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  1. MATA NUI this is so cool!!! I'm totally HYPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Man, I hope I can get this for my birthday, it looks AWESOME!!!!
  2. Bionicle* instead of boinnkle... BUT it's really cool tho!
  3. Oh maybe you can see this: https://plus.google.com/photos/photo/102265329581505588520/6282397001752546722?sqid=114474728606412948277&ssid=7019f146-c8e5-485e-b254-7682af7cf6ea It's my entry by the way I hope you guys like it
  4. I made a thing, but I have no idea how I can show it to you guys
  5. Where can I find the new official Bionicle 2001 website?
  6. I feel like they have to give the Masks names, like G1
  7. WOT?! Canceling the sets??? NOOOOOO Holding a mask or a Toa feels like magic, and the functions and stuff make Bionicle awesome. I think that if it wants to be popular it has to be holdable. And combining a story with toys works perfectly, just lik G1. You can do what you want! The thing LEGO needs is good writers that can write a very complex and fascinating story, like some of us, so here's the thing WE have to do: send some mails to LEGO and ask for a more complex Bionicle storyline. Then BUY ALL YOU CAN to support Bionicle and show you appreciate the story and the sets, and TELL EVERYONE how awesome Bionicle is. That's how you make it popular.
  8. It's the only set I need until my 2015 collection is complete! I hope I win, cause when my collection is complete, I can do a stopmotion version of the episodes!
  9. I pay krekka to steal a krana and throw it at your face. Krekka's so dumb he throws it at your butt cause he can't see the difference. I decide to throw the krana myself and steal the mask.
  10. That is just... so freaking epic... I don't know if I'll find anything cooler than this. I feel so empty after seeing this... It just SO...FREAKING...AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!
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