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  1. --IC: Viis-- "With advice like that, if the bounty hunting business doesn't pick up, you could go into psychology."
  2. --IC: Viis-- "Gotcha. Maybe I was a bit too optimistic there."
  3. --IC: Viis-- "Let's hope that I can get at least competent with Unseen Fighting by then," Viis remarked drily.
  4. --IC: Gairu-- "Well..." Gairu racked his brains, trying to think of somewhere cool he could take his new teammates. "Hey, I heard there's a detective agency in town. Maybe we could get the guy there to transfer a few of his cases to us? I'm sure he'd be grateful that we lightened his load. Maybe."
  5. --IC: Viis-- Viis was intrigued. "A bounty hunter, eh?" she said. "Can't say I know too many of those. Though if what I've been hearing around is true, if all the baddies have gone to Ko-Koro, then bounty hunting isn't the safest or most profitable job at the moment. And I'm sure any sane person would avoid an entire city full of baddies, even if they are close to bankruptcy and need cash in their pockets. Unless they have a death wish. Then they'd probably go."
  6. --IC: Viis-- "How's that workin' out for you?"
  7. --IC: Viis-- "Maybe I'll do that," she replied. "Although, don't discount the possibility of your friend not bothering to teach me. I can be very persuasive when I choose to be." She made a motion, hopefully in the direction of the waiter, that indicated she needed a refill of hard cherry cola. After taking another bite of food, she said, "Enough about me, Thel. Tell me about yourself."
  8. Is anyone even still allowed to post a profile here anymore? I want to get into this game, because it sounds awesome, but since you're talking about the GM's disappearance, I don't know...
  9. "I don't want to guard the Mask of Life anymore. It's boring and, frankly, not that important. I think I'll take up improving my roller-blading skills instead." Bohrok (Any one will do.)
  10. --IC: Viis-- "Thanks," Viis said to the waiter. After a few seconds of groping around for her fork, she took a bite of the food. It was delicious; a tad spicy, but she liked spicy. "You wouldn't happen to know where I could find a mentor, or someone who knows projectile-throwing, would you?" she asked Thel. "Because I'm sure those are a bit easier to find than an Arthron."
  11. --IC: Gairu-- "Heh heh," Gairu chuckled. "I wouldn't necessarily say that there's horror involved in hanging with you guys. You're actually pretty awesome. In any case, where were you planning on going after this?"
  12. --IC: Gairu-- Gairu clinked his glass together with the others' and took a good long swig from it. Ah, that was good stuff. "So now that we've thwarted a bar fight and formed an alliance, what comes next?" he asked Kultax.
  13. "I'm totally cool with Brutaka's decision to betray the Order of Mata Nui." Speaking of which... Brutaka
  14. --IC: Gairu-- Gairu grinned. "I'm just messing with you. I don't want it to start again, either." The waiter came by with the bottle of bubbly and five glasses. Gairu filled them up and passed them to Kultax, Ayna, Biotron, and Konihi. Raising his own glass, he said, "Cheers, guys."
  15. "Know what? I don't need to get back to my old body." Rahaga Norik
  16. Spike Spiegel profile pic is best profile pic.

  17. --IC: Viis-- "What progress I have made is pitiful. Then again, it's only my first day practicing; I shouldn't expect to be good at it on my first day."
  18. --IC: Gairu-- "Innocent? I'd hardly say that you were innocent in that situation, Biotron. After all, your mouth did result in the orange-and-white guy attacking us."
  19. --IC: Viis-- "Yeah, it's sort of like a martial art," Viis answered. "It involves honing your senses so that you can sense where everything is. There's a lot more projectile-throwing than normal martial arts, though."
  20. --IC: Viis-- "Thanks," Viis replied. She was starting to like this guy. He seemed good-humored, which was a good thing to be when interacting with a sad-sack like her. A delicious smell greeted her nostrils. She heard Thel begin to eat. "That smells good. Hey waiter, I'll have what he's having," she called, gesturing to the dish Thel was tucking into.
  21. --IC: Gairu-- "Oh dear. She sounds like a handful. Though I can't say I blame her; I'd be pretty ticked, too, if my teammates abandoned me." Biotron chose that moment to join them. "HEY, you forgot meeeeee!" he squealed. "Of course we forgot you," Gairu retorted. "You didn't say whether you wanted a share of the bottle, so we just assumed you didn't want any and went on ahead."
  22. --IC: Viis-- "Funny enough that you mention an Arthron, Thel; I'm actually looking for one right now, and have been since I got out of the hospital. That'd make Unseen Fighting a whole lot easier." Viis took another glug of her hard cherry cola. "If you know where I can find one, that'd be swell." "As for what these are on my hands, they're just numbers. Nothing too important."
  23. --IC: Gairu-- As Gairu, Kultax, Konihi, and Ayna sat at the table, Gairu called out, "Hey waiter! I need a bottle of bubbly for five, if you please!" Turning to Kultax, he added, "And while you're at it, you can tell me all about this Betrii character I keep hearing you mention."
  24. --IC: Viis-- "Yes, I'm sure," Viis replied, a little snippier than she meant to. "I can't just sit around my house and do nothing now that I can't see. I want to do something with my life; something that I believe will positively impact the island. before the accident, that was science; now, it's Unseen Fighting." Her tone as she said these things revealed her determination to go through with her plans. "Although... I'm still not entirely sure about it," she continued.
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