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  1. Thank you all! Happy New Year to you all as well!

  2. Hmm, nope. That is not the good stuff. Not the kind I use. Not good stuff.

  3. XD Well, Gavla, tell me what kind it is. There is a kind that is good.

  4. Dlakii, if I did not know of the delete botton you would see some noob spaming here :P

  5. Thank you! Happy thanksgiving to you to!

  6. Well, I drink the juice too.

  7. Someone who knows what I think! :D I have only eaten mangosteen once, but they were frozen and thawed.

  8. *clicks it*

    *nothing happens*

    Oh, yeah, copy THEN paste!

  9. It ends when the movie starts.

  10. Ahh, not a cure, just something that will help it.

  11. Thanks, but for me, it's not so happy :(

  12. I will send them in good time.

    I am ok. Sadly, my only Kongu Mahri brock :(


  13. I am doomed at playing Lewa :P You I think would be better! And awsome ABB!

  14. I know him. Thats why he is here. AWAY FAR JB!

  15. Relient K I guess. I don't lisien to those.

  16. I don't like you "kidding" about putting me on your block list.

    Don't to it.

  17. @ Dlakii: Hello!

    @ Johnuva: XD He will eat it in a sec!

  18. Thanks JM! And Res...

    *grabs Res, takes him to a tank, throws him in where Paraná eat him in ten seconds*

    I said mangosteen. Man, pepole don't Listen...

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