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  1. --IC: Hestala: The Wastes, somewhere between Cliffside and Tesara-- Her rival's call made Hestala pause in tugging on the corner of a particularly large sheet of steel plating. "Yeah, that'd be appreciated, dahling," she replied. "Could you give me a big, strong hand... rrrgh... with this sheet? Just this one." But in all honesty, it probably wasn't going to be just that one.
  2. --IC: Hestala: The Wastes, somewhere between Cliffside and Tesara-- As soon as the words had left the creature's mouth, Hestala wasted no time in gathering up many of the bones that had been knocked off of her rival's Rockoh in its crash. Bones counted as resources, right? They could be broken and crafted into weapons, or eaten in dire situations. Good source of calcium, bones. For good measure, she pulled out the horn that had gotten stuck in her Vista Baby's hull, revealing a nasty gap in between the steel panels. Steel panels... steel! Everybody could use some steel! Lots of things could be done with it. She didn't know what, exactly, but she knew that steel definitely counted as a resource. But she wouldn't give the creatures any steel from her ship, oh no no. Instead, she approached her rival's ship and began whacking away at it with her hooks, using the points to probe the gaps of the hull and pry off any loose panels. His ship was wrecked. He had no further need for it. So why let it go to waste?
  3. --IC: Bacchus: New Atero-- Bacchus clapped his hands together, and then clapped the small hold of his Horse with No Name closed. "Yes! Let's be off!" He was excited to begin really digging into this mystery! He straddled the seat of the skyfighter awkwardly and mimed a heroic pose, pointing off into the distance. "To the Arena!" he cried, temporarily unaware that he was pointing in the wrong direction. - - - --IC: Hestala: The Wastes, somewhere between Cliffside and Tesara-- The Vortixx woman paused mid-swing and lowered her hook as the lead Vorox (she guessed)... spoke? Asking for resources and supplies. Right away, she pointed at her rival. "Get your stuff from him, dahling, he has the better loot." This was, of course, not true, but her base greed refused to allow her to immediately give up any of her riches. If bad came to worse, then maybe she'd consider giving these... creatures a paltry sum.
  4. --IC: Hestala: The Wastes, somewhere between Cliffside and Tesara-- For all her boasting about taking home her rival's weapon, Hestala hadn't actually been able to get it completely off the ground, which would be pretty necessary if she wanted to get it into the Vista Baby at all. As such, when he suddenly came charging at her and she once again just barely managed to dance out of the way (though one of his horns almost caught on her gold chain), she let the axe fall heavily back onto the sand. And then the harsh buzzing finally reached her ears, and her eyes were met with flying Karzing Vorox. She blanched slightly at the sight and wanted to swear, but that would have been very unladylike. "Alright, dahling, you can keep your axe for now," she called to her rival as she gave her hooks an experimental swing. Their handles were of a medium length, so they should give her a decent range. Beginning to retreat back to the Vista Baby, she swung one of her hooks at the first one to get too close to her.
  5. --IC: Bacchus: New Atero-- "Juno! Right," Bacchus exclaimed, trying and failing to play off the fact that, up until then, he had not known the map dealers- Juno's- name. Quietly, he extended his hand for her to shake. "And I'm Bacchus, for future reference." - - - --IC: Hestala: The Wastes, somewhere between Cliffside and Tesara-- This fellow was being awfully polite about this whole situation. Perhaps he was only a big stupid cow when he was in the heat of battle? "What? You want this?" Hestala asked mockingly, holding the axe behind her at arms length, away from her rival's immediate reach. "This paltry little trinket? Look at those over there." She pointed with the axe to the dents and scars left in the Vista Baby's side hull, which exactly matched the shape and sixe of the axe and which subsequently could only have been produced by swinging it at the ship. "Those... deformities were left on my precious airship because you swung this around like a madman. Or mad cow. If I take it, then next time we meet- if there is a next time- I won't have to worry about you using it to wreck my ship again. You must understand, this is purely for insurance's sake, dahling."
  6. @Smudge8 ay lad, hestala took kane-oma's axe.
  7. yo i really need to get back to work on my epics, it's been a hot minute since i've updated either of them

  8. --IC: Hestala: The Wastes, somewhere between Cliffside and Tesara-- The Vortixx woman gave a condescending chuckle as she stepped off of her rival's wrist and proceeded to loot through the wreckage of his ship, casting glances back at him every so often to make sure that he didn't go anywhere. Just as he said, there was a sum of widgets stashed in the dashboard box; not as much as she would have liked, but enough to temporarily sate her until her next thieving opportunity. For good measure, she also snatched up a decorative bone that had been cast aside in the Rockoh's crash. Hestala was now done with her rival. She had stranded him in the middle of the Wastes and robbed him, albeit in a way that was a very far cry from her usual methods. That was all she could have really hoped to do with him; he was now useless to her. Best to let him go and just be done with him. Pocketing her loot, she went back to him and removed the remaining hook restraining him, but not before picking up the lovely axe that he had just left over there all alone. "All right, dahling, get up. No need for anything more between us; best we both get a move on." - - - --IC: Bacchus: New Atero-- "Forsooth!" Bacchus cried as the map dealer arrived at the rendezvous point. "Our third party member arrives!" From Kaenis' sudden shyness and the map dealer's expression (or about as much of an expression as he could discern behind her Volitak), it seemed as if introductions were in order. "Map dealer! This is Kaenis," he said, indicating his tall amphibian companion. "And Kaenis! This is, uh..." Indicating the map dealer, he suddenly realized that he had never asked for the latter's name, nor had he provided his to her. He felt slightly awkward.
  9. --IC: Bacchus: New Atero-- "It's for you!" the Rock Agori exclaimed as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. "The way you're colored, you're extremely likely to blend in with the sand or disappear in the haze when you're far away. With this on you, in case we ever get separated in the Wastes, I can just look for the spot of blue and think, 'oh, there you are!'" - - - --OOC:-- I didn't really have a specific wrist in mind for her to stomp on. I'll say that she stomped on his right one, leaving his left arm free to grab at her. --IC: Hestala: The Wastes, somewhere between Cliffside and Tesara-- Hestala just barely registered what was going on- her adversary had tugged free of her hook handle restraint and was now swiping at her leg- before dancing juuuuust enough out of the way to keep herself out of his grip. Though his fingers did brush rather heavily against her shin. In her movement, she took her foot off of his other wrist. Picking up the hook that had become dislodged, she stomped again on his wrist, this time the one that had been freed, and leaned forward, resting her elbows on her now-bent knee. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed some mysterious flapping shapes seeming to approach, but her main focus was on this naughty fellow. "Come on, dahling, don't be like that. Just give me all the widgets you have on your person and I'll leave you alone, okay?" It was rare for her to ask for permission to rob anyone, but then, her normal targets weren't usually paying too much proper attention to her.
  10. --IC: Bacchus: New Atero-- Bacchus put his bearded chin back between the crook of his forefinger and thumb for a moment. He could tell something was wrong with Kaenis, aside from the Hordika venom and the clear signs of physical exertion currently present on her. She seemed... hesitant to accept a third member of their traveling troupe. "Now don't you worry, Kaenis," he said, trying to make her feel a bit better. "You'll like this one, I'm sure of it." Perhaps a subject change was in order, to temporarily take their minds off of their future new arrival. "In the meantime, while we wait..." He untied one of the numerous blue bandannas from his right arm and offered it to Kaenis. "Here!"
  11. --IC: Bacchus: New Atero-- Thornax launcher? Check. Thornax fruits to launch with the launcher? Check. Kanoka Disks for the Horse's ventral launcher? Check. Paper and ink? Check. Spare pipeweed? Check. "... hi." Freshly returned traveling companion number one? Check. "Kaenis!" Bacchus exclaimed cheerfully. "Good news! And bad news. And other good news! The good news: I got us a map! The bad news: that map is still in the possession of the person I talked to about it. The other good news: said person is coming with us to the Arena! And she's been there before, too! So with our powers combined, we're sure to figure something out over there." - - - --IC: Hestala: The Wastes, somewhere between Cliffside and Tesara-- "I'm not talking about Cliffside paying for my 'crimes,' dahling," Hestala replied, making air quotes as she said "crimes." As far as she was concerned, what she did back in Cliffside wasn't crime. Was this fellow deliberately misunderstanding her? "I'm talking about you paying for your crime. The crime of damaging my precious Vista Baby. You may get out of this, but you won't get out of it with any of your money left." She noticed him straining against his makeshift restraints, and stomped on one of his wrists to get him to stop.
  12. out comes a tube of steroids. in go all the capital letters i don't use anymore.
  13. --IC: Bacchus: New Atero-- The Rock Agori suddenly found his stomach bubbling a bit unpleasantly as the other individual started to respond. He glanced into the bowl of his pipe; had he been smoking bad pipeweed today? No, because if he had, he would have started feeling much worse, much earlier today. The other individual's gaze had made him feel a bit off when they had first met; could a powerful gaze be another of their racial traits? He wanted to say yes. Then his stomach settled a bit, and the other individual agreed to come with him, offering her hand for him to shake. Bacchus practically clapped his own hands into hers, shaking vigorously. "100% agreed," he said. "You won't hardly see anything familiar with me and my pal around, I can promise you that. Now. I'm going to go meet my other friend by the notice board; you can go get yourself prepared and meet me there when you're done, and we'll all leave together, okay?" Internally, he was glad that now he didn't have to pay for a map, since its owner was coming with him. Without waiting for an answer, he turned and trundled off back to the notice board, where his Horse with No Name still waited faithfully for him. He began to rummage through his stashed belongings, making sure he had everything he needed for the journey ahead. --OOC:-- While he waits for his new mystery buddies, Bacchus is temporarily Open For Interaction, I guess. - - - --IC: Hestala: The Wastes, somewhere between Cliffside and Tesara-- "Oh!" the Vortixx exclaimed. "I did that? Absolutely not! I would never treat my own property so callously! You did that, dahling, you and your big stupid ship with those big stupid horns and that big stupid ramming! This is all your fault! If you had just left me alone, neither of us would be in this situation! I'd be off in Tesara having a lovely time..." Her whining stopped, and her tone returned to a more refined one as she glanced at the rival Rockoh's wreckage. "... and you'd still have a completely intact ship. "You do know that I fully intend for you to pay to have my Vista Baby fixed, don't you? I didn't put it in such a pitiful state; it would make no sense for me to pay to get it back into a proper one."
  14. --IC: Bacchus: New Atero-- "Well, clearly you're not that much of an expert, if you haven't been able to figure anything out of it," said Bacchus offhandedly, unaware of the insulting nature of his comment. He leaned in close, though, chin rested in the crook of his forefinger and thumb in either a gesture of interest or a mockery of a singular outdated internet phenomena. Most likely the former. "But what you said... you've been there before? You know things about it? Why don't you come with me and my friend, and we'll go there and put all our heads together? I'm sure with you two's past experience there, coupled with my... observational skills, we'll be able to find something of interest, and maybe solve the Beacon's mystery." - - - --IC: Hestala: The Wastes, somewhere between Cliffside and Tesara-- "Oh, do I, dahling?" growled Hestala, drawing her hooks from where they dangled on her hips and raising them high, as if to strike her dazed adversary. She brought them down, one at a time, as hard as she could... And buried their points in the sand, at an angle where the handles trapped his wrists as best they could between them and the sand. It was a makeshift form of restraining him, but she didn't have any handcuffs on her. Why would she? She wasn't a cop. "You have just as much to answer for as I do, maybe more. And you're going to stay there, and you're going to listen to me rant about it to you because I'm angry!" the Vortixx shouted, her tone of voice gradually changing from one of imperious anger to one reminiscent of an adolescent girl whining about not getting a new puppy or something similar. She punctuated her squealing with a petulant little stomp.
  15. --IC: Hestala: The Wastes, somewhere between Cliffside and Tesara-- A frustrated scream pierced the relative silence of the Wastes as Hestala found out just how bad the opposing pilot had damaged her Vista Baby. Much of the plating on the keel, and some on the port side, was crushed and dented horribly. One of the ramming horns was still stuck in the hull, dangling limply, while the other one had fallen off somewhere else. Internals seemed to be okay, though her front landing gear had made a much louder grinding noise than it usually did while deploying. A short distance away, she saw her rival lying spread-eagled and dazed next to his own crashed Rockoh. She didn't care about that, but she did care about him. More specifically, she cared about giving him a piece of her mind. Storming over to him, she would have been aware that he was a somewhat familiar face if she didn't immediately decide to drive her heel into his midsection. --OOC:-- I was beginning to wonder when that fella(?) watching our fight would show back up.
  16. --IC: Hestala: The Skies/Wastes, somewhere between Cliffside and Tesara-- As the Vista Baby descended, Hestala could hear even more clanking sounds hitting against her ship. She rolled her eyes angrily; hadn't this scullion already caused enough damage? Was he that determined to make as much as he could before he hit the ground? Every impact against the airship's hull was another thousand widgets she'd have to shell out to buff out the scratches and dents. Another thousand widgets her base avarice couldn't afford to give up. The interlocked ships drew nearer and nearer to the ground... closer... closer... There was a noticeable whump as the opposing Rockoh hit the sands. Then, a loud hiss as she dragged it heavily along the ground. And finally, a metallic rip as the weight was wedged off and the Vista Baby was no longer joined at the fuselage. Hestala was briefly gladdened, but then her countenance darkened again as she remembered the metallic rip. She trundled on for a few seconds more, away from where she had left the rival ship, and touched gently down, exiting her own ship so she could get a look at just how bad it was... - - - --IC: Bacchus: New Atero-- Bacchus' eyebrows shot up into his helmet in delight as the peddler pulled out just the map he was looking for! As he made to withdraw the widgets he had promised in exchange, he heard a question. One eyebrow came back down. Eh, it wouldn't hurt to tell just one more person about what he was doing; it wasn't like he was risking spilling top secret information. He didn't even really have much regular information to spill at the moment. "You know about the 'Beacon that beckons in the awaiting Arena'? That's what I'm gonna look into today, pal."
  17. thanks, fambase. also, just put an @ symbol right in front of the person you want to get the attention of.
  18. ay @Smudge8, you cool with me scraping kane-oma's ship off the vista baby?
  19. --IC: Bacchus: New Atero-- Bacchus knocked the dottle out of his pipe bowl as he took a moment to more closely observe the individual who had dropped their bag. (Vocal pitch indicative of a female gender. Hunched back and long limbs, traits of a race he is familiar with but whose name eludes him at the moment. Gaze that makes him slightly woozy. Almost entirely covered with dark cloth and armor, either as protection from the heat or because of high self-consciousness. Possibly both. Oddly-shaped Kanohi Volitak suggests plenty of sneaking around.) "I'm headin' to the Arena, friend," he declared after a second or two. "Got some mysteries over there that need solving. So if you'd got it, I'll take a map of the Arena and the surrounding areas, would it please ya." He reached into his other pocket and heard the familiar jangling of loose widgets.
  20. --IC: Bacchus: New Atero-- The rest of the grocery delivery went smoothly. Bacchus dropped off Kaenis' goods at her ship, got to have a good look at her ship while he was at it (Rockoh. Small. Outfitted for water landings. Scuffed and dented, definitely been a lot of places. Possibly not that fuel-efficient.), and now, true to his word, he was headed back to his Horse with No Name with a spring in his step, clues in his head, and a mission in his notebook. That mission was to get that map from the now-retreating individual with the giant sack. ... That sounded wrong. "What ho, neighborino?" he called to the individual, quickening his pace to catch up to them. "Mind if I bum one of those maps off of you? I'm kidding. I'll pay for it, of course. You take widgets? I got widgets." --OOC:-- Bacchus is now trying to get a map from Juno.
  21. --IC: Bacchus: New Atero-- A grin split Bacchus' stubbly face, and internally, he fist-pumped. A mystery-solving partner! he exclaimed mentally. He was finally starting to fall into the mold of those high-caliber sleuths! "Excellent!" he exclaimed out loud, accidentally trying to suck on his tongue instead of his pipe stem for a moment. "Here, I'll help you get your stuff back to your place first, then I'll grab my skyfighter and meet you back at the notice board in, say, ten minutes?" He stuck his notebook and pen back in his pocket and began struggling to re-stack and lift Kaenis' goods that he had spilled earlier.
  22. personally, i'd kill for an anime-style bionicle movie. i feel like all the "over-the-top weirdness that is somehow also extremely awesome" that bionicle is known for would translate really well to an anime style, seeing as a lot of anime also has over-the-top weirdness that is somehow also extremely awesome. if not an anime style movie, then at least a 2D-animated one that's also really stylized.
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