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  1. --IC: Hestala: Tesara-- "Oh, for-" Hestala muttered, completely unused to being ignored in this way. She pounded more emphatically on the door. "Do you like money?" she called to the apparently very grumpy individual in the building. "I have lots of it. You can have some, and whatever else you want, if you fix my airship." - - - --IC: Catina: Cliffside-- The needle stung slightly as it pierced his flesh, and the sensation of the thread drawing his flesh back together was strange. But it was not so uncomfortable as to draw protest. Catina sat still as the doctor did his work, and when the needle was taken away, he gently flexed his hands, testing the thread's strength. It held well. Catina made a movement in the doctor's direction, one of the few pieces of a sign language he had picked up on his travels. The gesture meant, "Thank you."
  2. --IC: Catina: Cliffside-- The doctor turned out to be much better at removing the bandages than Catina, and why shouldn't he be? Catina was more used to self-applied, quick-and-dirty treatments; professional medics were not widely available in the Wastes. He was not unused to pain, and accepted the doctor's need to stitch the more severe wounds closed with a simple nod. He would not make a sound. The strange plant creature uttered a word, causing the knight errant's eyes to dart reflexively to it. Now he was closer, he could see that it was hideous. - - - --IC: Hestala: Tesara-- Hestala clapped her hands excitedly. "You do?" she asked. "Oh, that's just excellent! See, this is why I hired you- you can be my guide in places I've never been. Lead the way, dahling."
  3. --IC: Catina: Cliffside-- Catina gratefully complied. He stood just inside the door and struggled to remove his poor bandaging, reopening some of the wounds in the process but allowing the Iron Glatorian easier access to them for treatment. He kept a wary eye on the plant-Agori monster still standing motionless in the office, in case it decided to try anything. If it did, he would pull Thunder Manibus out whether his hands were properly bandaged or not.
  4. --IC: Catina: Cliffside-- The Iron Glatorian had refused any service before the needs were even communicated. This was not a good sign in Catina's eyes. Even if the office were to be closed, would it really be so hard to quickly give a salve and a proper bandaging? The knight errant silently held his bloody hands out into the Iron Glatorian's view. He did not require so much time and effort; should he receive the service he needed, he would be on his way soon after. - - - --IC: Grank: New Atero-- It's about time to go, thinks I. No more do the people of the crafts district gather around the blacksmith's coals the way they used to. No more do they look at the red and the gold with wonder in their eyes. Such things have become commonplace here, and blacksmithing has lost the reverence it once held. New Atero has moved on, so it's time I did too, thinks I. If word can be trusted, there are other places that need hammer and tongs more than here, other places to gather ember and song in a blessing. Great Spirit knows I've exhausted all of that here. One last meal at home before I go, thinks I. The soup kitchen is an easy find, and the Matoran with the bowls is still quiet. I gives him a smile as he gives me the bowl, and take myself over to a quiet table. The soup is nothing special, but hot and filling it is. Normally I'd seek out company, but there's still much that needs to be though about before I leave. Like where shall I leave to, thinks I? What city has the most need of a friendly hammer or hymn? Word hasn't been clear on that, no sir; sounds things everywhere might be pear-shaped. --OOC:-- If anyone is still there, Grank is Open For Interaction in the New Atero soup kitchen.
  5. --IC: Bacchus: The Arena-- "Aw, what?!" the Rock Agori exclaimed in disappointment as the lights on the dais failed to light up in a new way. His theory had been torpedoed... but! He wasn't bummed out about it for too long. Part of being an investigator was, well, investigating different theories about things and seeing which one was the correct one. And it seemed like the giant woman had a theory of her own to share. Bacchus accepted his notebook back and observed the sketches that had been made on it, raising an eyebrow in intrigue as the giant woman explained her theory. "Hrmmm... if your 'three people from three places' theory is indeed correct, then we have two possible options for what place this symbol represents," he said, tapping the many-pointed star symbol after her. "That-" he pointed to the symbol of the Great Spirit Robot- "is where the Old Universe lay in the cosmos. And that-" he tapped the star symbol again- "is where Bota Magna lay. I think it's possible that this symbol could represent Bota Magna; in fact, I think that that's most likely." He tapped his chin with the stem of his pipe and turned his gaze skyward. "The only other option I can think of... though it is a bit far-fetched... is that it represents... the Red Star." - - - --IC: Catina: Cliffside-- After what felt like hours, though could have likely only been a few minutes, a throbbing pain roused Catina from his resting slumber. He awoke to look at his hands- the wounds on them ached, and the hasty bandages he had dressed them with had stuck fast. Were he to remove them, the scabs would be torn open again. His hands were his most important tool; if they were not whole, he could not use his weapons, forage for food and supplies, slay hostile beasts. Hasty bandages were only a temporary solution. He needed better healing. During his climb up into Cliffside, he had seen an alcove beneath the plateau with promising signage. The Glatorian removed his notice from the board he had rested under, straightened his pack, and set off to find a way down that did not involve any more harm to his hands. It took some minutes of exploring, but to his pleasure, he eventually discovered a set of stairs that led down. On the threshold, his hand went instinctively to Thunder Manibus' handle as a very large, very dirty, very ugly bird took off from the alcove. But it did not seem to have any interest in him, so he lowered his aching hand. He approached the ajar door and found behind it a prone Glatorian lying in a cart, and a strange creature that appeared to be some sort of mix between Agori and plant. He did not make a sound, but he found his hand going back to Thunder Manibus again. --OOC:-- Catina has found Arkis' office.
  6. --IC: Bacchus: The Arena-- Bacchus beamed as his friend came back to join the rest of the group. "Alright, here's the 411," he declared once he and Kaenis had returned to the dais. "Kaenis, Juno, come and stand up here with me. I've got a hypothesis. Three Virtues, three people, but those three people have to stand together under the Three Virtues to get more than just a pretty light show. I think. Maybe that's why nothing happened when just a random three of us stood on here. Giant woman!" he called after. "How are those sketches coming along? Find anything interesting?"
  7. i blame six kingdoms for skyrise stalling. i'm still very interested in playing in skyrise; it's just that between frequent real life events that need to be attended to and spending a long time waiting for replies to in-game stuff, there are periods when i just... can't post as much as i'd like to. what made me initially excited to play was the amount of player interaction i experienced at the start- i was interested when others were interested. the fellow players kept me going. and with the lack of player goings-on going on in skyrise lately, it's made it harder for me to contribute to the goings-on. tl;dr, more player interaction, more in-game action, is what i want to see. that's what brought me in in the first place.
  8. --IC: Hestala: Tesara-- With a gentle thump, the Vista Baby landed in a clear patch of land on the edge of the most populated part of town. "We're he~re," announced Hestala to Kane-Oma, releasing the control yoke and re-donning her pink-lensed aviators. "Shall we announce our presence?" The actual disembarking was a lot less dramatic than anticipated, consisting of not much more than the Vortixx woman strutting down the boarding ramp and waving her arms. She stopped her theatrics, however, once she got a good look at her surroundings. The rose tint did nothing to improve the veritable shambles that Tesara appeared to be in. It looked like someone had attacked the village earlier. Planting her hands on her hips, Hestala thought that Tesara might need a repairman more than she did... until her base selfishness drove that thought from her head. She did need a repairman, and she needed one now. She strutted into the streets, head turning left and right, keeping an eye out for any indication of a repairman- sign, presence of tools, whatever. - - - --IC: Bacchus: The Arena-- "Maybe not as much as I should, but that doesn't matter right now. What does matter is that I picked you to solve this mystery with me-" he pointed to the blue bandanna he had given her when they first met- "and I don't want to solve it without you! Come on, I want to try something." Bacchus made a gesture with his arm, beckoning her to follow him back to the dais. "... Please?"
  9. an ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain. a boeing 747's wingspan is longer than the wright brothers' first flight. right-handed people live, on average, nine years longer than left-handed people do. the hawaiian alphabet has only 12 letters. dartboards are made out of horse hairs. the only domestic animal not mentioned in the bible is the cat. if you bring a raccoon's head to the henniker, new hampshire town hall, you are entitled to receive ten cents from the town. a jiffy is the scientific name for 1/100th of a second. slugs have four noses.
  10. out comes a cat with x-ray vision in addition to night vision. in goes every terrible bionicle oc ever.
  11. this thing empty! y e e t! the empty thing hits you in the head, knocking you out. it's my mask now.
  12. nobody's brought up the original av-toran yet. hm. looking back on them, the av-toran were actually really bad. laughably short build times, flat torsos, limbs stuck in static poses, those terrible trans-clear head pieces with the awkward forward-sticking necks, and gray/black as an inescapable part of each one's color scheme. photok admittedly looked kind of neat, but the rest of them were mediocre at best. solek was the worst of the bunch. (creative opinion, i know.) dull white-and-gray color scheme, boring weapons, ugly mask, and every limb piece was that particularly ugly design with all the pin holes. i actually had the misfortune of owning him back when he first came out, and two of his limb sockets completely broke when i first put him together. i respectfully disagree with sybre about the agori. all of them were pretty neat. they all had cool helmets, interesting color schemes, head pieces that fixed the awkward neck problem, and in general they at least tried to have a little more variety than the av-toran, who were painfully boring.
  13. an experiment Character: NAME: "Call me Grank, everyone else does." SPECIES: "Onu-Matoran." GENDER: "What's that fancy word for 'woman' you folk use? Starts with an F..." POWERS: "The usual Onu-Matoran fare- vibration sensing, night vision, a little more strength than others. You know, things like that." GEAR: "Oh, what have we got in the old backpack?" Blacksmithing Tools- "Where'd I be without these? My trusty hammers, tongs, coal bucket, and water bucket." Lantern- "Lightstones are fine and all, but they can't hold a candle to an actual candle, har har. Except... this isn't a candle... Karz. Ruined that bit of wordplay." Notebook and Pen- "This here? This is where I keep all the stories, songs, poems I come across. I've almost run out of space." PERSONAL AIRCRAFT: "Ah, the First Collier. My pride and joy." ALLEGIANCE/ROLE: "New Atero will always be my first love, but it's no use staying there when the rest of the Wastes need to be forged back together. They could use a blacksmith like me." APPEARANCE: "You've got eyes, haven't you? But fine. Let's see... I'm not that tall, but then, most Onu-Matoran aren't. I'd end up looking just like the rest of them if it weren't for all this yellow armor on me; it looks just lovely against my natural black. Yellow's my favorite color, did you know that? Every yellow piece I wear, I made myself- even reshaped my Noble Pakari into what it looks like now. I don't mind all the scuffs and burn marks; you shouldn't, either." PERSONALITY: "Best part of being a blacksmith is I get to meet and talk to so many new folk, and hear their stories. I love stories. I was raised on them, and now I work for them. You want me to craft something for you? Tell me a story- long, short, it doesn't matter- and I'll only charge you just enough widgets to get by. In exchange, I'll tell you one while I craft your thing. Or I'll sing you a song, if you don't mind me sounding like nails in a bucket... or if you like a lot of fire metaphors. Oh! While we're on the subject, don't you dare disrespect the fire around me, else I'll chew you out. Fire's to be respected, y'hear? So are fathers. Don't badmouth your old men around me, either." BIO: "My father was a blacksmith. I watched him work constantly over his little fire in my youth, and when I was old enough, I worked over the fire with him. He would tell me such stories about what we would craft, almost like poetry. He had great reverence for the fire, my father did; he tried to instill into me his belief that it was a creature to be harnessed, a tool to be honed, a beautiful entity that could make as easily as it could unmake. I did not believe him, not at first. When he died, not so long ago, I watched the tall funeral fire dance across his body, singing its song of death and creation into the night, and it was then that I found he was absolutely right. The fire was beautiful, and I wanted to harness it like he had. Harness more of it. And the way to do that was to follow in his footsteps. His last project- the one he had not finished- was forging new plating for an old Rockoh he had been given. I finished it for him. In the past several years I finished it and more, turning it from a shell of a ship into a thing of flaming beauty, in memory of the stories of beauty my father told me over his little fire. The furnace fire I placed inside? Made from the coals of that little fire, and an ember stolen from his funeral pyre. And now, the time has come for me to take that fire of his and use it to bless the lives of the rest of the Wastes, just as it blessed mine." Aircraft: NAME: "The First Collier. Didn't you already ask me that?" MODEL: "It's an older circulation Rockoh. A much older circulation... not that you can tell." WEAPONRY: "I turned that blaster cannon into a flamethrower instead, and sharpened the wings. Took most of the other weapons off." CUSTOMIZATION: "Rockoh just aren't made for us smaller types, so I moved all the control mechanisms up higher- with some help, of course- and used all that new empty space as my own personal forge. Furnace, anvil, tool rack, it's all there. Makes her a bit heavier than most, but it's an easy sacrifice. The whole thing's heat-proofed, too, of course. Don't want the fire in her belly to end up where it don't belong." APPEARANCE: "Beautiful, isn't she? Beautiful and tall. Burnished gold at the front, fading into red fading into black, those four sweeping wings at the bottom, and it's so smooth. Not a dent or a scratch or a rough piece of protosteel on her... except for the ladder to the cockpit, I'm still working on that. I'm especially proud of that Kahu head I made as the figurehead, but I'm even prouder of the way I linked up my furnace to the booster engines. I can make them spit out a trail of fire if I want. It's a wonderful sight to see at night. Karz, she's a wonderful sight to see any time of the day."
  14. carapar is a himbo

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  15. --IC: Hestala: The Skies, just outside Tesara-- Kane-Oma... she liked that name. "Well, dahling-" she was still going to call him that, regardless of whether she knew his name or not- "you can start your new job right away. Watch my back down here in Tesara, would you? I hear it's awfully risky." In her haste to get away from the flying Vorox, she had put on enough speed to reach her original destination in a short amount of time. Tesara's foliage loomed before them through the cockpit of the Vista Baby, almost seeming to beckon them closer. The Vortixx woman put both hands back on the control yoke and eased the airship lower, searching for a place to set down and hopefully begin getting repairs. - - - --IC: Bacchus: The Arena-- "Not safe... with you? Whatever would make you say that? Is it because you're Hordika?" he asked, once again forgetting his filter. "Kaenis, if I thought that I wasn't safe with you around, I wouldn't have invited you to share a mystery with me. Karz, I wouldn't have offered to carry your groceries. I'm not worried for my safety around you, and you shouldn't be, either. And for the record, Hordika beings? Not the worst thing I've faced in my line of work." Bacchus was not usually this sincere, but this was one of the rare instances where he was.
  16. --IC: Hestala: The Skies, somewhere between Cliffside and Tesara-- Hestala shook her rival's hand, perhaps unintentionally holding it a few seconds after the shake had ended. "You'll forgive me, dahling," she said, "but so many men have chased after me that I've quite forgotten how to remember their names. And I'll need to remember yours if you're going to... stick around." She winked in a flirty manner. - - - --IC: Bacchus: The Arena-- The Rock Agori let out a single chuckle. "Of course I'm not safe. Have you seen the way that Drukann fellow keeps looking at me? I'm fairly sure he's plotting to wring my neck, throw me off a cliff, or both. But, what does that have to do with you?"
  17. --IC: Hestala: The Skies, somewhere between Cliffside and Tesara-- "Oh, believe me, dahling, if I ask you to hurt someone, they'll very much deserve it."
  18. --IC: Bacchus: The Arena-- "Kaenis!" Bacchus said excitedly as his companion revealed herself. "There you are! The dais is doing something funky with the lights on it, and I want you to help me figure something out about it!" He seemed momentarily oblivious to the fact that she was very visibly ashamed... but he was not. His expression changed from one of happiness to one of confusion and concern; his eyes switched from her, to the pillar, to the small fleet of ships they had rode in on, and to her again. Something resembling realization dawned on him. "Were you... trying to leave?" he asked. "Why?" - - - --IC: Hestala: The Skies, somewhere between Cliffside and Tesara-- "Oh, I'm not bad," said Hestala, stretching sensually. "I'm just built that way. "The arrangement is simple- you, Mister Big Strong Man, follow me around and keep me safe from any beasties or bugs that might want to hurt me... or you... or steal my stuff. In exchange, you'll get room and board- provided you pay to help me fix it, I'm not going to let you forget about that- and let's say... 30% of all profits." And in her head, she thought, And I'll get a big strong man to keep me safe... keep me company. Thieving's a lonely business.
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