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  1. You!

    Happy birthday. :D

  2. Wow, GFC, that was kinda random (didn't recognize you at first). xD

    I have never heard of them, actually.

  3. E-mail Black Six (he's provided a contact email in the Forums Return story, at the bottom) - he's the only one that can deal with that.

  4. Lolwut : p

  5. Hee, that only happens if I'm posting rules, actually - I haven't had to post a one-post-only topic in a while. ;)

  6. Aw, well that's okay. :)

  7. Yup I am in Columbus. :) I'm gonna be at the Easton store opening, so I'm looking for BZers who are going to be there (found three so far) so I can take lots of pictures and maybe give stuff away. :o

  8. Lol,well that's okay. :)

  9. Lol saw it in Six's blog. :P

    Tis cool. Only asking cause I'm over by Columbus and I'm looking for people to come to the store opening in Easton at the end of the month. :o

  10. Whoawhoawhoa you are in Buckeye land, man?

    WHEEERE? :o

  11. Well hey, glad to see you are finally on BZ. :)

  12. Alright, just sent you Chp. 1. I should have Chapter Two done a couple days after the holiday tomorrow. :)

  13. Mkay, got most of them done but Audactiy crashed on me on the last couple and hasn't been re-loading (comp went a little nuts), so I shall finish those up tomorrow after my comp's had some cooldown time. :)

  14. Heehee, kay, I told him. ;D

  15. Not a problem, I should have them in tomorrow. :)

  16. Awesome! :D Thank you kindly.

  17. Regardless of the circumstances, discussion of banned members is still prohibited, guys. Talk stops now.

  18. Haha, it's the least I could do. :) Amazing story and a really unique project.

  19. Busybusy. Lots of stuff to do, not much time. :(

    How about you?

  20. Just sent the second clip - thank you. ^^

  21. Well hello! :)

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