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  1. I have no idea what that is TPBM is reading this on a mobile device
  2. I pull out a candle to melt the end of the frayed rope, trapping you inside. I then take ownership of the rope and all its contents. My mask and over-sized, formerly frayed rope
  3. I write a scathing review of said play! my mask
  4. granted, but you waste them all on things that ended up making your life noticeably less enjoyable. I wish for a cupcake,, a vanilla cupcake with red icing
  5. Out comes something that should really have been censored. In goes some fries/chips
  6. "Traitors! Mutineers! I ought to have yo walk the plank for that!" Having been driven insane by the horror unleash upon me and my multiple deaths, I lurch back to the present. The only thing left of my shattered psyche is the desire for revenge against my velociraptor crew and the manic desire for the mask. So business as usual. In my frantic state I accidentally run over you and somehow end up with the mask. My mask
  7. I commission a time machine and use it to prevent the end of time and to switch out the mask that Triclops-Echo stole. I then start travelling through time with a band of pirate velociraptors. My mask and dinosaur-time-pirates
  8. Huh, didn't mean to do that. Either way, I blast you with an EMP weapon made from imagination, creativity, and a whole lot of duct-tape. It disables your temp. robot body and I take the mask from you, leave the factory, and watch as it returns to nonexistence. My mask
  9. I get bored of non-existence and force myself into existence through Onaku's powers. I then proceed to suplex you into the nearest nothing and steal the mask. My mask
  10. Oh it very well might have been. Got a bit of canon lockout and whatnot. That said I am not against having a complicated story, not one bit.
  11. I use my amazing bird-wrangling skills to stop your gukko half way there, steal the bird and mask, and fly off into the sunset. M mask and gukko-bird
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