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  1. I just shoot whoever currently has the mask with a gun. It's my mask now.
  2. --IC: Bacchus: New Atero-- Going briefly back to his work and trying to fix the blunder he had made (no easy task, considering he had written it with pen), Bacchus soon found himself in the shadow of the Skakdi woman who he had shouted at, and who still hadn't quieted down. Her voice rang loudly in his ears, but he tolerated the minor discomfort; he had had to deal with a lot worse before. Closing his notebook, he faced the Skakdi woman directly. "You could say that," he said, gesticulating with his hands as he began to ramble quickly. "Self-imposed homework, see? I'm hot on the trail of a mystery; three of them, in fact. And these three mysteries are so far the only ones that I haven't been able to solve in my entire career. Because I just started them. You wanna give me a hand, sweetie-pie? Well, you can do that by giving me some information, particularly pertaining to three very specific topics. Information in the form of answers to three questions." He held up a single finger as he ran through the questions. "One: what do you know about Varim and Barlow? Two: what do you know about the Arena? And three: what do you know about Aqua Magna? Any info, anything at all, would be very, very helpful."
  3. --IC: Hestala: The Skies, somewhere between Cliffside and Tesara-- Hm. Good. The opposing pilot began to pull away. With another push of the blue button, Hestala retracted the side ramp back into the Vista Baby, and pulled her control yoke so that, as the Rockoh rose, her airship rose faster. With the Vista Baby at a higher elevation, she flicked the lever that controlled the Skyblasters and aimed them at a downward angle; were she to fire, gravity would help propel them toward their target faster. - - - --IC: Bacchus: New Atero-- Almost done... Suddenly, a loud sound caused Bacchus to jolt. His hand unconsciously bolted from the parchment, resulting in his current pen stroke being ruined. His brows beetled in dissapointment, his head whirled to see where the noise had come from. The culprit was a large Skakdi woman yelling at someone... invisible?... and violently punching the air. A disturber of the peace. His frown deepened. Disturbing the peace was his job. "Would you mind keeping it down, sweetie-pie?" he called to her. The word please had not been in his vocabulary for some years now. "I'm in the middle of something." --OOC:-- Bacchus is shouting at Vrokdann.
  4. --IC: Hestala: The Skies, somewhere between Cliffside and Tesara-- "Whatever are you doing, dahling?" questioned Hestala in a mock-sweet tone as she watched the opposing pilot scrabble for a handhold on her side ramp. He might be able to find a handhold, what with the ridged texture of the ramp, but it would be a small handhold, and even if he managed to get up and onto it, there was still the fact that the side door was still closed. She gently drifted the Vista Baby to the side, intending to push away the Rockoh again. - - - --IC: Bacchus: New Atero-- Hm. The Indomitable was back in town. A lone Rock Agori shadowed his brow as his gaze lingered on the sky, and the massive bulk of the airship and its fleet that filled it up. While he could not say that he was particularly fond of it, he did possess a degree of respect for it, what it did, and what it represented. He wondered what might be going on up there, if there were any odd goings-on going on, any mysteries that might need solving. But even if there were, his bucket of bolts skyfighter couldn't get him up there for him to find out. He'd just have to stick with mysteries that were closer to the ground. Bacchus brought his eyes back down to the notice board before him, splattered here and there with numerous notices, announcements, and wanted posters. Those in particular caught his eye; three missing persons? All with money attached to them? While the one for Xaril already detailed why he was wanted, thus robbing any mystique from that situation, the one for information about Barlow and Varim was more tantalizing. He had heard vague mentions of these two drifting about, and wondered if he could not use what little concrete knowledge he had of them to his advantage. Maybe he might even solve the mystery of where they had gone while he was at it. (Of course, he was entirely unaware that, in some other corner of the Wastes, Barlow had already been found...) Scribbling down the information detailed on the posters in his notebook, Bacchus took a pull on his pipe and let the smoke drift up. He was about to exit the area of the notice board after one last scan, but he stopped, his eyes catching once more on something. Or rather, two somethings. The two odd missives, written by an unknown hand, about the Beacon and the Arena and the puzzle, and the diving bell on the shores of Aqua Magna. He tore them off of their corner of the notice board and pored over them, almost bringing his nose to them as he examined them very very closely. Abandoning the notice board without even putting up his own flier like he had first intended, he brought his new information over to his Horse with No Name, parked not far away from the board, and cracked open the writing desk and personal board that he kept in the front. Brushing away the stacks of loose papers, notes, and assorted stuff, he began to copy down the contents of the missives onto spare parchment, taking care to mimic the style of handwriting as best he could; that might be important later. --OOC:-- Getting involved in these mysteries was the sole reason I created this new guy. Bacchus is currently Open For Interaction by the New Atero notice board, if anyone is interested.
  5. Your fingers would remember their old strength better... if they grasped your sword.
  6. Character: NAME: Bacchus SPECIES: Rock Agori GENDER: Male POWERS: As an Agori, Bacchus possesses a natural aptitude for engineering and repair, as well as bodily hardiness and the ability to adapt well. GEAR: Thornax Launcher- A standard Thornax Launcher, accompanied by several overripe Thornax fruits.Pipe- A simple smoking pipe.Notebook and Pen- A leather-bound notebook and pen combo used for taking extensive notes. The notebook is filled with barely-legible handwriting that only Bacchus seems to be able to decipher.PERSONAL AIRCRAFT: The Horse with No Name ALLEGIANCE/ROLE: Bacchus hails from New Atero and works as a freelance sleuth. APPEARANCE: Bacchus appears rather a lot like a standard Rock Agori, with craggy black-and-gray armor, large hands and feet, and a black helmet with a backward-sweeping crest. His helmet lacks the customary tusked faceplate, however, allowing his heavy brow, uneven teeth, and bristly beard to be exposed. He does not do much to spice up his appearance beyond wearing five blue bandannas on his right arm, and a blue cloth pauldron over the same shoulder. PERSONALITY: Befitting his occupation, Bacchus is a very observant Agori. He is skilled in the arts of analysis, extrapolation, and connection; it is often said that he can read a room like a children's book. However, he doesn't exactly know what to do with every piece of information he finds, so he has a tendency to treat everything like a "clue" in his ongoing case. He likes to ramble on when he has an opportunity, and is fond of saying the word "Forsooth!" BIO: Bacchus had a fairly standard upbringing in New Atero, but surprisingly, his current curiosity was not present in his childhood. He always took things at face value and did not question the information he was fed by others. So it was for a long time, until his father's untimely death; his mother tried to instill in him that it was an accident, but the multiple stab wounds begged to differ. Bacchus ignored his mother's words and began a small, personal investigation of the circumstances, and came to play a part in the official capture of his father's murderer. With the realization that he could turn his newfound observational ability into a career, he entered the freelance sleuth racket and continued to develop his Sherlock-like skills over time. Currently, business is slow. Aircraft: NAME: The Horse with No Name MODEL: Skyfighter WEAPONRY: A Kanoka Disk Launcher mounted on the underside that launches Weakening disks, usually with a power level of 3-4. It must be manually reloaded. CUSTOMIZATION: The front opens up to reveal a small personal bulletin board and a writing space. APPEARANCE: The Horse with No Name is an older model of skyfighter, painted mostly black with a blue stripe running down the center of the front section. Its engines are not very powerful, only allowing it to get a few feet off the ground and go at a top speed of 30mph. It tends to kick up a lot of dust.
  7. It extends directly out from the side of the ship.
  8. --IC: Hestala: The Skies, somewhere between Cliffside and Tesara-- "Oh no no, dahling," said Hestala, again to the pilot of the Rockoh who couldn't hear her. "We can't have that; you'll scratch my paint." She hit the blue button, and the side ramp released. There was a hard clunk as it made contact with the side of the opposing, swerving ship, and a gentle grind as the ramp mechanisms labored against the resistance.
  9. --IC: Hestala: The Skies, somewhere between Cliffside and Tesara-- Hm. She hadn't been expecting that. But oh well, she would adapt. Hestala reversed the maneuver that had turned her around, re-positioning herself so that the cockpit of the Vista Baby faced the same direction she was traveling once again. On the horizon, the green bulk of Tesara had grown larger; she was making good time, and, bar any further complications during this flight, she should be there within the hour. But in order to make that time, she had to swat this fly that was annoying her. Flicking the lever again, she re-aimed the Skyblasters as far to the side as they would go, but again, did not immediately thumb the switch. Instead, she moved her hand to a blue button, that opened and closed the side ramp of the Vista Baby. If need be, she would press the button and bring the side ramp out, to push the pursuing Rockoh away.
  10. --IC: Hestala: The Skies, somewhere between Cliffside and Tesara-- Hestala frowned. She was sure that she would have gotten at least one hit on the Rockoh, but oh well. As the other ship's course changed, she kept her Skyblasters fixed on it, easily moving the lever to change their position but keeping her thumb off of the button. She would wait for the Rockoh to come very close before firing again; at a close range, she could almost guarantee something would get punctured.
  11. All it needs now is a cameo from John Cena and this could be that weird movie about surfing penguins.
  12. --IC: Hestala: The Skies, somewhere between Cliffside and Tesara-- "Wrong move, dahling," said Hestala. The comment was aimed at the opposing pilot, but naturally he was too far away to hear her. Flicking the lever to adjust the angle of her weapons, she thumbed the button. The Skyblasters roared as each one spit out two large spheres of solid light, sending a total of six projectiles hurtling hard and fast at the top and front of the rapidly approaching Rockoh. If they all hit their target, it was likely that they would deal a healthy amount of damage.
  13. --IC: Hestala: The Skies, somewhere between Cliffside and Tesara-- In response to the Rockoh's increase in speed, which began to close the gap between them, Hestala tossed another lever, this one with a button on top of it. With a clank and a whir, a hatch in the Vista Baby's nose opened and three large Midak Skyblasters emerged. They let out a menacing grind as they prepped for fire, ready to punch holes in the oncoming ship. Hestala wagged a pointer finger at the opposing pilot through her cockpit. The message was clear: don't come closer. Her thumb lowered onto the button on the lever, ready to press...
  14. --IC: Hestala: The Skies, somewhere between Cliffside and Tesara-- The sun also glinted off of something else in the air, something that showed up in the Vista Baby's rear view mirror. Hestala turned her gaze upward for a moment to see what it could be, and found a lump of an aircraft- a large Rockoh covered in bones- puttering along behind her a dozen meters away. If she didn't know any better, she would think that the Rockoh was just going in the same general direction as her. But she did know better. She had caught glimpses of this ship around Cliffside every so often. And there were no other airships around for this one to drift behind. The logical conclusion was that somebody from Cliffside had gotten it into their head to chase her down. Well, it had certainly taken them long enough. Throwing some levers and twirling her control yoke about, Hestala positioned the Vista Baby so that it continued along its current tragectory, but its cockpit faced the other way, behind her. This was to allow the pilot of the pursuing Rockoh to get a look at her directly, so she could taunt them a bit. The Vortixx woman put on a smug grin and waggled her fingers at the other ship's pilot in a flirty wave. She then stuck out her tongue a bit for good measure. --OOC:-- Hestala has noticed that Kane-Oma is following her.
  15. --IC: Hestala: The Skies, somewhere between Cliffside and Tesara-- The morning sun glinted merrily off of the polished exterior of the airship that trundled equally as merrily through the clear skies. To outsiders, it appeared to be nothing more than a regular, if kind of small, airship with a lovely lavender paint job. But to natives of Cliffside, it, and its pilot, had a rather nasty reputation. For this ship was none other than the partially infamous Vista Baby, badmouthed throughout that shanty town as nothing more than a mobile monument to its pilot's sins. Its pilot, Hestala the Vortixx, sat in her plush-upholstered pilot's seat, idly tugging her control yoke every so often with one hand and toying with a piece of jewelry with the other, and generally not giving a rip about what Cliffside thought of her precious Vista Baby. The bauble she was toying with, an intricately-carved silver bracelet, was one of the last pieces she had pilfered before her untimely departure. It might have been the breaking point, the thing that had set almost the entirety of Cliffside irreparably against her, and if it was, it was quite the overreaction over such a small little thing. She considered putting it on, but thought better of it at the last second and tossed it back onto the plush-upholstered seat next to her. Maybe later. She covered up a small yawn; in the interest of preserving her airship's immaculate waxing job from the day previous, she had had to make her great escape in the nighttime. As the sun's glint shone particularly brightly into her eyes, Hestala donned her pair of "pilot's goggles," which were really nothing more than a pair of pink-lensed aviators, also stolen. That cleared up her vision plenty, and she could focus again on her destination, just within sight on the horizon line: Tesara. She had always wanted to go to Tesara, and now, with the abandonment of that Cliffside ghetto, she finally had an excuse to. She smiled to herself as she thought of all the opportunities that might await her there. New sights to see. New people to meet. New crushes to develop. New stuff to steal. --OOC:-- Oh God, it's been too long since I've done one of these. Let me know if anything needs to be changed, or if I'm being too long-winded. It should go without saying, but Hestala is currently Open For Interaction in transit to Tesara.
  16. Why am I doing this again? Somebody stop me. ... Okay, nobody actually stop me. I actually want to bring this gal back. Character: NAME: Hestala SPECIES: Vortixx GENDER: Female POWERS: None GEAR: Hooks- A pair of medium-sized silver hooks with black handles. The blunt sides of the hooks are used about as much as the pointy sides.Money Bags- Pouches hanging from Hestala’s belt, containing several hundred widgets.PERSONAL AIRCRAFT: The Vista Baby ALLEGIANCE/ROLE: Hestala hails from Cliffside and works as a professional thief. APPEARANCE: Hestala is a tall, curvy, gray-skinned Vortixx with purple eyes and silver "hair" styled to resemble a ponytail held in place with ivory chopsticks. Sparsely-placed black armor leaves her biceps, thighs, and midsection bare, allowing her to show off her tattoos- angular purple designs on her arms and legs, and a shallow white crescent on her lower belly. A black velvet waist cape hangs from her belt, and a gold chain hangs from her neck. The claws on her fingers are painted white. PERSONALITY: First and foremost, Hestala is a Vortixx of expensive tastes, never settling for anything less than the highest quality furniture, jewelry, drinks, or lovers. She is very intelligent and creative, no doubt a necessity when coming up with new methods to steal from others in order to fund her lavish tastes. Lastly, she is a huge flirt and a terrible tease, calling everyone "dahling" regardless of their gender. Most of the time it's a ruse, but if she really likes her target, it may become genuine. BIO: Born to parents who weren't well-off monetarily, Hestala spent much of her childhood and early adulthood trying to find lucrative job opportunities for her and her family in an attempt to rectify their situation. After a string of failed attempts, she took to the streets in desperation and took up thievery, devising new and exciting ways to steal from others and eventually developing something of an addiction to it. This succeeded in increasing her parents' bank account, but by that time most, if not all, of Cliffside had it in for her. So Hestala packed up her riches and her airship and left, taking her greed to the rest of the world. Aircraft: NAME: The Vista Baby MODEL: Airship WEAPONRY: Three retractable Midak Skyblasters stored in the nose. CUSTOMIZATION: Heavily downsized to about 2/3 the size of a regular airship. Four small extra boosters that work in conjunction with the Chute Booster already installed. APPEARANCE: The Vista Baby is a small, but well-kept, airship with a polished lavender exterior and lavishly upholstered interior. Interior space has been downsized along with the rest of the ship, with most of the space being utilized for storing Hestala's riches. There is room inside for a pilot and three passengers, and in a special section of the airship, there is a soft bed built for two.
  17. At this point, lad, I think it's best to resign yourself to the fact that it's not gonna happen anytime soon.
  18. wow guys this really looks like it could be from bionicle wow guys it looks just like lewa nuva guys
  19. You have become so edgy that you cut yourself on all that edge and bleed out. It's my mask now.
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