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  1. Maybe if Bionicle isn't brought back they can come up with a different original constraction theme and I think they should make sets from my fanfiction FLYING ROBOT MANATEE. Do NOT bypass the filter. -B6
  2. I've been wondering if bionicle is returning in 2020 and what do you all think a continuation of g2 or a g3 would be like? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ay46-CffM-8
  3. I'm not saying all the sets should be packaged in canisters, but the main characters were back in g1 and I think that affect canisters had trickled down to non canister sets from bionicle and helped them sell or somethin' like that I guess
  4. I concur! I say we build a wall to stop those "enviro elites" from getting anywhere near our Bionicle and constraction. But seriously, Bionicle sets themselves were better than ever at the start of G2. While canisters would have made it extra nostalgic, they were far from necessary. The lack of their presence was not something that caused the theme's cancellation at all in my opinion. I'm sure you can build a wall with ccbs bones just like how you can do that with lego bricks
  5. I can them environmental elitists because that's what they are, they seem to not be bionicle/lego fans like you and me and seem to only care about if it'll affect their fake climate change/global warming plans. I'm aware most system sets price per piece ratio is 10-15 cents a piece and constraction is 15-20 cents a piece, but I'm saying compare the price per piece ratio of small and large sets from the 2000s to now. According to my strawpoll, a majority of fans or about 50-60% of them I think want canisters, 30% want boxes and less than 10% want bags. so canisters are the choice of the fandom! look at this chart!
  6. I noticed the price per piece ratio in sets back when I was a kid because it was a big deal when a set's piece count went up. Back then I remember titan sets like axonn had higher piece counts than the inika but he was short, but nowadays you can have a tall/big set, but have a lower piece count than many small or medium sized sets
  7. The enviromentalist elites are an interest group that's controlling lego it appears and I doubt environmentalists buy lego sets. The hexogontal boxes are better than the av matoran packaging and hf bags, but they're still no where near as great as g1's canisters What makes you think kids want normal looking boxes? G2 wasn't marketed at all, it was neglected. G2 being in boxes is one of the root causes of g2's demise Goals are nothing as long as they're able to have as much more assets than liabilities. A cardbaord canister is a terrible idea! You can't attach lego pieces to that. They're caring about the environment as a public relations strategy and nothing else. The real reason we don't got canisters is because they want to save money. Kids notice city, ninjago and speed champions because they either have tv shows, are heavily marketed or they notice it right away because it's lego. I noticed bionicle because it was packaged in canisters. The bigger sized sets in g1 sold well because they had better price per ratios than the canister sets, in g2 it's the opposite where small and medium sets have better value/price per piece ratio than bigger/titan sized sets. I agree that the mistika canisters were very hard to open and I almost damaged my fingers trying to open them, but maybe we can get canisters from 2001-2004 or maybe 2007 with it's cool lookin' aesthetic. I remember those dinosaur sets they had a lot of sand green and sand blue
  8. If kids love hexagonal boxes so much then why is g2 cancelled and why are so few lego themes using those types of boxes? G1 was cancelled after 10 years with canister, g2 was cancelled after 2 years and it was in boxes, clearly kids prefer canisters over boxes you smelly elitist! g2 didn't stand out the way it did back in the early 2000s. here's the difference between a bionicle set and some apple phone, bionicle's packaging was able to have actual lego pieces attached to it, it didn't cause things to get warped/bent like if they were in boxes/bags. people don't buy things solely on packaging, but it helps grab attention to that product and it's clear that's what g1 did for many fans including me. I work on logo and art designs at school too. like I've said before lego fans don't care that much about the environment, it's just way to make them look cool in front of the enviro elites who pretend to have tons of power, but are just control freaks Cardboard canisters are a TERRIBLE IDEA! the av-matoran packaging was terrible and was terrible in every way. if they brought back canisters I'd want them to be 100% solid plastic
  9. If the g2 boxes were so "cool looking" like you're claiming, then why is g2 cancelled and why is it that I saw so many kids not even notice bionicle at the store shelves? meanwhile I noticed them right away back in g1 thanks to those canisters. if bionicle was brought back again and they had the toa metru style of canister, would they do well? also lego should focus on making high quality products for people who actually buy their sets instead of bio degradable stuff that enviros won't buy but will feel good about
  10. I don't think lego really cares that much about their "carbon footprint" because it doesn't matter to them as long as their able to be profitable and I don't think a bunch of elitist environmentalists are a very big number of their sales or customers. Bionicle being in canisters made it different than many other themes, it helped it stand out and be a different type of lego and I'm aware that many themes around its time were also in canisters, but those such as dinosaurs and knights kingdom were very unusual lego themes on their own as well. I'm not saying they should bring back canisters just for nostalgia sake, I'm saying they should bring them back because it would help kids notice it at store shelves because I first noticed bionicle at my local pharmacy back in 2001 because of their canisters that you claim are so "evil" and so "environmentally dangerous" and so "bad carbon foot print" or whatever. The enviro elites can't get in the way of bionicle and constraction being great again!
  11. I'm wondering what would have prevented g2's end and also how kids could have noticed the sets on the shelves because it seems like g1 wasn't difficult to notice thanks to those canisters and it's how I first noticed bionicle so I'm wondering if that's a leading factor's in it's early death Here's my video discussing this topic: Video with inappropriate content removed. -B6
  12. At the end of my documentary "The Constraction Movie" it's going to show quotes from fans about how constraction has impacted their lives and I wonder how constraction has impacted your lives?
  13. I'm going to be making a constraction documentary called the constraction movie and if you've got any questions or want to discuss it then here's where you can discuss it. Or you can ask me about on my tumblr blog http://limeflavouredlibertarian24.tumblr.com/
  14. This topic is about discussing the things that I talk about in the LimeFlavoureddLibertarian24 PODCAST and suggestions for how it can be improved and also tips for how to make successful podcasts. If you want my to discuss a certain topic or issue then in future podcasts then please post it either in this topic or message me on tumblr tumblr blog http://limeflavouredlibertarian24.tumblr.com/ youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrDLjE2cnf9t3pgrXeuYCag/videos
  15. I'm wonder from the Toa Mata/Nuva/Masters/Uniters, which of the 6 original toa is your favourite? http://www.strawpoll.me/10906356
  16. I'm just curious, but what year of bionicle do the fans think is the best? http://www.strawpoll.me/10903947
  17. I wonder what bionicle fans think is the best bionicle movie http://www.strawpoll.me/10890843
  18. There's many people I know that love transparent pieces for mocs and other things and those that seem to hate them for being too colourful and fresh looking. So I'm wondering what the fans' overall view is of the use of transparent pieces in ccbs, constraction and bionicle in general. I made a strawpoll to get a concrete look at what the fans think of this issue/topic http://www.strawpoll.me/10887707
  19. The bionicle fandom and constraction in general seems to be at a cross roads as to what to think about bionicle getting cancelled. So I'm wondering what your first reaction was when you heard that bionicle was getting cancelled again. I also made a strawpoll to have some concrete evidence of what the fans think http://www.strawpoll.me/10881495
  20. Bionicle g2 just got cancelled and it's made be wonder what the fans predict will be it's successor and I'm doing this now because in a month or 2 it'll be leak season so I want your predictions http://www.strawpoll.me/10878192
  21. It didn't end properly. It got cancelled after 2 years when lego said it was going to be around for at least 3 years!
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