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    I guess I just don't have the time to post a ton.

  2. lol. That's only because I usually don't have much to say. I was actually a frequent visitor of BZP within a week after the merge of BZCommunity and Kanohi Power, but I didn't have ANYTHING to say at that point.

  3. Wow, I can't wait to see the new art! Will there be any sort of artist introduction poster/interview like (I think) January, 2006? ~
  4. Feels like I'm wearing, nothing at all! Nothing at all! Nothing at all! ~ EDIT: Woah! I posted this less than a minute after you put this up! How did it take so long to process?
  5. Avohkah Tamer


    International Adventurer Is Cool? ~
  6. Wow, I can't wait! Who knew they'd make a movie ONLY about the PwDDA? *proceeds to not only circle, dot, and arrow January 4, but also tear it out and have the design used for a tattoo* ~
  7. Hmm, would you maybe like to have a one-on-one battle with me then? > No, seriously though. Mine is way lower level than yours, not hacked, not uber. I mainly want an excuse to have you on my Pal Pad. XD ~ EDIT: how on earth did I manage to forget my signoff? 0_o
  8. Dear Bill Gates, Thanks for giving me all that money for free. Don't worry, I won't tell anybody about that embarrassing photo of you at that Christmas Party anymore. Blackmailingly yours,
  9. Avohkah Tamer


    Happy birthday, Nikira! Be careful that you don't drop that cake while you're running around with it, I want some! =P Never realized I'm actually older than you, though. (turned 17 in August) I feel old. =P ~
  10. I CAN READ IT NOW!!!! =P You have an interesting (in a good way) handwriting style. Mine is all legible and boring... ~ the first to comment because of his RSS reader EDIT: Woah. What happened to my avatar? It just... died... You're hosting it, Turakii, do you know what happened? EDIT2: 0_o" After 5 refreshes, it seems to have reappeared.
  11. I could read all but the last few words! I'm proud of myself! =D ~
  12. "tigerlover" = me. I really like the system so far! Even though I don't like the preset message things, I'm glad they're there. We don't want MyLEGO Network turning into a clone of a certain well-known blogging site! =P ~
  13. Man, it stinks having no Messenger. I hope it will be restored soon! Also, am I the first one to notice the invisible message, Turakii? I would have thought people would have noticed by now. Hooray for RSS readers with no colored text! Also, go ahead and edit my message if you don't want the secret spoiled. Oh, yeah, what's the color code for the text? I've been looking everywhere, and yes, I tried your favorite color wheel page. ~ It's Ah, thanks! ... Mua ha ha! Now I know the secret to invisibility! ~ ◄ (redundant signoff)
  14. Eh, no post. That's fine. =P

  15. I bet you must have fun reading all these new theory topics now that the 2008 first release set pictures have surfaced! =P As of right now, I see you're "Viewing Topic: 2008 Theory". *presses F5 until I see a post*

  16. Wow, thanks, Turakii's mom! I'm in awe that such a great artist on BZP came on here and wished me a happy birthday!

  17. NEWS!!! My 17th birthday is NEXT WEEK, aka the 23rd. Wish me a happy birthday if you want. If you don't, I'll cry. *made you feel obligated again*

  18. Y'know, it's be real nice if someone visiting my profile would rate me, comment me, ask to be my friend, etc. Thanks in advance! *just made you feel obligated*


  19. The "click to interact" link doesn't work for you? I was the one who made it rain there in the first place! (Mua ha ha.) Actually, that option is supposed to be for meteorologists, but I stole Tom Skilling's username and password. MUDKIPZ PWN ~
  20. Well, at least you're lucky enough to have it at your Wal-Mart. The Wal-Mart that's closest to me is really big and really new, and I'm not in the middle of nowhere, but this particular Wal-Mart stocks it's shelves with new LEGO sets a month or two after the release date. It's weird, though. The other products all come in on the exact release date. I even got Pokemon Diamond about 2 days after its release. Just LEGO sets are late. Hmm. I smell conspiracy! *puts on aluminum-foil hat to stop the brain control waves* Don't worry about me, though. I'm lucky enough to have a birthday in August around the average time of summer set release dates, and a grandma who always buys us LEGO sets. Yay! If that plan doesn't work, there's always Target. ~ (the long commenter)
  21. Artistic "SKLILS"? Sign me up! =P ~
  22. Augh! Why on earth did you give Turakii the ability to PM again, admins? I thought I paid you off NOT to do that! ... Oh, wait, why am I posting this in Turakii's Blog if I don't want Turakii to know? Darn. I know! I'll distract her with these giant ellipses! ●●● ~
  23. Wow, the storyline is mapped all the way to 2011? That's great! I can't wait for the more complicated sets in 2008. I built one of the big towers from the 2006 playsets, and I just thought it was too flimsy and easy to build. Using creatively-placed small pieces in place of a big, bulky piece would be great. *gets in time machine out of impatience* ~
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