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  1. I originally started with a remake of the classic castle, set number 375. But it was taken down after being put up on Ideas. After Daniel August Krentz's passing, I was inspired to rework it into something entirely new and put it up as tribute. I call it "King Krentz's Castle Keep." More photos and a 360 view can be seen on the ideas page.
  2. Thanks! In the contest thread, Black Six said "To answer what your question is - the rules do not limit the number of characters that can be in your MOC." So I assumed it was fair game. I wanted them to all fit together as a team, so they all had to have similar builds, sizes, and style.
  3. Thanks for the input! Yeah, the red torso was a pain to put together, since I didn't have Hordika Vakama. It looks a bit better in person. My memories of the old Bionicle come a lot from the old comic books, and that's what I tried to envision when putting these together. When I saw the contest was G1, I thought the Toa Mata, lol. I didn't realize that meant everything before the reboot until I was over half done. That meant I had to keep strictly to using little to no 'armor' colors, even on weapons. I tried to make them look wild and raw, like they belong in the wilderness. I think if you try to picture them in the early days (pre-Piraka) of the Bionicle comics, they fit in well.
  4. Sorry I don't have any creative names for these guys. It's designed to be a team of Toa. I tried to follow the style of the very first Bionicles. Bright colors. No silver armor. Kind of raw and feral looking. While they all have different builds, they all use pretty much the same base (outside of the fire toa, because I never had hordika vakama so I don't have his torso.) Here's the image I've got now, arranged in an easier to view format than the entry image. I can post more pictures if anyone so desires.
  5. Eh, quick question. I suppose this isn't necessarily to the mods of the contest, as it's user voting judging, but are we talking purely aesthetics of G1, or parts too? I know it's been asked. But I haven't been around here a while and I don't really know if I build an MoC that has a few G2 parts and building techniques, but the general aesthetic is G1, how people will react considering it's a contest to build G1 stuff. Would that be frowned upon? I think aesthetically my MoC is very G1 right now.
  6. Oh, man! Saw this and thought I'd enter . . . Didn't realize the entry period closed next Tuesday. Guess I'd better be cracking down and building this weekend. I used to build almost solely Bionicle, lately I've almost exclusively touched system, it'll be nice to see if I'm still able to put anything good out. EDIT: Can someone be sure to get some good pictures of the finalists at Brickfair? Quite a while ago I was one of the finalists of a BBC contest and sent my MoC over there. I found one picture of mine there, but it wasn't the best. In retrospect, I wish I had a better picture to remember it by.
  7. Thanks! He's actually propped up on a jar, his back leg on the inside of the jar* and two front ones hanging over the front. You can just barely make out the side of the jar next to him on the right side of the picture. *I suppose you can't really tell from the photos, but he has an identical, third leg in back.
  8. Well, I don't really have much to say about this. I've had the head sitting around for a while so I thought I might as well give it a body to post it for the contest. I used the cape from the Darth Vader constraction figure to make a skirt and give him a more ominous appearance. His name stands for Night-Monster-Alien-Robot-of-Evil. Here's his hand, which I kind of like. Here's his head/chest. And here is him without the skirt on.
  9. Predict that the Little Prince will make it to 10,000 before the deadline, and get picked over all the others for production. It has the support and endorsement of the author's estate/license holder, a positively received movie (that's already out in France) should be hitting more countries around the time the review period ends (making up for it's relative obscurity in the US and UK,) it's a perfect brand fit, and it's one of the top ten best selling books of all time. Seems like an easy choice.
  10. My girlfriend was literary trying to drag me out of the LEGO aisle of the store last Sunday...I'm only 19, but I have a beard and a lot of people think I'm in my mid-to-upper twenties. Bionicle has dropped off a little bit for me. used to be my favourite theme. I build things a lot out of LEGO but I haven't had much money to pick up any new sets. I will DEFINITELY be picking up some of the new Bionicles. I'm not shy about my LEGO fandom. I've been fairly successful in a few contests (In the LEGO magazine once!) so it's not as bad when you can tell people you're an "Award-winning LEGO builder" I'm the go-to guy for all the little kid LEGO fans. Letting them know what themes are coming up and the like.
  11. ^Try to stay on topic guys. I think it would be cool to see a Diablo/Torchlight style RPG. I think it would easily fit the Lego brand and could work well. You could even mix in a few of the puzzle elements and the co-op from Traveler's Tales traditional Lego games to give it a bit of a unique spin. Think about it: You could have quite a few different areas based on the different Lego themes, having to travel back and forth between them to travel deeper to the each world's dungeons. Pirates, Castle, Space, City...And many more that they could chose from. On top of that I think the camera view would make it easy to build the entire world out of Lego bricks, giving the game a cool artstyle. Character creation and equipping items would be sweet. They could even give you the option to build and decorate your house like some MMO's have. My brother and I talked about it a lot and had quite a few ideas in regard to it, but the biggest question is: Why hasn't this been done yet?
  12. Oh my G-O-S-H! Awesome! The movie was fantastic, Count me in on the giveaway!
  13. Whoa! I almost didn't enter, but when I saw it was space themed (my favourite theme to build) and needed something to do over break I caved in...Glad I did! Congrats to the other winners and thanks a bunch to InnerRayg and the other judges! Honestly I don't build much anymore, but something like this with a set theme and time frame is great for getting me to sit down and whip something up. Thanks again, this really just made my day!
  14. I don't know if it matters and it's probably a little late for this, but the picture listed for my entry was actually listed as an 'alternate picture' and there was a different picture put as the 'entry picture'.
  15. Entry Name: The Albino Turtle Entry Pic: http://imageshack.com/a/img43/6874/ni10.jpg Alternate Pic: http://imageshack.com/a/img853/7338/hyao.jpg
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