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  1. anyway korgot is my wife and there's nothing you can do about it
  2. this is the most beautiful thing i've ever seen i especially like the ceo who is not a bird
  3. Sniper Jo

    Studio Comic

    Micah I hope you appreciate that you're now obligated to draw yourself as Lord Business
  4. But what about No Joints Vakama Hordika?
  5. The battle hasn't started yet I assure you that when it does there will be at lest one (1) wavedashening
  6. I voted for Tiro, Nuvau and Unsure. It's really cool that we get to vote on the names of things for your fanfic!
  7. making my long-awaited return to the comics forum with my BAC debut
  8. This is an interesting topic, but the REAL question is what colour are (insane) Bionicle brains? (Incidentally, I like to imagine that Matoran and related species have flesh tinted in their eye colour, since I have a headcanon about Matoran having a sort of elemental energy conducting "blood" in the same colour as their eyes, but there's no real evidence for that in canon.)
  9. Sniper Jo

    Studio Comic

    petition to make this ICCanon
  10. It was a very hard decision between Crimson Typh- er, Vermillion Tempest, The Days They Were Needed, Fatal Wound, Charge, and Attak on Bionicles, but I could only choose one, and my vote went to no. 6. Good job, all of you!
  11. What exactly does the Biocicles Adventurs Mansion consist of
  12. Number 2 was generally mediocre, number 3 was confusing and uninteresting, number 4 was graphically unimpressive, and number 5 was sexist, racist, and cissexist, as well.as being uninteresting and ill-structured... but even if that hadn't been the case, there's only one I could have voted for. BAC for the cup!
  13. #truth also the fact that fairly often people just??? can't be asked to read through all of that to form an argument to debunk it
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