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  1. Little Dog - Lou Reed & Metallica Wolf >> Canine Family >> Dog
  2. Frustration - Lou Reed & Metallica One of the better songs on Lulu. Some are okay, some... Not so much...
  3. I didn't find it TOO horrible. I do think Metallica should've saved a lot of the instrumental parts for their own music (Mistress Dread sounds like early Metallica), but I stick by with what I said before. It's interesting to hear Reed's vocals on this type of music.
  4. If anyone's interested, Lulu is being streamed online on the official site for the whole project.
  5. Terrorized In the Night - ###### Or Highwater
  6. I'm actually pretty excited for Lulu. It's an interesting sound with Metallica's style with Reed's vocals. I pre-ordered it. I'm more excited for the new Megadeth album. Speaking of which, anyone here that new song they've been streaming? Whose Life (Is It Anyway?).
  7. Was a hard choice between *Hissssss* and Behemoth, but I went with Behemoth eventually. Pretty freakin' cool.
  8. Agh, can someone help me out with the spoiler tags? I can't seem to find it with the new posting system.
  9. The Devil You Know - Anthrax "It's just the devil in me, there's no hypocrisy, what see is what you see, what you get is what you get!"
  10. I was expecting something like this to turn up on the forums. Who's pumped for the new episode tomorrow morning?
  11. Five stars for the same reason! =D

  12. Ha, I wish it was David Lee Roth! Actually, it's Joey Kramer of Aerosmith at a drum store. ^^

  13. Hey, I can't find a link to your MOCs. Can you send me it?

  14. Yeah, that's Freddy. I got it of a message borad that uses much bigger avvies than ours. That's why it's not that good.

  15. Is that AVP for your personal photo?

  16. You`re scaring me with that avatar

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