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  1. If the arms were more "customized" they wouldn't fit the flow of the MOC. Not everything has to be completely "custom" all of the time.
  2. Thanks so much. What you said really made a lot of sense, and I'll keep it in mind on my current MOC. And I must admit, the photoshopped MOC does look better. I still personally love the pink anyway but what you said about blocking and layering really helps. Thanks again for one of the most helpful reviews I've gotten in a while.
  3. Hmmm, Red would look too christmas-y, but orange is an interesting thought. I guess we'll see how it goes because I'm working on a similarly colored creation now with dark blue instead of dark green and lime and orange as secondary colors.
  4. The pink and lime green are highlights. They give the MOC added "flavor." I don't usually follow a typical Bionicle color scheme. Instead of pink and lime would you suggest any different colors for highlights?
  5. Very nice design. I too liked the Roboriders. I like how you've combined the functionality of the early Bionicle sets with the look of the early Roboriders. I especially like the "kickstand" on the first one.
  6. Lol I'm guessing it must be very confusing till you find your cat in your room xD

  7. You have no idea how it is to wake up in the middle of night in a puddle of pee in your bed.

  8. Lol cats like to do that xD My friend used to have 3 adult cats I felt like we had to always watch our step whenever we went to his house lol

  9. I guess he's cute... I just wish he wouldn't pee everywhere... :P

  10. Yup. That's my cat all right.

  11. So is that cat your cat? :P

  12. Awesome. I'm actually almost done with something that would work very well. Four main colors, with some other various secondaries!
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