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    I'm back after a long absence. I'm currently looking at this shiny new forum and wondering where the heck everyone I knew is. Why I remember in my day, this forum was...

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    Oh..wha? You want to know about me? I'm a fan of sci-fi, I'm a big trans-humanist and an atheist. I've also taken a shot at writing fiction now and then. I failed for the most part. I'm a big history buff and I'd have to say the mongols are my favorite subject.

    Now, as I was saying...back in the day....

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  1. An announcement. The time has come for BZP and I to part ways. I'll be stepping down as a judge, and I'll be leaving any RPGs I am currently a member of. This has been coming for awhile now, figured I might as well make it official. Regards.
  2. IC (Leon} "I'm not boring." Leon mumbled his comeback. Almost like he was afraid Jenna would hear it.
  3. IC (Leon) Leon, as was his custom, had moved off the the side and done his level best to shrink in on himself, less Jenna remember his existence and hock his smartphone to passersby for travel money. Or pull his ponytail to wake Luke up. Or.... He registered the question just as he was moving down the list of reasons for his possible PTSD. "Uh." Burgers did sound nice....but he didn't trust anything that he hadn't hunted himself. Or at least that someone trustworthy hadn't hunted. Trust was what had gotten him into the shitshow that was MACE. "Uh. Deer would be nice actually." It came out more as a mumble then anything else. "And...you have springwater here or anything?" Springwater would be nice. Was always refreshing. ...He really didn't know why Jenna called him boring.
  4. IC (Lucia) "Ah." Lucia's faced turned sympathetic. "I take it you didn't have much choice in the matter then? I...." The time displaced roman sighed. "I do not normally do this, you understand. But...in an age of wonders...well, perhaps I can find it in my merchant's soul to do a favor for one in dire straits." Lucia moved out from behind her counter, and strode towards a set of doors in the side of the room. "I keep the better part of the collection in the back you see. Can't have anyone waltzing in and trying to pocket them. Learned that lesson after someone touched the wrong book. Nearly got us killed." Lucia's voice became positively frosty. "And damaged part of my collection at that."
  5. IC (Lucia) Lucia smiled slightly, a bit of pride of sparkling in her eyes. "I know many things.The outer darkness. The gods of old. Old lore on the wolfkin and the bloodkin...." She paused, and suddenly a bright smile split her face "Of course, compared to some of the wonders this age, they pale in comparison." He gestured proud at the collection of model airplanes placed around the shop. "Truly. An age of wonders." "As for your...condition. What languages do you speak? I have translations....if need be."
  6. IC (Alecto Kava) "They JUMPED on i-" "I mean, it was more like...bouncing." "BOUNCI-" Alecto cut himself off and when he spoke again, there was marginally less indignant outrage in his voice. "Oh. Right. The number. Well. Connections. Don't use cell towers. They're bad for your health. You didn't leave a number, and like ###### was I gonna go through whatever automated system your IT department rigged up when they're weren't getting shot at." The mercenary had strolled over to one of the window's in the meantime, contemplating, not for the first time, the small spiderweb of cracks it had been developing since the attack. He was morbidly curious about how long it would take to shatter completely. He had his money on another month. Maybe two. Less if they got heavy rains. "Look I...." A pause. "Just make sure no else jumps on your arm alright? First time was free, but this isn't Canada." "I mean, it's close. I can see the border from my dorm window." "....God. You people really are hard up aren't you?" You should have been here for the moose attacks." "....You went from that wide-eyed puppydog who limped into my apartment to channeling your twin in two seconds. You guys have some sort of freaky mind-meld since you clipped your wings?" "I...I hope not." "....Right." He'd hit a sensitive spot there. Some part of him told him he'd found a vulnerability-go for the goddamn jugular, end this mistake, teach the idiot a valuable goddamn lesson on how the world worked. Alecto almost nodded to himself. He'd be doing the other mutant a favor really. It'd....That was...yeah, this remained a massive massive mistake. And yet, he continued to dig his own grave. Alecto sighed. "Lemme try this again. I know you weren't in the...best place when we talked, yeah? Now I'm not gonna take back anything I said, and I still think this world is gonna screw you. But... I'm...look, I'm not out to make things any worse for you. You ever need patching up...you...well, feel free to stop by. Or call." This was pathetic. He was pathetic. Since when did a resemblance to a kicked puppy qualify anyone for charity in his book? "Heyyy, what do you know. You're not as bad as you think." Dallas' stomach growled, and he remembered that his breakfast was getting cold on the table behind him with a start. "I should get back to my friends. Thanks for the thought, Alecto. I hope you have a good day." "And a happy go to ###### to you too. Good luck. And this counts for the drink I owe you." "Probably for the best. I'm carded a lot." "Mindmeld." "Ewww." Alecto's wings flared briefly, for a reason he couldn't readily identify. "Anyway. Before I go.Try not to let your friends ###### you up anymore then you already are. And if it gets out I'm doing a charity case, well, I know where you live and I'm sadistic and creative. Buh-bye now." "Ewwwwwwww. Take care." And just like that, the biggest mistake he'd made in recent memory was over. The ###### was wrong with him.
  7. IC (Alecto Kava) The bat-bewinged mercenary briefly considered just hanging up. This was dumb idea. A real dumb idea. It'd just give the kid some more stupid ideas about how man cared about his fellow man on some deep abstract level, and that'd just lead to him getting his arm broke again, ###### maybe someone would break his legs next time, complete the picture. He should just hang up. Alecto's brow furrowed, as how much of a mistake this was sank in. "Uh. Hello. I'm the guy who fixed your arm. Kava. You know. The one who owes you victory vodka. I just...." Yeah. This was going to be a disaster, no reason not to hang up.It wasn't too late to end this parade of mistakes right here. Instead Alecto grimaced...or attempted to at least, his lips curved slightly upwards in an expression that looked downright alien on the cynical merc's face. "Just calling to check up on it. Make sure someone didn't do something stupid and break it even more then it already was." ...He was an idiot.
  8. iC (Alecto Kava) So it turned out preparing for the Hellfire Gala hadn't been as hard as he thought. He'd found the Nevada Syndicate suit easy enough, lodge somewhere in the back of the closet he'd stuffed with suits from his "all business" phase (it'd been...short lived to say the least). Then it had just been a matter of calling up some of the boys at the agency for tips on what drinks to avoid, who was who and the floorplan. Easy enough to do, considering how well he paid. Evidently the Hellfire Club had a thing for twins and bars manned by them. And water slides. And these were some of the richest people in the world. He didn't know if that made him want to laugh or cry. It was like giving a bunch of kids a million bucks and letting them run wild in a candy store. Still. This was a big opportunity, the fact his possible employers were of questionable sanity and maturity was irrelevant next to the possible paycheck. He'd river dance down Wallstreet in gold pants for enough money. But that was all besides the point. Research was done. Wardrobe selected. Dishes meticulously not cleaned. Which meant all Alecto had to do was sprawl out on the couch and look at the assorted old-as-###### junk he'd dug out of his closet wrestling up that syndicate suit. Currently this mean boggling at how much of an idiot he was as a kid-as evidenced by a picture of the family vacation to Paris. Standing on top of the ###### Effiel Tower, stupidass smile on his face, somehow forgetting the black eye he'd gotten a week earlier in school, hanging off the ground, suspended in the middle of his parents by their combined effort like something out of the corniest hallmark commercial ever. And his eyes. He swore to god there were little smiles in them. Yeah. World hadn't quite beat reality into him yet. Like that kid he'd treated awhile back. Dallas. He'd had those dumb ###### puppy dog eyes too. Like he was just waiting for the world to kick him. And it probably was right about now. He'd gone back to the X-Men and they'd probably done something incredibly stupid like tried to leap into his arms....and this time everyone's favorite merc wasn't gonna be around to fix it. Maybe the kid would learn then. ....Alecto took a closer look at the picture. Then he grimaced. Ah ######. ...Right so. Maybe the kid had alot to learn, but that didn't mean...No. That was dumb idea. A real dumb idea. A puppydog kid idea. He'd done his bit. No reason to do more. .... Before he even knew what he was doing, Alecto was dialing the dumb ###### kid's number, swearing all the while.
  9. IC (Morgan Whatley) Morgan couldn't sleep. Which was...annoying. Also irritating. It was also doubly unfortunate for the limp, deflated stress ball his staff had all pitched in and got him. For...."his safety and theirs" as the card had put it. But more then that, it was worrying. Morgan had long since quit his quarters and taken to prowling the halls like a metaphorical caged lion. While sleep troubles were not in and off themselves cause for fear or paranoia....adding them to everything else that had been happening in the city... Morgan jerked his arm up, only to find he's balled his hands into fists, his knuckles gone white with strain, without even realizing it. With a forceful sigh, he unclenched his fists, but his body remained coiled, ready to strike at any moment. He was in fight or flight mode, that much was evident...and he had no idea why. Nothing solid at least. Something ###### strange was going on in this city-and now it was keeping him from slumber. And he couldn't even put a goddamn name to it.
  10. IC (As Rojo) As Rojo weaved through the halls of the base, dodging crowds, soldiers and the like with equal aplomb. Well. Not so much dodging as twisting out of the way at the least second so he didn't barrel them over, or get barreled over. There was much to ponder-the implications of the casualty ratio (that one was easy, admittedly), what the next move of the colonists would be, his own utterly unacceptable overconfidence.... But first. There was another matter to deal with. A grandes males, grandes remedios. There it was. The medbay. And if the amount of noise-frantic shouts, electronic beeps-coming from within it were any indication, his hunch had been right. Hopefully an extra pair of hands would be of use.
  11. "I encounter civilians like you all the time. You believe the Empire is continually plotting to do harm. Let me tell you, your view of the Empire is far too dramatic. The Empire is a government. It keeps billions of beings fed and clothed. Day after day, year after year, on thousands of worlds, people live their lives under Imperial rule without seeing a stormtrooper or hearing a TIE fighter scream overhead." ―Captain Thrawn, to Tash Arranda Approved x2.
  12. IC (Alecto Kava) Alecto was fairly certain he had his life together. Mostly. Somewhat. Probably. ..... Alright. So he was drawing lots from a bowl of angry scorpions while ice-skating down a hill. Still. It could be worse. The scorpions could be on fire. ....Oh yeah, he and the Cylon were on the outs and the dishes went, as yet, unwashed. Okay. So the scorpions were on fire. Things had....sort of fallen apart on him. Alecto supposed they had a tendency to do that when you spent more time doing jobs for morally dubious guys who met you in smoke-filled rooms and that laughed just a bit like your average bond villain and when your idea of a friendship was mutual insults and dish-washing agreements. Still. The lifestyle did have some benefits. Like having a particularly pissy looking secretary in what looked like the sort of getup a deadly ###### serious Renaissance fair-goer would wear showing up at your door, an honest-to-god hornblower right besides her, handing you what was probably the most fancy invitation to a gala in the New York state area right now. ######. It was written on fricking parchment. Alecto thought he'd gotten together a pretty diverse resume in his time-did a stint for Cobra down in South America, worked for Black Forest, Executive Solutions, The Fife Security Agency, half a dozen other private contractors, and the Greater Nevada Syndicate (classy as ###### suits).... But the Hellfire Club? Or whatever this Legion is? Yeah. That was....that an upgrade.
  13. IC (Leon) "Good to, uh, meet you sir. Leon Kane. Formerly with the US Army. Then MACE. Good to meet you....?" The last part of the introduction came out more like a question, as the fact that however sane this man appeared, he still shared a bloodline with his self-appointed mentor hit Leon like a metric ton of bricks. Was he going to make him learn a bunch of new languages and then drag him to Antarctica to dig up antediluvian ruins? .... Was he going to steal his new phone!?
  14. IC (As Rojo-Schmetterling) "Much appreciated." The former pirate couldn't help but admire the mad Irishman's.....he struggled to find the word for a moment....what was it? Moxie. Yes. That was it. And no sooner had he replied to the questionably practical but unquestionably magnificently insane Irishmen did another voice flow over the comm lines, almost as a cheeky as the Irishmen and from the look of it, backing quite the lovely amount of firepower. Excellent. "Doubly appreciated then." If the traffic he'd picked up from other parts of the battlefield were any indication, someone, somewhere, was being at least as insane as the Irishman, and possibly a little more so. Evidently there was something in the water around these parts. As Rojo made a mental note to avoid any bottled water for the duration of his stay in Horizon. Whatever it was, he wanted to catch it. But for the moment. The former pirate assessed the situation. Not only did the Behemoth's have to deal with the Irishman, they had to deal with their newly arrived fire support as well, suddenly, he imagined, an out of date mecha hiding behind a building would be much less of a concern. Not with an enemy unit amongst them, and another bearing down on them. Besides, if the the mech hiding behind the building tried anything funny, why, they had sensors for that. 'Course. This particular mech had some handy stealth technology attached to it. Just for that occasion. Made piracy alot easier.....but was much less useful in ground combat, considering how it tended to be a face to face affair. Except, of course, in situations like this. Heh. The pirate's lips tugged upwards in a grim hungry smile. Building was large enough to obscure movement, certainly, but there was absolutely no time to waste. His little assessment had taken maybe a second. You got good at thinking-and thinking quickly in space combat. Being surrounded by a cold void in what amount to a souped-up tin can tended to do that. Without another thought, As Rojo coaxed Schmetterling into a bolt-there was an opening where the building ended and it took only a few second to reach it. Doubtlessly the stealth tech had done it's job....or at least Rojo hoped it did. He'd find out soon enough. Peeking around the corner, Rojo spotted the Assaulter that had foiled his first attempt at the Behemoth's and sighted in on it, with missile and gun both. He let one missile fly at the Assaulter and hoped the tracking tech would do it's job on that count, and then he let loose with a stream of armor-piercing fire from his AW-class assault rifle. His shield, was, of course, up and ready to absorb any return fire. Though hopefully the building would do most of it's work for it. .... Well, here's hoping whoever owned it had good insurance.
  15. IC (Leon) Leon quietly gave up all hope in logic. He couldn't help but grin, seeing the kid get his first taste of sunlight in...who knows how long. He should've noticed....######, he really should have noticed. It wasn't like it would be a hard habit to pick up on, someone avoiding sunlight like the plague. He nodded, slightly, at Luke. "Feels good, don't it?" He rubbed the back of his head nervously. Still. Nothing for it now. Leon sighed and turned to Jenna. "Well. It have any maps in it? I'll need to set down some zones." Leon glanced at his pack meaningfully. "See what kind of wildlife we've got here." It was a tricky thing, figuring out how to hunt in a new state. What species were probably safe to poach a bit. Which ones would provide the most blood. Wouldn't be missed.
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