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  1. IC: Long Hyan-Fei - Odaiba - Western Wilderness "Yes, after that speech!" Hyan-Fei huffs. "Training will help me take care of myself! And it'll help you with that, too; you should try it, silly." She tosses her head in exaggerated indignation at Kura's stifled laughs, before relaxing her posture and smiling too. Chand Kura is a silly Dasaka, she decides, but for the first time in a while, she decides that that's not such a bad thing for someone to be. It is also the first time in a while that anyone has called her admirable. Trying to hide it, she blushes behind her mask. "Thank you," she says quietly. Hyan-Fei lets out a shout of excitement as the fish she tempted earlier takes her bait. Hooking it with a mighty yank of her pole, she struggles to bring it in, but it puts up enough of a fight to pull her into the river after it. Several moments pass before she bursts back onto the riverbank with a laugh, holding her prize in her hands. For a moment, all thoughts of the mountain and the Dragons and the Spawns of Zakata are forgotten. For a moment, it feels like any regular summer afternoon on the Archipelago. OOC: @Palm
  2. IC: Long Hyan-Fei - Odaiba - Western Wilderness "Well, the first thing Long Hyan-Fei is going to do," she replies, bouncing her lure to try and attract a juicy-looking fish, "is catch lunch." "After that?" She shrugs. "When I'm ready, I'll go back to the mountain. But until then, I'll keep doing what I've been doing. I'll eat. I'll wander. I'll train myself." No reason why she should have to give up her lifestyle, even if the world has gone south. Did her Taajar ancestors abandon their ways every time disaster struck? No, they used their ways to survive and become better. That is what she will do, too. She nods, reaffirming her choice. OOC: @Palm
  3. IC: Long Hyan-Fei - Odaiba - Western Wilderness At Kura's comment, Hyan-Fei furrows her brow. "What do you mean, you're not sure?" she asks, a bit more rudely than intended. "You've had eight weeks to be sure, to make a plan. What will you do if you find more survivors? What will you do if you don't? What will you do if it turns out Odaiba isn't safe anywhere anymore? With Dragons and spined things running around, you can't afford to linger or say 'I don't know.' You'll end up with more of those." She points to Kura's bandaged ribs. "Those, and worse." She sits back, and with most of the bluster gone, finishes, "You're the only you you've got, you know. Go out of your way for others if you like, but you can't do that if you're not keeping yourself safe." OOC: @Palm
  4. IC: Long Hyan-Fei - Odaiba - Western Wilderness The fruit completely misses Hyan-Fei's hand and instead hits her lightly on the head; flushing a little, she chalks it up to a bad throw, not her own delayed reaction. This slight embarrassment is not enough to dampen the fruit's crispness and sweetness, however. Hyan-Fei munches contentedly on it as she listens to Kura. She likes that the other Dasaka is similarly brief about her family situation- it would be unwise to share overly personal information with someone you just met. She shrugs. "I'm not that amazed. Personally, I think the harder you try to avoid coming across nasty things, the more likely you are to actually come across them. How can I try to avoid something I didn't know existed until today?" She smiles as she continues, "As for how you found me, around here, wanderers have a tendency to bump into each other." Hyan-Fei's expression changes as she thinks about what she has heard today. "Did you have somewhere particular you wanted to go, or were you just running away in general?" she asks Kura. OOC: @Palm
  5. IC: Chiaki - Ta-Wahi - The Charred Forest Well, I wanted to get their attention. Now I've gotten what I want. Neither of them seem to be advancing menacingly on me, but they aren't approaching me with friendly intent either. Probably a wise decision- as I've said, it's become increasingly hard to tell who's aligned with who. Still, the shiny gray one's mention of checking snares takes a small weight off my nerves. Best let him know my intentions here are similarly non-threatening. "I might," I call back in response to the gray one's question of whether I need help. "You two are from the Koro, right? Am I still going in the right direction?" And then, after a pause, "What are you trying to snare, exactly? Everything seems... pretty dead already." OOC: @Razgriz @Geardirector
  6. IC: Long Hyan-Fei - Odaiba - Western Wilderness Hyan-Fei cringes a little at Kura's sudden shout, but she turns it into a self-satisfied kind of smile. "Yes, it's very good I wasn't there," she affirms. But at the second question, her back stiffens as she remembers exactly why she was not on the mountain. "I did not. Nobody I care to remember, anyway," she says curtly. She gives her fishing pole a yank; the sudden movement scares away a prospective catch, causing her to huff. Tossing her hook back into the river, she turns to face Kura again and asks, much more nicely, "Did you?" OOC: @Palm
  7. IC: Long Hyan-Fei - Odaiba - Western Wilderness Kneeling down on the bedroll next to Kura, Hyan-Fei retrieves several long strips of woven grass from her backpack, stirps she had been planning on using to bind her staff back together again. They are a sub-par substitute for actual bandages, but they are all she has, and they are better than nothing. She begins to wrap the strips around Kura's ribs, trying to be as gentle around the wound as possible, but occasionally fumbling. As she works, she listens to Kura's story, brow furrowing in equal parts concern and skepticism as she keeps talking. The way she describes them, these hunched over spined creatures that attacked the monastery sound suspiciously like... But the Spawns of Zakata are just children's fairy-tales, told by parents to their children in order to scare them into behaving themselves. There's no way they could actually have awoken alongside the Dragons. ... Right? Hyan-Fei looks at Kura's now covered wound. It is far too small and precise to have been delivered by a Dragon. Kura asking her name rouses her from her quiet rumination; she gives it. "Long Hyan-Fei," she says, swinging her legs back into the water and re-baiting her pole. "I hope you don't plan on going back to the mountain anytime soon, especially if you've gone eight weeks without a proper... well, proper anything." OOC: @Palm
  8. IC: Long Hyan-Fei - Odaiba - Western Wilderness "Hunched over spined things?" Hyan-Fei asks, tilting her head again. "I haven't the slightest idea what you're talking about. I haven't seen anything hunched over or spined since coming out here. And certainly not anything capable of doing that." She points at the injury Kura shows her before turning to fuss over her backpack and unroll the bedroll she keeps strapped to it. She then points to the bedroll. "You do need to rest; that looks like it still hurts. Sit. And tell me more about these things that hurt you." It is not a request. Nor is it a thing done purely out of the goodness of her heart. If some other nasty thing has arrived to trouble the Archipelago, she needs to know about it so that any chance encounter with it does not completely catch her by surprise. OOC: @Palm
  9. IC: Long Hyan-Fei - Odaiba - Western Wilderness Hyan-Fei doubts that Kura is really mostly healed, but she settles for quirking an eyebrow instead of vocalizing her thought. Instead, she turns to look in the direction Kura points and answers her question. "I haven't; the most I've seen is the occasional billow of smoke. I thought the Dragons might have all stayed in the mountain's skull. Have they really come as far out as here?" OOC: @Palm
  10. IC: Long Hyan-Fei - Odaiba - Western Wilderness Hyan-Fei notices the newcomer's wince of pain as she dismounts her Soko. At the claim of thinking to be the last one left in the world, she connects the dots and guesses that Kura was at ground zero of the Dragons awakening, and that she has been on the run ever since. Unconsciously, her previous brief apprehension leaves; some of the people caught up in that disaster managed to walk away alive after all. (Smugly, she thinks, Then how much of an apocalypse could it really have been?) She does not return Kura's introduction right away. Instead, she tosses her head and says, "Clearly, you're not the last one left, and it was very silly of you to think that, Chand Kura." A bit more politely, she continues, "It was also very silly of you to ride while you're hurt. You probably only made it worse. Do you need to rest?" OOC: @Palm
  11. IC: Long Hyan-Fei - Odaiba - Western Wilderness Barely ten minutes into fishing and something else happens to steal her attention again, although it is not as if her attention was easily anchored in the first place. Hyan-Fei looks up from her pole to find a slowly approaching Dasaka astride a Soko horse. Definitely a Chand- no one else would know how to ride a Soko and issue a Taajar greeting at the same time. She plants her pole into the soft dirt of the riverbank and rises to face the stranger, unsurprised- nomads have a habit of accidentally running into each other. "T'ull a'jaar," she says, returning both the greeting and the wave half-heartedly while scooting her backpack behind her with her foot. She alternates between facing the newcomer and glancing at her pole; if she catches something, hospitality dictates that she will share it. Of course, that would require not losing the catch. Not that she has a lot of experience in observing how Chand ride, but there seems to be something slightly off about the way the newcomer sits on her Soko. Hyan-Fei crosses her arms and tilts her head in an expression of curiosity. OOC: that'd be @Palm
  12. IC: Long Hyan-Fei - Odaiba - Western Wilderness She stands atop a tall, flat rock jutting from the river. Rolling hills reside on her side of it, white tightly clustered trees reside on the far side; she faces the trees now. The only sounds that reach her are the gentle rush of water and the occasional loud birdsong. She is alone, just as she likes it, or just as she thinks she likes it. Today she has decided to try quarterstaff forms on one leg; normal martial artists would consider this highly impractical. But she is no normal martial artist, and does not give a whit about impracticality. As slowly as she dares, which is not very slowly at all, Long Hyan-Fei lifts one foot off the rock and fights to regain her balance for several seconds. When she finally steadies, she raises her twice hastily-repaired quarterstaff to chest height and points one end toward the forest on the far side. She fights to keep all her concentration on the staff's golden end, but as usual, loses the fight almost immediately. Her gaze drifts upward to the plume of black smoke still visible over the treetops. Eight weeks it has been since the Dragons broke Koshiki's skull open, and eight weeks later the wound has shown no signs of healing anytime soon. Hyan-Fei's shoulders slump as her thoughts drift to the monastery on that mountain, to the Long monks who had to face the Dragons on their own. For the first time in a long time, she feels worry for those she previously would not have spared a positive thought. She wonders if she could have helped them at all. Those feelings leave her as she furrows her brow in haughty frustration. They made it perfectly clear that she was of no use to them even during the peaceful times, she reminds herself. Let them keep working it out with their precious discipline, see how far it gets them. Hyan-Fei returns to her previous stance with a fresh determination. As if putting on a display, even though no one else is around, she executes a windmill strike pattern, driving her staff left, down, right, up with an unrestrained strength. The upward blow has enough force behind it to fling the staff's broken end up into the air. Her eyes follow it, and she loses her balance in the process; she falls backwards off the rock and into the river with a cry and a loud splash, with the once again broken staff following her. It would seem that practice is over for today. Gathering the pieces of her staff with a huff, Hyan-Fei contents herself with fishing on the riverbank, feet in the water, hoping that a freshly caught dinner will lift her out of her newly fouled mood. OOC: open for interaction
  13. oh boy, another encyclopedia of lore i gotta read in order to make a new character lol. oh well. long past time for me to try my hand at making a dasaka anyway
  14. IC: Chiaki - Ta-Wahi - The Charred Forest I was right. The sound isn't coming from any Rahi at all; no beast could consciously step so carefully. The sound is coming from people, easily visible people whose brightly colored armor serves as the only real break-up in the endless graying monotony. They might be friendly, or they might be extremely unsubtle ne'er-do-wells- it's becoming increasingly hard to tell who's aligned with who nowadays. All that's certain is that they're coming from the direction I'm headed. Perhaps they could help me, or perhaps I could help them. Either way, best not to lower my guard just yet. Still keeping one hand on my jitte, I cup my mouth with the other one and make myself known to them. "Ho there! Slow going for you too?" OOC: that'd be @Razgriz @Geardirector and whoever else might be hanging out with jolek and zelvin
  15. IC: Chiaki - Ta-Wahi - The Charred Forest Even with a long way to travel, my going is slow. The necessary evil of climbing a tree every so often to check my direction doesn't help. But it doesn't bother me too much- at least I know that I'm still going in the right direction, and the journey will make arriving at the destination all the sweeter. The changes as I go along, however, do bother me. Perhaps it's because I'm in unfamiliar territory, but I find myself much more aware of the evolving environment I come across here than I was in Le-Koro. And it feels... off. The Charred Forest starts to smell ashier. What few sounds of wildlife there are suddenly grow quiet. Strange marks, X shapes of varying colors, appear on scattered tree trunks, probably meaning something to the people who explore here regularly, but only confusing me. And I get the distinct feeling that I should be watching where I step. I make my going even slower. Step by careful step, I inch my way closer to the borders of Ta-Koro, my senses working overtime. If any danger should present itself, I'll have to react quickly. Are my ears playing tricks on me? That... doesn't sound like any Rahi I know. And It sounds like it might be coming closer. My hand drops instinctively to my sash, where I keep my jitte, just in case...
  16. are you familiar with the concept of seasonal rot? the longer a thing goes on, the fewer fresh ideas the creative team has and the more mediocre that thing becomes as a result; if gone on long enough, the thing will eventually lose everything that made it special and will cease to attract new people to it. bionicle G1 was already going through seasonal rot around the time the decision was made to end it. allowing it to continue on and on for years like you so desperately want would invite so much more rot that, eventually, it would cease to become bionicle anymore. was bionicle G1's end the glorious final outing we thought it deserved? doubtful. but at least it got its plug pulled on a satisfactory narrative note and a final wave of sets. for something that was apparently making lego a fraction of its previous earnings at the time, that was extremely generous. the best stories are ones that are allowed to come to an ending, and i think it's long past time for you to put the book down.
  17. first post up. if y'all are stuck in the charred forest your local ronin toa of air (kinda) knows how to get back to civilization
  18. IC: Chiaki - Ta-Wahi - The Charred Forest I've been needing a more drastic change of scenery for a while, but it still catches me by surprise. I don't notice the increasing lack of color until all that surrounds me is a sea of never-ending grays and blacks, a harsh land whose scars still have not faded. The grass ceases swishing around my ankles; now, it crunches underfoot and with every whimper of a breeze that passes. Tall black husks of what once were trees cluster tightly together as if huddling for heat, groping at the sky with brittle fingers. There is little sound beyond what I make, a tense silence as if the land itself is on edge. It's easy to be saddened by the sight. To me, however, it only confirms what, until now, I've only had a vague idea about. This is the Charred Forest, which means I'm in Ta-Wahi, which means I've been travelling steadily northeast. If I keep going the way I have been, sooner or later I should reach Ta-Koro, which is exactly where I want to go. I've heard whispers and rumors from Le-Matoran on the border that this place is very easy to get lost in. To them I ask, are they not Le-Matoran? Can't they simply climb to the top of a tree and scan the area from up there? That's what I do now. Few branches split off of the burned trees, but those that do look strong enough to support my weight. I hoist myself up until the grays are gone and the horizon is so much clearer. The jungles behind me, the slopes of the volcano to my left, the coast to my right- I thank Mata Nui that he has allowed us to live in a land with such wondrous sights. And there, not far from the coast but not too close either, is the telltale orange glow and billowing smoke I'm looking for. Ta-Koro. I'm so close now. Feet back on the ground, I change direction slightly and press on. It's rough going- cracks, boulders, and small drop-offs plague my path- but I'm grateful for the change after dealing with marshes for so long. I feel better than I have in a long time. OOC: open for interaction
  19. R O N I N Name: Chiaki Species: Toa of Air Description: Chiaki is tall, even for a Toa of Air, with lean musculature that has slowly lost some of its mass over time. His armor, green and gray with silver highlights, sits a bit loosely on him as a result. He wears a conical straw hat atop his Kanohi Matatu- shaped like its Noble version- a single-strap backpack over his shoulder, and a dirty red sash around his waist. Gender: Male Powers: As a Toa of Air, Chiaki can create, control, and absorb air. He is also very athletic and nimble. Weapons/Equipment: *Electric Jitte- A pair of short, blunt weapons that generate electric shocks from their tips. *Kanohi Matatu- Great Mask of Telekinesis. Allows its user to move targets within their range of view by utilizing the power of thought. *Backpack- Contains a bedroll, canteen, inkwell, parchment rolls, pen, tome of mystic lore, a week's rations, widgets, and wooden flute. Weaknesses: Chiaki suffers from a terminal illness that has slowly worn away at his physical limits- his breath runs out faster, his blows lose their strength sooner, and his body becomes more fragile. Because of this, he is hesitant to engage in combat, and when he does, he often forgets his diminishing abilities and pushes himself beyond what he is actually capable of, leading to further injury. Alignment: Lawful neutral History: In Chiaki's village in Le-Wahi, anything and anyone related to the mystic arts and the supernatural was met with fear and loathing. It was extreme naivete on his part, then, that a Matoran Chiaki thought he could get away with visiting the Turaga witch who had recently set up shop nearby. Every day he visited the witch for tea, and in exchange for his company, she taught him how to divine the will of Mata Nui through observing the patterns of nature. When the other villagers found out what he was doing, they gang-pressed him into their plot to get rid of the witch for good by poisoning her tea, threatening him if he did not comply. Having formed a close friendship with the witch, Chiaki instead put the poison in his own tea, and it slowly began to ravage his body. Eventually the witch died and left Chiaki the things in her hut, including a Toa Stone that she hoped would help rid him of his sickness. While the transformation did improve his health in the short term, it did not completely get rid of the poison inside of him. The Toa Stone turned out to be the only thing he was able to keep his hands on- the other villagers burned the hut soon after, seeing it as an unwelcome remnant of the witch's "harmful" meddling in mysticism. Chiaki wholly blamed himself for this final disrespect and every other that the witch had had to endure, and left the village before he could be chased out. He journeyed on his own for a long time after, searching for someone who would welcome him and who he could make a truly positive impact on before he died. With all the strange and terrifying events on the horizon, his goal could very well be in sight. Personality/Traits: Although not as much of a talker as other Toa of Air, Chiaki is nonetheless jovial and easygoing, jesting with his expressions, gestures, or a well-placed word. His outward friendliness, however, hides a deep sadness and a habit of placing blame on himself, whether he is responsible or not. He tends to form attachments easily and hold onto them far past their breaking, out of a desperate desire to be part of something positive happening in someone's- anyone's- life. He is fascinated by mysticism and lore and will fill his tome with any snippets he comes across. L I T T L E R A G I N G D R A G O N Name: Long Hyan-Fei Species: Dasaka Description: Hyan-Fei's navy-blue armor is confined to her chest and shins, allowing her to show off her defined shoulders, biceps, and abs. She wears a pair of baggy, knee-length black trousers, a sash in Long red-orange around her waist, and a gold bracelet on each wrist and ankle. She forgoes any kind of footwear or handwear, although her knuckles are protected by small pieces of crystal. A single-strap backpack is slung over her shoulder. Gender: Female Caste/Clan: Menti caste, Long clan (Taajar culture) Powers: As a Menti of the Long clan, Hyan-Fei is trained in the Soulfire discipline, Dragon's Teeth refinement. Weapons/Equipment: *Quarterstaff- A wooden staff with weights at both ends. Currently broken. *Mask of Sensory Aptitude- Allows its user to enhance all five of their senses, as well as their sense of balance, to a high degree. *Backpack- Contains a bedroll, canteen, chopsticks, fishing pole, frying pan, jar of spices, reading scrolls, smoking pipe and tobacco, a week's rations, and widgets. Weaknesses: Hyan-Fei's fighting style and Menti skills are unrefined due to abandoning the Long monastery before completing her training. Her blow technique is sloppy, her countering is nonexistent, and her lack of foresight when applying Dragon's Teeth results in her tiring much quicker than a disciplined practitioner. As such, she tends to favor fighting with quarterstaffs, but she has an unfortunate tendency to shatter them in the middle of battle. Alignment: Chaotic good History: An impetuous girl sits in a monastery as well as a Po-Matoran sits in water. From an early age, Long Hyan-Fei was dissatisfied with her clan's spartan lifestyle and devotion to drilling rigid discipline into its youngsters' heads, discipline that she believed her Taajar ancestors lacked, but made up for with pure gumption. She insisted that she could become as skilled as any Long monk without their methods; her teachers insisted that she could never. One day she decided to prove them wrong. Hyan-Fei spent several years away from the monastery reveling in her Taajar roots- punching trees until her knuckles turned to crystal, picking fights with whatever wildlife she came across, cooking and eating wild game, and eventually making several traveling companions who shared her enthusiasm for the simple joys and hardships of being a nomad. Then the Dragons broke Koshiki's skull open, and her companions abandoned her to seek out and aid the families they left behind. Believing her own shortcomings were the reason they left, Hyan-Fei let herself grow wilder and more solitary, determined not to leave the wilderness until she became the best Long monk ever all on her own. As of late, however, her resolve to stay alone is wavering, and she may find new companions sooner than she expected. Personality/Traits: Hyan-Fei believes she can brute-force her way into being the best at everything she does on the first attempt; if she cannot, she will not bother to try again. Her short temper gets the better of her whenever those around her fail or point out her own failings, ironically preventing her first attempts from going well in the first place. Despite her claim that she does not want to rely on others, she is quick to accept help and do favors for those who give her a hand, dialing her abrasive attitude back significantly in doing so. Most of these favors involve cooking- it is one of her favorite things to do on the road.
  20. oh, this is back? time to hop in and actually contribute something meaningful this time around lol
  21. little late, but returning to classic cap for my fifth year

  22. might mess around and write bionicle fiction again idk

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