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  1. Well, it's whenever Sunday is. Next Sunday is the 2nd of April... Dooh, let me talk to Var.

  2. Sorry, we recording right before you PMed me back >.

  3. Those eyes... They stare into my soul ;_;

  4. Welcome, but we are far from done.

  5. I want to talk to you on YIM now. I am sick of you harassing me.

  6. If you continue to spam my profile I shall report you to staff.

  7. We've planned for the 30th of this month.

  8. Thanks! I just hope we both have fun =D

  9. Zippy, please don't scare the astronots :P

  10. Grand. If that's the case, I'm staying in the team.

  11. It is the ONLY best. It counteracts it's self, making that another sign of insanity :P

  12. No, SPAM is spam. That was me eating :P

  13. *begins nomming your brains*

  14. No no no, I wish to talk to you about something else.

  15. It's pointless to me, and annoying. Could we talk over MSN, please?

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