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  1. "Really. This is why you summoned me?" These dudes, trained and given elemental powers by the big man Pohatu himself, protect Po-Koto while he's off on business. Skinny Asymmentry over there has a sword. He stabs. Bigmin Mac Widensteen on the other hand, has striker eureka capabilities in his chest and a big glove. We're safe.
  2. kopaka with a hat. kinda lame but your name is the best IN THE NAME OF KING GHIDORAH
  3. eyy yo roly i loved your art so much i made a setmod of pohatu in your style how well did i capture it in your opinion? http://www.bzpower.com/board/topic/16526-pohatu-2015-revamp-inspired-by-rolys-art/
  4. i think he's like an aboriginal shogun landsknecht, which is one heck of a combo more pics here >> https://www.flickr.com/photos/114035403@N02/sets/72157649926605422/ crits please! when I get more rust brown pieces i'm gonna do him over again in a more competent manner
  5. Why is people headcanon Gali as trans so offensive to you that you have to speak up against it? Also lol cis is default and terrible wording and language. cis, straight, asian, and male is the default mate that's the largest demographic on earth it's life man you shouldn't tell others to speak differently because MUH FEELANS be a vertebrate!
  6. if she's not trans that is oppression and i'm gonna be reeeeeaaaaaallllyyyyy loud on tumblr if she's not!!!!
  7. by the power invested in me by the state of maryland i close this thread this silly silly thread ps gali is a girl
  8. Thanks! I worked hard on the slum. I really hated how all matoran were portrayed as children all throughout Bionicle's first generation. Too idyllic. I came up with a way to make them "grow" from a childlike form to an adult form, explained here in this excerpt from the story I plugged in the OP. By "grow", I mean they reach a certain level of maturity after an unstated period of time, and then are given the opportunity to rebuild themselves as they see fit for their life, shedding their "post cryoshell" body and becoming a sort of parallel to an adult.
  9. Thanks! Here are some still gritty but less abstract pictures, hopefully you can make out the builds with these. *florp*
  10. I went out and took some pictures of the two protagonists of my story, Sacred Profane, and edited them to look like they were taken with a primitive Po-Koroan silver plate camera. Not much else to it. And some less *artsy* ones so you can make out the construction.
  11. ok i was trapped in an oil painting for a while but now i'm back, gonna update the story soon oh and i changed "toanga" to "tuakana" because toanga sounds dumb and tuakana is maori for "upper", and it's supposed to mean "upper-class"
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