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  1. Actually, it was based on the 18 sections composing the GS, one section normally corresponding to one hour of the daylight.
  2. I imagine personally that all of the GSR's face wasn't emerged from the sea and so only a part of his face needed to be hide by the camouflage system. Moreover, I think we can assume that the formation of the island was quite cataclysmic : waters of Aqua Magna was certainly VERY tumultous after the GC and the island could've been damaged, reducing its initial size. Perhaps only observe wasn't enough for Mata Nui's mission. He maybe had to analyze many things at the surface of planets, as local live forms or planet's composition/structure.
  3. I voted for the official canon size, since all the physical/scale problems about it can be objectively resolved with explanations or therories. Imagine any sorts of theories which would make quite more harmonious the whole thing is a better way of doing than to contradict canon facts for reasons of preferences or "realism", IMO ^^
  4. @SailorQuaoar : Basically... Me for instance = P If we begin to act with this type of reasoning, a lot of elements on Biosector01 should be deleted. @JMSOG : I think if we question Greg about that, we won't have more than an indistinct answer or a simple "Unknow". But anyway, the situation seem to be clear since Dorek confirmed that it was approved. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure the only reference to time in BIONICLE Universe is the Great Sundial.
  5. Two great short stories, certainly my favorite ones of this contest. That was a pleasure to read them, but very difficult to decide beetwen them. In spite of some differences in plot details and certain interpretations of characters, I find that these two entries are pretty complemental in themselves (what makes the decision of the vote even more difficult =P). But, after re-reading the only passage of "dialogue" of Ihu in BA6, reflections developed in the first entry definitively fit better with Ihu's moral than those of the second entry, in my opinion. Anyway, a mix of both would have been perfect xP
  6. I think there is a problem with the first entry : Eliminator writes that it killed Kodan by empaling him with his Chronicler's Staff. However, it was confirmed that all Toa Mangai (except Lhikan) and Kodan were killed by Eliminator's lightning-like energy blasts (and so can't be resuscitated in the Red Star). But there is also the fact that this confirmation was made after the validation of the entry =/
  7. They would simply stop using them : the Teridax from the Melting Alternative Universe don't use his Kraahkan and it always contains the Elemental Power of Shadow. I don't think. Shadow Leeches drain inner Light, not Elemental Light.
  8. +1 Furthermore, it's the inner Light of Takanuva which partially drained out of him, not the Elemental Power of Light of his mask. So, I don't understand why masks of The Shadow Takanuva group would be out of Light, because the logic who applies to Takanuva should remain the same: their inner light were drained, not the Elemental Light of their Avohkii. Consequently, all of these Avohkii should simply stayed Avohkii.
  9. I partially agree with this idea. In the first place, Plasma is already a less common element, as all secondary Elemental Powers compared to the six primary ones. Secondly, Gravity is the least represented of all, for its possibly dangerous repercussions as you said, -The Doctor- . But, even if Plasma is a dangerous element (as all BIONICLE elements according to theirs uses, BTW), it remains more contrallable and less destructive than Gravity (one of the four fundamental interactions in the universe, just that ). Don't forget that Ba-Toa can't absorb their element: if a Ba-Toa unleash a too powerful elemental attack, he should have to "spread out" the gravity energy for not to cause big damages. In this case, a Su-Toa would just have to absorb his element and the problem would be solved. For the "dobloon with Ta-Toa" argument, it's not an isolated case in BIONICLE, like with Stone/Earth, Lightning/Magnetism and even Fire/Ice as wrote Dorek (and theoretically, by inverting Vakama's exemple, a Toa of Ice might create fire by "absorbing" cold). And for the number of known Su-Toa, it's just due to a decision from GregF or/and the Story Team in my opinion: all additionals Toa from Serials or Books couldn't be all Su-Toa. The first Su-Toa, killed by Zaktan, was certainly a "gitf" for us (if I don't make a mistake, the fans asked to GregF to canonize the Bohrok-Kal Elements at that time, like Plasma), and the secondary was used for a pratical purpose: vaporized the Kojol's Antidermis. The fact that there is more Toa of Gravity than Toa of Plasma follows this logic: Gravity was always a popular element, so GregF used it more often. So, after all, I can't see real reasons so that Su-Matoran are rare as Ba-Matoran. The problem is that they contained both minerals I always thought that the difference was that those of the stones are structurally organized, contrary to those of the soils.
  10. It's possibly too late, but if I can make come more voters from Bionifigs (the French BIONICLE forum whose I'm part of it) here, would you agree to delay the end of the votes, Boidoh?
  11. Boidoh, can I ask you for a service? I've awkwardly clicked on the View Results button and my votes were lost. Can you count them for the final results? If it's possible, here are the masks for which I wanted to vote : Kadin, Kualsi, Volitak and Sanok.
  12. About Naho, when I had seen the addition of the Kakama for her Kanohi on BS01, I had imagined her to run at top speed, going trought the DH lines and reaching the nearby island of Metru Nui by running on the water, with the combination of her Elemental Power and her Kakama, during the Toa/DH War. That would have been able to be an amazing scene... It's a pity it's not finally (and not possibly) canon Otherwise, I voted for "No" and "I don't want to know": I really liked the idea that Naho would have been able to wear the Kakama, and I don't really see the others Toa wearing it.
  13. We arrive very clearly at the limit between canon and fan-made with these polls : 60~80 members's votes are enough to canonize elements (elements that GregF has never planned before in the case of the Toa Mangai, moreover) into a fictional universe, followed by millions of fans around the world? (you have four hours ) In my opinion, these polls are questionable on thier legitimacy, especially this one for the rushed way it was set up: it would be more serious and careful to make a poll for each Ko-Toa. The fact that you pick up the top 4 votes for their Kanohi will make that the decisions which will emanate from this poll will seem very random. The poll was lauched since one day. I think that it would be safe to reset it for manage the whole thing in a better way.
  14. Hm... The link leading to the donwload of the Farsthey Feed in the first post was expired. Have you an other link for this .zip, bonesiii ?
  15. I actually don't mind those sets at all. Granted, they don't look a thing like their Mata counterparts, but they have a cool factor to them. Also, plenty of useful pieces. It's true, but my criticism was well on their appearance as Toa Nuva : their adaptive masks remind me more masks or faces of OoMN's members, for example. Indeed, just as a simple sets or as heaps of pieces, they can be interesting ^^
  16. Certainly... The apparence of the Toa Nuva team in Karda Nui... Okay, they wear adaptive armor, but that doesn't justify their horrible look (in my opinion) and the fact that they don't resemble, even so slightly, to their shape of 2002. And Gali Mistika...T_T Awful sets.
  17. Unhesitatingly, my vote back to Gaardus for the same reasons as Flaredrick. We have the possibility to have a quality image for this character looks horrible on its officials visuals. We should take advantage
  18. 1) How did MU inhabitants react to dead corpses disparitions? What was their interpretation of that?2) I find it interesting, so I relies ^^"
  19. Thanks to Erebus and GregF to make this possible =DHere my questions :1- What happens to Toa Varian now that the Great Spirit Robot is out of service?2- How Onewa get the Chisel he gave to Takua in MNOLG?
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