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  1. Hmmm. Lowtech might be good next year. Considering the end-of -game war is against force-field using, cannon and missile carrying robots controlled by the KRAHKAAN OSthat are attacking all weapon carriers? What the Karz?

  2. Yes! *high fives back*

  3. the knew rules are quite restricting Both Song and Krayzikk have issues with the rules. Krayzikk I have worked out how to keep, Song I haven't.

  4. Sorry, that would be fun. Make a plan of it? Krayz will have to be slightly modified by the new rules.

  5. That would be un. Make a plan of it?

  6. Krayzikk: It is indeed snark city. Though I think my tirade was one that would leave Makuta trembling. :P Sure, I'll come.

  7. Sorry, Razgriz. Haven't been very active for a while.

  8. i'm a mercenary in this case. I change sides on whoever pays me more. At the moment, I hunt zaryna.

  9. Quite good, aside from algebra. Posted once or twice in Wings but I've been busy so I haven't been on as much. I arrived in time for the Prank Wars. :)

  10. Terrible. I hate alegebra.

  11. Now im getting an error.

    The error returned was:

    Sorry, dynamic pages in the tags are not allowed

  12. I'm mentioned by name. I am also honored. :D

  13. Wait Wait Wait.... Rule 35

    Nemesis destroyed a Transformer? Cool. Was it Megatron? Can I have the parts? And when is the next contest? *Grins evilly*

    PS: MOCing for the Visotoran has begun. I shall linkify in the discussion topic when they are done and posted.

  14. THANK YOU. Fixing....

  15. Yes. I spent a whole afternoon trying to fix it.

  16. Oh, Treeek. Post in Citadel please. Ironic, you had to do this t me a while back. :P

  17. Sorry, Trek. Was missing fo a few days.

  18. you wath Teen Titans? That's one of my fav shows! Raven is awesome! "Just because your evil on the inside..."

  19. Oh, Kagha. Your inbox is full. I have a pm of "epic" prportions.

  20. munkiman ,you accidentally overlooked my profile,on city of fear,it's right above shadow pig's.i would like to get in in time to take on azran,please hurry!

  21. munkiman overlooked my character profile i told him in the disscussion topic.oh ,by the way Anavrin is insane.

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