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  1. IC: Karak - Tajun Outskirts She keeps on - I do too. The shade and moist air, even as slight a change as they are, cool my thorny temperament. The sprawling streets under the rocks align themselves akin to a granite jungle. I take heed not to become comfortable - to feel familiar in this alien land will lead to my early doom. I wait for her to perch her beast, so I may do the same. OOC: @Snelly@Techn0geist
  2. IC: Karak - Arrival in Tajun A city of crevices. Already the air feels less dry - though only by a slight. I slow. Already a crowd is beginning to build outside the subterranean settlement. How far Huracan would take me before I would have to disembark? A finger up, I attempt to signal Skyra somehow in front of me. She likely knows this place far better. OOC: @Snelly @Techn0geist
  3. IC: Karak - Something In The Way Our machines carry us away from the limits of this city, dust kicking up from our acceleration. The sand bites at the metal of my mask - Huracan mercifully provides protection for the rest of my body from the elements. Riding onwards, my eyes fall to Skyra's machine. Huracan's throaty growl dulls after some time. My mind wanders. These beings, they sit like grazing animals. They bicker over scraps - and yet a plague lays dormant at their doorstep. A bubbling volcano that will erupt, choke, and burn them all to death. They will not survive the Skrall. My people didn't. I have long since trained my mind to destroy thoughts of home. The sadness is already too much to bear, but the despair is more dangerous. If I let despair set in, I will be stopped dead in my tracks. I will be paralysed. Despair is a disease - and so instead I side with anger. For what else can truly be my ally, in a place like this? OOC: @Snelly@Techn0geist
  4. IC: Karak - Ready to roll Skyra went to her steed - and I to mine. I make fast strides. Skyra's use as convoy is necessary - yet I am still weary of the mystery man. The Agori language…like a labyrinth. Otherwise, he might be clearer still. It's no matter. Tajun waits. Little time has passed as I seat myself on Huracan's saddle. There's a guilty fondness I have of the machine. One of the few joys of the desert. The beast awakens. I guide it onward - it comes to a stop outside the Inn. My mask is donned. I signal Skyra with a nod. OOC: @Techn0geist @Snelly
  5. IC: Karak - Red Star Inn The energy's dislodged. I only catch a single word from the orange one - "Father". To me, it means nothing. Faces around shift and drop. The air feels cloudy. It stabs at me like brambles. Skyra returns my earlier sentiment - and so I watch for her look. Cargo is her first priority. Not mine. Any difficulty created is her burden. OOC: @oncertainty@Toru Nui@Techn0geist @Snelly
  6. IC: Karmine Madoc - In Combat (Iron Mahi Engine Room) She hits the ground long enough for the lightning to ease itself. Every muscle in your body is writhing and moaning at you, but your attention is entirely on the downed Sentinel, as your hand drifts down to unsheathe one of your swords yet again, raising it in your tingly palm. You roll your jaw - and smack yourself with your free hand. And then you bring the weapon down on the tether, eyes flashing gleefully. With your enhanced strength gained by your favoured mask... mixed with the adrenaline, you don't imagine it'll stand strong. OOC: @Krayzikk
  7. IC: Karak - Red Star Inn This quarry, there's more beyond the surface, I can tell - but for the moment, I care not. What does begin to set me off is the growing number of prying eyes. Leering, asking questions. Skyra's name is called - I've had enough. "I desire to leave." I speak quietly but without softness to Skyra. There is a storm gathering and I have no intention of being swept up - not when my goals lay so close. OOC: @Snelly@oncertainty @Techn0geist @Toru Nui
  8. IC: Karmine Madoc - Shocking, ain’t it? That smell… I’m clutching at my dead comrade‘s corpse, plucking at a rusty coin stuck in the centre of her forehead. Her charred cadaver stinks, the blue and white of her body smudged with red and black. Great Spirit, how long has she been laid like this? The trauma wakes you up like saltwater in the face. You feel the blood on your tongue boil as you loosen gravity on yourself enough to float upward just enough to get off the ground - but you still feel your skin begin to fry like Mahi steak. The pain is delicious, colours burst into your head and your ears scream at you like some ****** up opera. Of course, in your gorgeous agony you’re unable to keep focus on keeping the Sentinel up, and the force pulling her up is now gone, violently. Keep yourself awake just a bit longer, mate. OOC: @Krayzikk @Perp @Tarn
  9. IC: Karmine Madoc - Gunfight "Well, love, I have to say...you've forced my hand." The cackle erupts through your body, like a bullet in ricochet. You tug at the chain, friendly like. And then, you make eye (just the one) contact with the woman, before throwing other your hand upward, in a move to turn gravity's rules upside down on her. At worst, she's gonna be thrown off. At best, she's going to slammed into glorious shards of meat. OOC: @Krayzikk@Tarn
  10. IC: Ela Latos - En route to the ship "I suppose it's more of a question of permission to remind them of your approval. Should the need arise." She smirked. "But I shalt not undermine your command." She did ponder what Kiyaku had said - were there truly no outsiders in her homeland? She could only assume that Kiyaku's belief in her was enough for the others to follow suit. She didn't intend a show of skill to try and win their approval, too. "...The alcohol, back in your homeland. How is it?" OOC: @Krayzikk
  11. IC: Karmine Madoc - Recommended listening "Oh, well, that's alright, sorry. We came to have a gander and if there were any extra seats back here, it's quite crowded toda-" CRACK! CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK! The taste of blood trickles from your tongue. Loosen your karzin' bite, you'll finish up eating it at that rate. A tight, faint trail of smoke rises from the barrel of your tool of havoc. Don't dare lower it yet. OOC: @Perp@Krayzikk@Tarn Karmine shooting at the guard.
  12. IC: Karak - Red Star Inn A vein throbs atop my forehead. A song beat out by my very own pulse. My fingers reach and clasp around the glass holding my drink - nowhere near cold enough. A sip for placebo. Snapshot images splatter across my neurons. Some considered - not all. It is too hot in here. Huracan sits tantalizing in the back of my head. Leaving this instant, alone, I could make it to Tajun in good time - provided reliable directions were acquired. I want to. I want to so strongly the thought begins to transform itself into a need. They'd be away from their territory as I was. It was perfect. A bead of sweat arouses me from my strong delusion. "You lead me. With quarry." I speak to Skyra with something akin to a gasp. I wet my lips. OOC: @Snelly@Techn0geist
  13. IC: Karak - Red Star Inn My blood name earns a nod. The mention of Exhibition Matches - a pause. "...Tajun...has arena, yes?" The words come as I churn thoughts to fill an unquenchable thirst driving my next question. "Skrall…be there?" OOC: @Snelly@Techn0geist
  14. IC: Karak - Red Star Inn Maroon optics scan back, briefly. The small green one has successfully proved himself a non-threat. If they intend to pay, this is likely easy work. Selfish for me to interrupt. I blink again. "Tajun...there...what happens?" OOC: @Snelly@Techn0geist
  15. IC: Ela Latos - En route to the ship "Either suits me just fine." The Lesterin rolled her shoulders, seemingly still recovering from the exertion prior. She paused for but a moment. "Your crew...how are their attitudes to outsiders?" OOC: @Krayzikk
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