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  1. Hm. Musta missed that. Either way, I'm still not getting the figure.Nice to hear FOC is starting to show up. I'm going to have to go on a TRU run soon what with them and the new Hero Factory sets showing up. Sad to hear how small Shockwave is, though. Shorter than Soundwave, huh? That's kinda pitiful.Kalhiki
  2. I think the Casseticons are the cases. And they come with the Voyage Soundwave. The only reason why I'd buy the figure, but that's not enough to sell me on it.Kalhiki
  3. Definitely be getting Kreon Bruticus and the Blindpack Blast Off (and maybe do some customizing with the combiner). There are some other Kreons I'll probably be getting just because they're so adorable and the only thing Kre-o related I'm interested in.Prime toys look good. Thundertron, Rumble, and Dreadwing I'll definitely be getting. Rumble actually looks pretty nice and Thundertron looks great (beard!).FOC Bruticus looks decent in Retail colors. May not be accurate, but I can live with it (I actually prefer Blast Off and Vortex in these colors). Sideswipe looks decent for being a a major Jazz re-tooling, and I'll probably pick him up too.Kalhiki
  4. I'm excited for the new Kreons. Especially since they're going to be individually released (as blind bags, mind you). Still a great way for me to get em as I never had any interest in the sets. But something tells me they won't release character like Optimus and Megatron since they appeared in the Kre-o sets.Kalhiki
  5. Yeah, there are a lot of Factions. I was really hoping Starscream would officially team up with MECH during Operation BB just to narrow the teams. Either way, I'm hoping Thundertron will show up as his plot was pretty much left as a cliffhanger at the end of Exiles. And the fact that he's showing up in a MMOG or whatever just doesn't seem like a strong basis to develop him. Especially an Asian exclusive MMOG.Kalhiki
  6. This.Bayverse Shockwave gains points for looking awesome... That's pretty much it.Other Shockwaves like G1 and (especially) Animated are far superior. Here's to hoping that Prime/FOC Shocky will be equally as good.Speaking of Animated, TFA comes to the Hub today! I am so excited since I've never seen the show on TV. Only on the internet.Kalhiki
  7. I broke down and got Dead End. Haven't opened him yet, though.Kalhiki
  8. Stopped by a TRU on our way home from vacation. No new sets yet, but hopefully by the end of this week. TRU gets new shipments Tuesdays and Thursday (at least around here).Kalhiki
  9. Now I see what everyone is saying.Hot Shot is the most gorgeous figure ever. That blue... That head... Those flames...So, I'm on vacation, and I actually saw wave 3 (when I got Hot Shot) in Virginia. One of each figure in the wave. Also got another Vehicon.Kalhiki
  10. Doubt it. Kid appeal robot will stay kid appeal robot. Same reason why they didn't kill BB in DOTM.Kalhiki
  11. FOC is coming out August 28 in the states (pretty sure on that date).Anywho, this is kinda old, but at the Tokyo Toy Show or whatever, there was a Terrorcon Bumblebee. That thing is so much want. It's the only BB repaint I'm really interested in. I just love the kid friendly character turned evil.BB repaints... Hot Shot. Still on the fence about him. I like the mold, but with TFP, I'm trying to avoid getting non-show characters. I guess I could get him and put him with my other figures. Like Classics or something...Kalhiki
  12. Nope. I "cheat" and feel the bags.I never blindly buy one.Well, there was a time when I got an Aviator instead of the Samurai in whatever wave (don't know how that happened). But the aviator turned out pretty cool, nonetheless.Kalhiki
  13. Nope, sorry. I live in the states. I'm pretty sure only Canada has anything FE.Kalhiki
  14. Yes. Most of the stores, anyway. The stores around me never got Wave 3. Wave 4 and the Cyberverse vehicles are just now starting to pop up at Walmart (of all places).Otherwise, the stores are Bee hives. 17 Bumblebees in one Toys R Us. Ridiculous.Kalhiki
  15. I like how the Energon Drill has a rubber tip, yet it's still stiff enough the take out an eye. Same with some nosecones on jets.Kalhiki
  16. Toa mainly like they appear in the MoL game. I just like the look of them. Otherwise it's movies, or living sets depending on what fits. For instance, Visorak would look like the movies because they look cool, but Sidorak would be more like the set (Bionicle Heroes, mostly).Or my own style if I ever drew a character I like in my style.Kalhiki
  17. Who knows. I'd think at least by the end of the summer we'll start to see new episodes. I'm hoping something will be said at SDCC.Along with Breakdown's US release being announced...Kalhiki
  18. I don't even want to think about when it'll end.A better question is when Season 3 is going to start.Kalhiki
  19. Lego Minifigures MMOG?If I get to play as the Galaxy Patrol guy, I'm in. If it's free, I'm double in.Hopefully it'll be more successful than LU.Kalhiki
  20. Silas redeco. Black repaint of Breakdown (seen at the Tokyo Toy Show, I think). I'm sure we'll get a regular Breakdown. After all, he was a more important character than Skyquake.And Season 3? Heck, we're not even done with 2 yet. The show's on break until... Who knows when. At least we're getting Animated on the Hub to tide us over until then.Kalhiki
  21. I have the Mech. Brilliant set, but I'm probably biased since I love Mechs and Samurai. But, even still, it's cool. Only problems are the ankles which a rather loose, and the fact that Nya has a hard time fitting inside, you can get her to sit down, which is your best bet. Ankles can kinda be fixed if you have any frition sockets found in some of the Ultrabuild Superheroes and Black Phantom (and Stormer XL).Kalhiki
  22. Pretty sure it was twenty bucks. Which is actually really good considering it's size, which is large than a voyager (length, anyways).As for size, I don't have a ruler, so no exact measurements. But I'd say it's roughly a foot long, maybe six inches wide, and about three inches tall. But that's just an educated guess.Still a fun toy all around. And the pull lever transformation is really addicting.Kalhiki
  23. Well, this is a first. The day new toys are sighted I find them at Walmart. Specifically, the Cyberverse vehicles and Deluxe Wave 4 (minus Airachnid).So, I picked up the Energon Drill. Lovely looking vehicle. Knockout... eh. If he had knees he'd be better. My only complaints with the drill is the long light tube, and I would have liked it if the drill was placed higher off the ground. But oh well. At least now I have a home for my three Vehicons.Kalhiki
  24. I think NRG Kai is in a two pack with... Someone. A Constrictai Serpentine, but I forgot his name.I've seen Cole, but I haven't seen NRG Jay yet.Kalhiki
  25. I'm pretty sure the UK got 'em earlier than the states.Kalhiki
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