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  1. mkay. :) I'l have to split it into two different mp3s - my email can't send individual files of more than a certain filesize - but I'll have them to you either today or tomorrow.

  2. And did you want specifically Tachi lines or does it not matter?

    I apologize for asking so many questions. xD;

  3. Any specific parts, or do you want me to just pick something myself? :)

    Also, time limit?

  4. Thank you kindly. ^^

  5. I agree, though. D:


  6. *hugback* Aw, thanks. ^^

  7. Hey there. :)

  8. ah!

    It all makes perfect sense now.


  9. You also said "too", which implied I said the same thing. Which I didn't. ;P

  10. I didn't say 'you', it was an exclamation. :P

  11. Well, thank you very much for the kind words. :D

  12. Sorta. That's for me to know and for you to find out. ;)

  13. No.

    Tea does nothing but give me a headache.

  14. Killed my legs yesterday in the gym - I'm feeling it today. I also am not enjoying staircases.

    I need to draw more often as well. xD

  15. Well yeah, he's my boyfriend. xP

    I'm sorry I don't talk to you anymore. :(

  16. School. Hanging out with friends and talking to Smeag. Patrolling Comedies all the time.

    Not much else, unfortunately. :P

  17. Hi there. : )

  18. I know. ^^; Tried to get back into the BZPRPG in the fall but totally failed. xDDDD


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