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  1. My computer's too slow, so I could only get a max of 500 points. Still, yeah, the music's pretty sweet. ~
  2. It's called NoScript. I'll need to get that one. I already have Adblock, and that works great for blocking ads I don't want, but keeping ads someone theoretically would want.
  3. Wow! I wonder why that happened... Most Flash and picture ads are possible to be blocked by my browser plugin, but I can't get those pesky Google ones. You must have a cooler computer than mine. XD ~ Edit: 0_o I'm a fast replier. Must be my fast RSS reader. It was our internet provider having a problem loading images. We missed all the other pictures, but didn't mind being Google-ad-free.
  4. Wow! You're just as far in Diamond as I am! How soon till you post your friend code, do you think? ~ EDIT: Ugh. I hate it when the Fast Reply doesn't keep the line breaks.
  5. Just don't tell me the ending of TP. How exactly do they go about doing that? Does someone play the game and get to the end or something? I would imagine that they might have SOME kind of video showing the ending, and I don't think Nintendo would just ship out videos of the endings.
  6. Oh, really? I thought it all had been decided. >_< ~
  7. Great idea changing it to a garden blog! I'm sure a nice, calm enviroment will really help with popularity. I mean, who wouldn't like a blog themed as a flower garden and lots of pink? Also, I've seen all the seasons of Digimon, with the exception of the Savers episodes yet to be fan-subbed, and it is no longer a rumor Savers will be dubbed in English, as evidenced by Toei Animation's English page. The series will be called "Digimon: Data Squad," which will make a lot more sense than "Digimon Savers" to the American audience, IMO. Hmm. Tohma=Thomas. Creative change. ~
  8. Wow. Now that's bizzare. The first time my brother read this entry, he used a program to view it offline on his PDA! ~
  9. Wow! I can't wait! Hmm. "Shadows in the Sky" and "Swamp of Secrets," eh? *thinks up multiple theories about '08 location(s) instantly* ~
  10. You're not forgetting that March 14 is also Albert Einstein's birthday, are you? ~
  11. XD You are hilarious, Turakii! One quick note, though: I think you mean "Dihydrogen Monoxide," the chemical term for water. Also, I am currently working on my reply to your PM, so if you stay online, I should have it done in a few minutes. Never mind. I'll have to wait until at least tomorrow. ~
  12. Two degrees west of the pineapple tree. Only five easy payments of $19.95! Either George or Flashbulb. Depends on where the store owner left his keys. Most likely it's about alien phenomena. Thursday. $1.50 Their cat. I be good at algebra! ~
  13. Oh oes! I ca't believe the letter "" is goe! ow I ca't spell words like "ORAD" or "ecessities"! Oh well. I'll have to make do without it. That'll be easy! I just have to avoid "" completely! Uh oh, I do't kow may words without it. I probably should look it up. Note to Turakii (that was written before the letter n disappeared): I'm sorry I haven't replied to your PM for so long. I have only had a few minutes at a time to visit BZP and check news because of school finals and the like. Answering THAT PM will most likely take longer than that. After all of my finals and papers are all over, I'll try to reply. FYI, I'll check back here later to see if you edited this with a reply. ~ _ *Edits with reply.* Okay, that's good! I was afraid I had forgotten to send it. "THAT PM"? But anyways, you can wait until after you finish your finals and such before you answer, if you want. I won't mind. *edits with reply to the edit with reply* Yes, "THAT PM." Okay. Finals will still be a while because I'm slightly behind on a couple things, but probably won't last for more than a month. >.< Also, I noticed you found your "n"! Congrats! \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ Yet another edit: In case you didn't notice, I changed my signature to announce that you can now send PMs to me. Feel free to do so, Turakii!
  14. Funny poem! It totally describes me in the morning! Believe it or not, I woke up at 8:30 today, but didn't get enough sleep due to my falling asleep somewhere around 1:30. >.< ~ _
  15. THAT was funny! I love that song! I'm no good at coming up with extra lyrics, though. ~ _
  16. Hmm. Suspicious. It seem YOU have fallen to the plague, Turakii. First of all, Then, And finally, this post. QUARANTINE! Hey, I have a great idea! Let's force Turakii to live in a bubble! That should protect us! ~ _
  17. AUUGH! MY EYES! Too... Much... Gibberish... BTW, Turakii, did you get my PM about the Romeo and Juliet parody application? ~ _ Oh yeah, forgot to mention: Yes we did.
  18. Hmm. I wonder how LarryBoy feels about this... I would assume he's happy that at least it's not HIM that's being eaten. ~ _
  19. Yeah! Great idea! I guess now I have a reason to use my Favorites link to the bubblewrap! ~ _ There had to be a use for it someday.
  20. FINALLY! Someone on BZP I am SURE watches Digimon Savers. I noticed your Savers-themed side buttons, but I wasn't sure. What language do you watch them in? I'm stuck at episode 15 because of the English subbing team's missing member. >.< ~ _
  21. Wow! I wasn't expecting to be mentioned in a blog! Also, the honor should go to my brother, Michael (AKA Lerahk_Tamer), who took the pictures in the first place. It's also his cat. His name is Gary. I'm also glad I have the RSS feeds for yours and Turakii's blogs in my e-mail application, otherwise I might never have found out about this! Thanks again, _
  22. Bye Turakii! I'll reply to your PM when you get back, just to be safe. ~ _
  23. Avohkah Tamer

    July 1st

    I'd love to see lots of behind-the-scenes stuff like how ideas are formed, interviews with set designers, interview with you, and the list goes on! ~ _
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