galactic Empire, The Inquisitors. Let me know if that's all good. So I notice there no Jedi yet. But force sensitives are around, would a character who is a force sensitive and also happens to have a light saber be approved? Being not Jedi nor Sith. But self trained.
  11. IC: It felt like he'd been living in a dream. A long dream that mostly consisted of waiting. He wasn't even sure how long it had been. He'd lost track of time a long time ago. Her name was Nicole Binder, a pretty blonde girl who'd been in a coma now for months. John had barely even known her. He knew more about the rumors about her, then really who she was. That she'd done some messed up things in the past with her old powers. That she'd tried to take her life, and failed but ended up in a coma that never seemed to end. Dallas might have asked him why he cared so much. But she was an X-Man, X-Men didn't leave X-Men behind and he felt like the others had forgotten about this girl a long time ago. , her father had been beheaded on national television. This world was cruel, but it was hardly as cruel as the reality John had come from with the other Ultimate X-Men. When he wasn't sitting, waiting for her to wake up sometimes he'd ventured into thrift shops and collected comic books about the original X-Men. The ones who'd existed before the Phoenix wiped them all away. They say only half the stuff in those comics were true, but still he liked to read them to Nicole, it was better then complete silence. A lot of times he contemplated the death of his other self. The John that had been from this reality, Johnathan heard that he'd been killed by Daken, who in a way was Johnathan's own brother, but only from a different reality. How did I end up the calm headed one out of the two realities? What went so wrong with this universes' John for Daken to kill him? Johnathan had a theory about that. He'd heard Daken had experimented on this universes' John before Daken had killed him, maybe the experiments had twisted him into something he wasn't. But he had another theory, one that made a little sense. What if when there are two of the same being, but from different universes, and when you bring them together in one reality, maybe its too much. Maybe one has to go. Maybe the other John died so this John, so I can exist. He wasn't sure, all he knew was that he really hated werewolf movies now that he was normal again. "Um... where am I?" "....." he didn't believe it at first. Nicole couldn't be awake, she couldn't be back. Not after so long, he'd stopped believing a long time ago. "Glad to see you finally decided to join the living." "John is that you? I thought you were dead. "Wrong John girly, I'm the Ultimate one." he said as he got to his feet and pulled out his cellphone before sending a mass text to every student, and Ultimate X-Man from the institute he had in his phone. John: Nicole's awake, like really awake. IC: Christine felt the sun against her skin as she ran across the Institute grounds. This is how she liked to start her days, running and admiring the scenery. It helped keep her mind away from how many friends she lost and how many graves there were behind the school these days. She felt her phone vibrate and came to a halt before pulling it out. There was a text from John. "We'll I'll be, that wasn't expected." Christine said before she turned towards the school. "I wonder what everyone's goin to think, I'd given up hope a long time ago." IC: Jennifer sat at her desk in the SHIELD office she'd been assigned too and sighed. After she'd left Westchester after the death of Red Skull she'd applied to be a SHIELD agent with her old connects through SWORD. It hadn't been hard to get her back in active duty. But things had become quiet, now she spent her days typing away at a computer while waiting for some real action. She took a sip of coffee and glanced over at a framed picture of her father, Hank McCoy and smiled. I miss you dad. IC: His name was Quinn. He was a new recruit to the X-Men, and he hadn't been at the institute as long as the others. Right now, he was bored. Very bored. He walked down a hallway in the mansion. "YO, what is there to do around here?" he shouted. IC: He didn't have a name. Not really. His name was X, and he went by Maverick. Weapon-X had stolen that from him, and much more. It hadn't been hard for them to find him alone. The great Kane Johnson said that they could take on the remnants of Weapon-X together. Oh how wrong he'd been. Maverick found himself on the top of a building crouched over a sniper rifle. His target was none other then Kane Johnson. A loose end that had been eluding Weapon-X for too long. "Do you have the shot," an anonymous voice said over Maverick's com. He didn't know who the man was, just that he was Weapon-X and if Maverick didn't do as he said then the bomb implanted at the base of his skull would blow. "Yes," Maverick said. It was true, he had Kane in his cross-hairs. The flame mutant was sitting alone at a diner looking at his phone and nursing a brew. The Brotherhood mutant didn't know what was coming. "Sorry, about this. No hard feelings." Maverick muttered as he took a breath then pulled the trigger. CLICK. Bang. IC: The bullet flew from the top of the bullet straight at Kane's skull. Kane felt something odd, something made him look up at the last instant. But it was too late. Kane saw nothing but red as his head snapped back. Then he saw nothing... IC: "Kill confirmed," Maverick said. "Good, go dark. Don't let anyone follow you. Await further instructions.." OOC: Yeah I'm back guys. Know this RP has been kinda dormant but Tyler said I could jump back in. And yeah, most of these characters are open for interaction.
  12. IC: -Ta-Wahi beach A lone Ko-Toa stood huddled over the telescope in the ancient observatory. Rujak had no idea who'd built rhis observatory ontop of the cliff, but he'd spent his last three months here gazing up at the heavens. He liked to watch the Red Stars progress and record it in his journal. There were so many mysteries on this island, perhaps some of them could be solved by gazing at the stars. Once Ko-Koro had fallen Rujak had wandered the Ko-Wahi wilderness before finally Coming here. He'd brought with him ancient texts he'd copied over into his journals, texts he'd located within Nuju's tower. Rujak had become so isolated he wasn't even sure if Nuju still lived, but he knew Ko-Koro was still under the control of evil. Rujak slung his pack over his shoulder feeling it fall against his shield before he turned and left the stone observatory. He made his way down the stone steps and onto the sandy shore of Ta-Wahi. Ga-Koro lay behind him while Ta-Koro was ahead. He began to stride forward until he suddenly came to a stop, noticing a Matoran from his home village of Ko-Koro sitting alone in the sand. The Matoran gazed at Rujak and then Rujak noticed anger flare in the villagers blue eyes. "What answers are you going to find in the stars Toa? You should be fighting! It's your duty to save Ko-Koro from the forces of evil!" Rujak wanted to say something but no words came. Instead he continued to walk forward deciding not to look at the Matoran. "Coward! You're a coward!" He shouted as Rujak left him behind. Maybe he wasn't wrong, but what was one Toa of ice going to do against all of the scum that had taken Rujak's home? Many had tried an failed. No, Rujak had important work, someone had to watch the stars, someone had to keep the records going.
  13. Thanks. I'm going to attempt to post with my characters today, if anyone noticed something out of place or that doesn't jibe with our version of Mata nui and events let me know OOC and I'll gladly edit. Oh yeah, does anyone know the name of a prominent tavern in Ta-koro I can have one of my chars appear in.
  14. Poor ko-korans. Was there a large evacuation of matoran? If not where did most of the ko-korans migrate too like Which koro or have they been just kinda scattered around or held prisoner in ko? Sorry I have a Ko-toa so just trying to get a grip on things again.
  15. Hai guises. Soooo I've had a nostalgia trip lately and I need something bionicle in my life. I'm planning to return to this RP... once I remember all my characters. Can anyone recap current major events going on? When I left ko-Koro had been taken over by the baddies. Is that still afoot or has it been restored to the Matoran?
  16. IC: Then Alek's voice came over the com. Calm reassurance coursed through Christine's body as soon as she knew he was alright. "Okay, we all heard him. X-Men let's head back to the Blackbird!" Christina said over the com so everyone would hear her as well. The southern belle began to make her way towards the armored Jet careful to keep her eyes peeled for any remaining Hydra soldiers. -------------------------------- Quinn fell in line behind Christine, walking slot backwards with bone shards sticking out of his wrists so he could quickly launch them out if they were attacked. Christine reached the Blackbird before him and walked up the ramp. He followed her inside only to watch as she began to power up the jet preparing it for lift off once everyone was on board. Quinn stood at the bottom of the ramp silently standing watch in case of trouble. ------------------------------------------- Johnathan glanced at Ash as the X-Men and Ultimates gravitated towards the Blackbird. "Well, I guess that's my ride darlin. It's been nice catching up. You stay outta trouble and text a ****** if you ever need some company." He winked at her. Ash ruffled her scarlet hair and smiled. "I will John, wish I could go back with you all. I have a nice new apartment though and some interesting neighbors, you can come see it sometime." "Sounds good to me," John nodded. "Oh, and If you're ever hungry and don't want to prick anybody hit me up first, I'll bounce back fast from a feeding." He reminded the vampire turned mutant before he turned away and towards the Blackbird. "Hey Cali, I'll race you back to the Blackbird! No powers either that's cheating!"
  17. Yeah that was the general idea in regards to his transformations. I mean Marvel has the savage land that has actual dinos and there is that Sauron guy who is a pterosaur. So I didn't think that would be much of a problem. I mean you have other characters such as Morph and Mystic who can transform into any living thing as well. I didn't think it was that much of a stretch. Also there was a minor discussion regarding the size issue. That's why I had to reduce the blue whale, the largest ever known creature down to just large whale. I would think you'd be more worried about his ability to copy alien creatures than ones native to Terraferma. Though agreed that is an emense amount though you are forgetting that animals in regards to abilities could be based on type. While it would be possible to be both a Lion and a tiger(liger) it really wouldn't be any different in power than just being a Lion or a tiger in terms of what abilities he would get. Increased strength and better eyesight maybe? Otherwise it would be simply cosmetic. Unless you are referring to say being able to take on both the aspects of say a bird and a wolf becoming a hybrid and yes I had that idea already. While most times it would be unrealistic the option is left open. Yeah a bit lost on the arrow deal. Was basically looking for something that would not necessarily require carrying a quiver as while direct clothing can be morphed, external items like that would be harder. The tomahawks could be strapped tight so they'd maybe get a pass. If you want I can completely remove the bow and arrow completely. I'd rather not have to modify the actual mutant power any more than I already have since that is his main reason for being created. at this point dude if you ever want to be accepted I'd just do as he says and try not to argue against it since being approved can take a very long time for this RP.
  18. Jennifer couldn’t help but watch as the plane Terrance had hijacked from her impacted into the back of Red Skull. The plane instantly was blown apart, raining fire and shrapnel down upon the ground. That was before Red Skull had even been hit with the Hellicarrier’s guns, not that Terrance’s sacrifice had done much. Jennifer closed her eyes and sighed as she lowered her rifle. Terrance was gone, he’d sacrificed himself but for what? He’d taken his own life and it had hardly phased Red Skull, instead it had been the Hellicarrier’s guns that finally brought the red giant down. She couldn’t help but feel guilty for Terrance death since he’d hijacked her personal aerial vehicle before slamming it into Red Skull’s back. “Okay, my transport is gone. Can anyone give me a ride back up to the Hellicarrier?” Jennifer radioed. Terrance had wanted to join SHIELD but he’d lost his life fighting Hydra before he’d even gotten a chance. She turned away from Red Skull’s massive body, not wanting to look anymore. “YES! WE DID IT!” Christine shouted, unaware that her borrowed sonic powers caused this to pretty much broadcast around the entire square, the square was in a state of devastation but still they’d saved a lot of lied and killed Red Skull. That was something. “Anyone seen Aleks?” she asked as she looked around at her fellow X-Men. “Aleks? Are you okay?” she asked over the com, noticing that he hadn’t responded to her in a while. Johnathan lowered his severed Hydra hand and smirked. “Red Skull’s dead, good ######.” He grinned at his fellow Ultimates. He glanced at Ashlynn who was standing a few feet away wiping off her face from where she’d torn into the jugular of a Hydra soldier a few minutes before. Without warning Johnathan moved forward before pulling the redheaded vampire into a long kiss. He pulled away without saying anything though from the look on her face Ash approved. “It felt good fighting with you guys again.” Ashlynn said. "You can say that again." Johnathan nodded before he pulled out a cigarette lit it and began to puff on it. Quinn walked up to Sakuya and smiled at her. “Well we survived our first battle as X-Men, not bad right?” "So, does that mean we can all head back to the Blackbird now?" ----- On the lone rooftop Kane and Maverick continued their deadly dance. Unaware that the giant Red Skull had just been taken down. Too busy on continuing their fight. Kane lashed out with his flame covered katana; only to have it be deflected by a machete that Maverick had pulled out from within his coat a few minutes ago. Sparks flew in the air as the two fighters stared each other down. Kane could see fury in Maverick's brown eyes. "Just die already! I need the money from this contract!" Maverick said as he raised his palm and the mini-gun barrel began to spin bullets quickly spitting out and flying at Kane. Kane burst into the air on a small plume of flame though he felt one of the bullets fly into his right thigh before he touched down on the ground several feet away. Pain blared through his leg and he forced himself to stay standing as he gritted his teeth. He then launched himself forward raising his opposite hand as he unleashed a massive blast of flame from his hand at Maverick, the assassin was forced to jump to the right to dodge the flames which Kane in turn just charged through striking with his sword. He caught Maverick off guard and knocked the machete out of his hand. "You're going to remember! You have to remember what they did to you!" Kane shouted as he suddenly smashed his forehead into Maverick's. Blinding pain filled Maverick's forehead as Kane's impacted his. He stumbled back and was about to retaliate when sudden flashes of vision filled his head. He saw bright lights and a man standing over him with a bloodied surgical mask. Novocain. He remembered the man's name... Maverick bent over and wretched onto the rooftop as all of the memories of Weapon-X hit him full force. Memories that he'd shut away, memories that he had naturally repressed due to how awful they had been. Now he remembered why he didn't know his real name. Now he remembered why he only went by Maverick, and there had been another name for him. Something Novocain liked to call him which had simply been X. "I... I remember." Maverick looked up at Kane. "Good." Kane said as he let the fire die down on his sword. "You know what this means right? Weapon-X is still active somehow. They hired you to kill me to clean up loose ends. We need to investigate this, work together. There has to be others who have been attacked or silenced. We need to find them and we need to kill them." "I'm in."
  19. We have quite a few profiles stacking up in here, has anyone looked at them? Just saiyan.
  20. Johnathan saw it coming a mile away. Red Skull was getting overwhelmed. Now he was trying to flee. Giving it everything he had with his repulsor blasts as the giant attempted to leave the scene. “No you don’t…” John said as he kept up a continuous steam of blasts from his stolen metal Hydra hand. Ashlynn Summers slid to a stop next to John behind his cover. The Ultimate mutant looked over at the redheaded vampire and smiled. “Bout time you showed up.” He winked at her. “Better late than never,” Ashlynn said as she fired off some shots at Red Skull, even if she knew it would be useless. ----- Jennifer didn’t let up with her sniper fire now that it seemed Red Skull was trying to retreat. She’d seen how he’d been destroying those Arch Angels but now it seemed he knew he couldn’t win. She fired off more sniper shots at the back of his head. “Terrance! How’s it going down there?” she asked. There was no response. In fact Terrance was busy; attempting to do something either incredibly stupid or brave. It hadn't been hard to find Jennifer's personal air craft where she'd left it on the rooftop. Terrance knew he needed the firepower and he was going to get it, he slipped inside and quickly closed the hatch before reaching for the controls. Jennifer heard an engine and looked up to see her personal air craft lift in the sky. But who could be inside piloting it? “TERRANCE!” she screamed over the com at the vigilante. Terrance turned the com off as he hit the thrusters, the vehicle flying towards Red Skull’s back. He fired up the guns on the vehicle and began to blast at Red Skull's back as he flew in closer. “You’re not getting out of this alive Skull.” Terrance said as he throttled the engines forward, attempting to smash directly into the fleeing giant’s back where he knew his life would be over in an instant upon impact. He was ready to loose his life, if it meant there was a chance he could bring the giant down. ----- Hydra soldiers in the area were doing their best to try to stop the X-Men and SHIELD agents in the area from bringing down Red Skull. Using her borrowed sonic powers Christine was doing her best to keep them down, crushing and flinging them away with walls of sonic energy. Quinn was right beside her, unleashing shards of bone into any Hydra soldier around he could see. It seemed like Red Storm was on the ropes, it could be the battle was turning in their favor.
  21. IC: “Thanks Cali,” Johnathan said to his teammate as he pulled his claws in, tucked away his pistol on one hand and slipped the metal Hydra-Ironman hand over his fist. Ducking beneath cover, he then lifted himself up enough before he took a few repulsor blasts at the giant Red Skull’s knees. Pew. Pew. "If I die, make sure I'm buried with two bad *****es, okay Dallas?" Johnathan said before he tossed him the other metal-hand. "I don't know if you want this, but you might need to use it." IC: “This doesn’t look good.” Ashlynn said to Alecto and Jessika. “Massive firepower? Nope just a pistol and standard vampire powers.” She sighed. In the distance she noticed someone familiar. Johnathan Howlett. Could it be? The X-Men were actually dispatched? IC: “All units in the area… it’s going to take everything we have to take him down.” Jessika reported. She focused the scope of her rifle from the rooftop she’d been on up to this point and began to fire at Red Skull’s injured eye. IC: “Aleks… how are we supposed to beat this thing?” Christine Marie said over the com link as Red Skull suddenly grew several stories taller. She couldn’t have been happier for borrowing John’s healing factor for this fight, except not even that could save her if Red Skull decided to step on her. “****ing Pietro and his Red Wave technology!” Christine grimaced as she took cover. Quinn ducking down next to her and not looking too happy about this either. “I’m not sure I signed up for this.” Quinn shook his head. “Too bad, now you have to deal with it.” Christine said before she lifted herself up and unleashed a massive sonic blast at Red Skull before ducking back down. IC: Terrance let out a string of curses after he watched the spectacle. “I need some firepower… I need a rocket launcher or something.” He said to himself. It was times like these he really wished he’d kept the rocket launcher he’d taken from those thugs at the dock. IC: Kane had enough. He decided to get onto the nearest building for a better vantage point to start unleashing bouts of flame at the Red Giant. He finally pulled himself to the top of the roof and focused on Red Skull when several bullets erupted by his side. He jumped away and whirled around to see he wasn’t alone on the rooftop. The man had dark brown hair that was gelled back, and equally as fierce brown eyes. He was dressed in a black suit with a white tie, and had what appeared to be the metal barrel of a mini-gun protruding from one of his palms. Kane knew this man. “Maverick?” he said suddenly. “How do you know my name?” Maverick said as he narrowed his eyes. “We we’re in Weapon-X together! You know me!” Kane shouted now. “I don’t know you! I’ve been hired to kill you!” he said as he raised his palm. “Think about it man, who would want me dead? Weapon-X! They’re back and they’re tying up their loose ends!” “I don’t believe you!” Maverick said as the barrel began to spin and bullets began to erupt and fly straight towards Kane Johnson.
  22. Why not just go with the smaller grey whale. Or maybe a hump-back, or sperm whale.
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