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  1. Just enough internet to brag I summoned 4* Chrom and 5* LUCINA!!!
  2. Also yay homework is annoying and takes up too much of my week. :3 Tell me about it...
  3. My internet is toying with me ;_; I vote bob and Nato because I'm in a bad mood
  4. Ok, I missed a lot... I'll vote after class
  5. Changed Deial to civilian She can be transferred between the ship and Himitsu's tablet. I would make it other things but that would be a little overkill...
  6. Term breaks just about to start and no holiday homework. Might be a great time to come back to the forums again. Name: Himitsu Shedo ‘Himi’ Character Type: Civilian Abilities/Equipment: A simple pistol (licensed; does she need that?) and spare dagger. However, she uses her speed, flexibility and size to get through tricky situations through stealth. She also has a AI named Deial, who helps her with the ship (her bio beneath. Appearance: She has a small, stream-lined figure and crimson eyes. Her armour is mostly a dark grey, with murky-purple highlights. Bio: Himitsu travels around the galaxy. Her goal; create the most detailed map of each planet and their moons. She prefers being by herself but can hold a conversation… or at least seems to. Her jobs means she has contacts in a few places and knows about the latest news, information and rumours. She enjoys drawing, as well as listening and creating her own tunes. Name: Deial Character Type: Civilian Abilities/Equipment: Himitsu’s AI. She helps maintain the ship, but she mostly organises data and gathers intel from the web. Appearance: With small white horns and ruby eyes. Her body is that of a magenta humanoid dragon, but has a slightly intangible/translucent look. Bio: Was first created by Himitsu to help her with her job. Over time, she became more of a travel companion. The only being that Himitsu tolerates. Name: Laplace Ship Size: Small Pilots/PCs: Piloted by Himitsu with helps from Deial Communications: Through usual channels like emergency services, radio stations, etc Navigation & Drive: Top of the range navigational system to be updated with each of Himitsu’s newly made maps. Has possible auto pilot but is mostly manually piloted by either of the two. Weapons & Armour: Made out of a fairly strong metal and just as stream-lined as its owner. It’s best feature is it’s strong energy fields. Also equipped with a cloaking device, but it’s not used often since it only works when at a standstill. Propulsion: Travels at a moderate speed but can gun it for a few seconds is needed. Through many hours of training, Himi has learnt to use its speed and stream-lined body to pull off fast and smooth manoeuvres. Landing: It can land on most surfaces safely. Doesn’t land in swamps and water.
  7. I’m done with humanity...

  8. Well, now that I have successfully killed off life, I can finally start to be active(ish) on here again. And this is getting a fresh start too.
  9. Xaeraz is still Xaeraz and I love it
  10. I bring out a radio to listen to because everything is better with music.
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