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  1. Man. This is an amazing start! Keep it up! I had comics at the end of the good ol' days. Then life got busy and they just went by the wayside. You can still read them here though, strangely enough, lol Sometimes I feel like I could get back to making comics, but I rarely have time even for writing my novel and making music... You've gotten me all sentimental and nostalgic now, lol I will keep an eye on these though! I'd love to see where this series goes :)
  2. Sooooooo...... My music has vastly improved since I last posted 4 years ago. Released an album recently:
  3. Wow! What a throwback! I didn't think this would still be on the second page of the forum! Sorry I never got around to finishing this... But, as you can probably guess, life took over. I've been so busy these last 4 years! I graduated university in 2017, been working on making EDM and writing my novel, and I got a job! It's always fun looking at these from time to time though, and if I find the time, I'd love to finish the story arc I started all those years ago! Until then, please, read and comment! I'd love to see what you guys have to say
  4. Heh... Still busy with school. Thank goodness I'm graduating this year! Possibility of comics coming back a bit over the summer.

  5. lol, thanks man Likely won't be any new comics until at least the Christmas/Holiday break. Super busy with school at the moment
  6. Sorry about the lack of content lately. I started and lost all my work on the character sheet and school has started up, so I've been busy with stuff.

  7. Mmmmm, oil! Yummy! *barfsimmediately* Never mind, lol XD
  8. I love how hilariously problematic these robot suite malfunctions are XD
  9. And yet another good one! Never stop, man. You're too good! I need to step up production on my comics
  10. From this past winter, my own unique brand of glitch hop! https://soundcloud.com/t-mg9/infinite Enjoy!
  11. 2.5/5 Becoming more and more familiar with you, seeing you around a lot.
  12. A progressive trance song I did a while ago called "Clarity". I don't like to toot my own horn, but it's super epic!
  13. Seems things just keep getting crazier the more I read XD
  14. Wow, all the Trump jokes on my quote people have been using are hilarious XD Anyway, seems you have some image links to some fine topics! Your kit work is great, and so are your comics. Don't know the third one though.
  15. I do remixes! This one's also from the 2015 Christmas/Holiday break. https://soundcloud.com/t-mg9/virtual-riot-were-not-alone-t-mg-remix Enjoy!
  16. That almost.... sucked. AYO! Epic pun ftw! But really though, another top notch comic.
  17. 1.89/5. Seeing you around more and more
  18. Ever been to a scrap yard? A lot like that, I'd imagine That last line was hilarious XD
  19. 1/5 I don't think I've seen you before. Hi
  20. 4/5. Good jazz, m8. Good jazz. Kozoro & Evence - Dreaming Seems I can never get enough of this guy's music
  21. You have to go back and read all my old comics which I've linked in the main post, in order to get to know the characters. But yeah, it sure will be an interesting arc, that's for sure! Character sheet coming Wednesday.
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