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  1. IC: (Kino Iho) Was this what Angelus wanted to talk to me about? When I had dropped another mess upon his burdened lap in the form of my past. I had jumped the gun, assuming he was going to grill me about my relationship with Pae. Now he was just being burdened with more, and I was wondering if I should ever be around anymore. As the two of them talked to each other, I quietly sipped my Bula Berry Juice. I was stuck not sure whether I was supposed to leave or stay.
  2. IC: :Thank you Soraya.: While I could respect LoJak's concern for his people, I'd rather not reveal that our problem had become their problem with the Piraka. Knowing that we had them in custody back on Kentoku, and they escaped. That would reflect poorly on the Dasaka Empire. I wonder how the people of this island would react, realizing it was these foreign Dasaka, who in a way had brought the Piraka to their land. I do not even need to stress that point further. "Ah yes, Toa LoJak, I am very interested in your peoples' beliefs and the views on spirituality your people have," I smiled, still very thankful for Soraya change in the direction of the conversation. IC: (Vera) "I do hope Jin arrives some time soon. Otherwise I will have to send you two to find her." Vera spoke, sipping her drink. The gears were still turning in her head, her mind told her the immediate problem was that of Ko-Koro. There was the other mission, the investigation she had sent them on, and so far it hadn't turned up as much as she hoped. Still it was better than nothing, and the information she had been given by Pae and Nika, under scrutiny could yield new clues. As much as she could direct Pae and Nika back to Ko-Koro, she knew it would a fruitless endeavor. That was the problem with chasing these...ghosts...these shadows. Always hiding behind proxies, one meaningless person, who seemed to insignificant before killing Matoro, was now anything but. The why of it, that's what she wanted to know. What she needed to know.
  3. IC: (Hanako) I closed my notebook and put it back away into the satchel I had slung over my shoulder and looked directly at LoJak. Soraya wasn't helping with her commentary, but it wasn't like I disagreed with her. It was something I felt powerless to do. I had once tried with Yumiwa, but she shrugged it off. It was clear a one time talk with her wouldn't be enough. "Our expedition has traveled here to learn more of your island and its people. Just as the same with us, we have so much we can learn from each other," I said. I withheld the information regarding the Piraka. While I understand his interest in keeping his people and island safe, the suspicion didn't make me feel any better. Thing was, that kind of information was something Commodore Ayiwah probably didn't want me spreading around, and honestly it hardly seemed like the best idea. I needed another talk with Hahli, to see if she'd let us aid them in retaking Ko-Koro from the Piraka and their allies. Anyways I had told him our primary mission. Which was simply making allies, we had no reason to do anything else. I would pay attention to their skills and powers like Commodore Ayiwah asked the crew. Still the specificity of that made me nervous. I was more intrigued in how their powers were tied to the elements, such a power so exciting, but they must have thought the same from what they've seen of our powers. IC: (Vera) Vera poured a small bit of scotch, (her father's favorite) into her glass, neat, no ice, before returning to her seat, sipping it and setting on the table beside her. "Hmm, I figured that despite her absence the third of your team would be joining us soon. I suppose I should catch you two up on other current events. A new people have made landfall, they're called Dasaka, in some sort of underwater boat it seems. It has caused quite a commotion in the Koro, and on the rest of island I'm sure. Considering you are down an agent, I may just have join you myself."
  4. IC: (Sakuya Harada) I made it my job handling Hydra soldiers that I could reach, and keeping them away from Dallas and the others helping with the evacuations. I drew their attention away, slicing away at the Hydra soldiers. I made sure to keep relatively close though to my fellow X-Men, rather that get myself lost in the fight. I made my way back to Dallas and the others when The Red Skull fell. Finally for once, I felt like was doing what I was supposed to, helping others, working alongside others. Maybe it wasn't a big contribution, but I had helped nevertheless, wished I could have done more.
  5. IC: (Hanako) "Well we have Three Virtues: Order, Power and Honor." I said, looking up. To be honest, we didn't we had general rules of etiquette to follow, but did we have moral law on par with that. It did not seem so, given that we valued order, given how many wars we had suffered, peace was something we'd cherish. Self-improvement and the gathering of power generally wasn't frowned upon, unless it was taken at great cost to Order and Honor. Honor meant a lot in our society, but it was more about how it reflected on our clans. So no, we didn't have a code like that.
  6. IC: (Hanako) "What is the Toa Code? This is the first I've heard mention of it." I asked. Was it a code of honor, I was assuming so. The Three Virtues though interested me more, H we had our own three pillars upon which our current society was based. Order, Power, and Honor. An interesting coincidence, considering they had told us previously of Mata Nui and Makuta, which in some ways shared similarities with our female goddesses. I pulled out my journal to notes of these similarities and differences. Best to start taking notes to keep track of all this information.
  7. IC: (Hanako) "That is a very nice gesture. I believe we will take you up on that offer, Toa LoJak," I replied with a smile and a slight bow. Although it would have been nicer to explore the village as just the three of us, it didn't seem right to snub the locals. Especially given how persistent this Toa LoJak had been. "What is it you wish to speak with me about?" I asked. Still while I didn't believe he was a threat, I knew Arisaka was already on guard. Considering what had happened earlier, it was understandable to be wary now, given the fact we had two situations so far where we were attacked. One local that Leah had dealt with, and the recent situation with a crazed local. So I would keep myself alert and ready as well.
  8. IC: (Kino) I chewed slowly on my own bacon burger. I had kinda put a lot on Angelus' platter. So I understood if he still needed a time to recover. Though now I was regretting blurting it all out. I ###### up. I lied, but what was I suppose to do, let everyone know I had ####### up a lot of peoples' lives. Tell them I was sorry, truly for all the mistakes I made that had cost people their's. Yeah, that clean up things, right? I didn't know if I should speak, if Angel wanted to talk, considering how much food he bought, didn't seem likely. Not right now, I had unfairly put a lot on his shoulders, and now we were waiting for Jolek to return. I sipped my Bula Berry juice, trying to figure out what would be the right thing to say now, and the truth was, nothing seemed right.
  9. IC: (Hanako) "Right, a joke. Hehheee." I smiled it off. "Asa alerted me to that apparently one of the island's inhabitants is waiting for us. Arisaka is likely already outside waiting for us. Let's go exploring then." I made sure I had my satchel with me, putting in a journal and a pencil to write with, I some of our coins, but being that this was a different economy then there's we'd have to find a way of exchange before any serious trade could take place. I would have to write in it later, for now Soraya, Arisaka and I would tour the village. Making sure everything was ready. I went outside, and found Arisaka, standing with a Toa. I remember him from before, but unfortunately in all the excitement of coming here, I had forgotten his name. "Hello Arisaka, I apologize for the wait," I said with a soft smile, before turning to male Toa from before. "I also apologize to you for the wait, I did not mean to tarry so long with you waiting on me. I must also ask forgiveness, as it seems your name is eluding me at the moment."
  10. IC: (Valria) When I saw Utu standing there, broken, I saw a reflection, I saw myself when I was at the end of my rope, back on the docks of Xa-Koro, contemplating drowning myself, feeling that I was the source of woe to those around me. That it would be better to have snuffed that out, than prolong the pain any longer. I can't pretend our pains are equal, I can't pretend that I know exactly what it felts like to be him. Praggos laid out the entire problem, someone finally had mustered up the courage to say it. Maybe that's why it stung so much, hearing those words. You realize you weren't helping, in fact you were probably making it worse. I could see the frustration in Agni, everything so far seemed like this exercise in futility, in not being able to do one thing right it seemed. That's what it seemed like, I suppose I should have went after Agni, comforted him, convinced him he was going about this the wrong way. However I need to say something, I mean I know I'm not much for this group. I've been passive, and for the most part useless, I avoid these situations it seems, and that's a problem. When I saw Utu, I saw someone that felt alone as I did, for the longest time, and still do sometimes. The truth is pain, never truly goes away, it lingers, it numbs, you become used to it, and eventually it was like it was never there. For Utu though it must have felt like we were cutting his flesh open again and again, reopening those scars. Twisting our fingers in, and it wasn't for his sake, we all thought that maybe, at one time, but now. We wanted to save him for our sake, for the island's sake, but not for his sake. I was about to speak, about to let him know he wasn't alone. He walked away. I looked at Agni fuming a bit of a distance away from us. There was Utu, stalking off to his home. I did not speak to the others, I did not call to Agni. I joined Utu and Praggos, if this was Utu's final trip, it didn't seem right to have him do it alone. I didn't speak, not now, enough had already been said.
  11. IC: (Hanako) :Thank you Arisaka, I'll see you by the exit: I replied to Arisaka, before walking over to my door and opening up it up. I found myself partly surprised, since last we talked, Soraya was quite grumpy about getting her sleep. "Hello Soraya, do you wish to travel back into the village alongside Arisaka and I?" I asked. She could have been here for some other reason, but I doubted that, so soon after my invitation to travel with me back into the village. Perhaps this would give me the chance to talk with the two of them on better terms, and without insanity and danger plaguing any of us.
  12. IC: (Hanako) Well I was glad that went better than my worst fears. Her comments were less thorny than usual, I don' "Yes, I understand. Thank you for your time. I won't bother you further," I replied, turning and leaving Soraya be. She could have been a lot more biting, a lot more harsh in her tone. Maybe she was too tired for the strength of her usual quips. That and maybe she seemed to be a little sorry herself, but not that she was at fault, really. I mean, barring getting to Yumiwa herself, I guess I would be the next best person to air your frustrations too. Being the friend, and advising said friend meant I had some culpability with regards to Yumiwa's faults. I'm digressing, but it was a bad time to catch Soraya, and so I chided myself inwardly for that breach of social grace, it would not happen again. There was one thing that mortified my very being, Asa's suggestion for natural armor. Not just that, but it was followed up by Ayiwah agreeing with it! I...I don't even know how to put how utterly confused this made me. However it was a command I would refuse to follow. I mean, it's absurd! Just because some of the locals are like that, does not mean an entire ship of the Dasaka people should follow suit! I saw some of the beings in this village wear ornate armor, and clothing! We had different styles yes, and besides while I understand traveling in pairs and such, I did not like the idea of us, hiding ourselves. It spoke of a distrust in the people, and while in this most recent case that was well founded, I would not judge their entire town upon one misstep, let alone a whole island. I'm sorry, I have spent enough time airing my own frustrations. I went to my room, setting out robes that were of plain make and plain color, a tannish colour, not overtly ugly, but not exactly beautiful either. Just average. I had changed clothing, and started to make my way back towards the outside. I posed a question, wincing that I'd probably be annoying a few people, like Soraya. :I'm going to be taking another trip into the village, is there anybody that wishes to and is able to join me?: OOC: Fixed this.
  13. IC: Nika flopped onto the nearest couch, gun tossed casually to the seat next to him, one arm sprawled over the top of the piece of furniture's back. His gaze was as lazy as his movements, but there was a small, sputtering spark which danced in them as fiercely as the fingers of his hand drummed on the couch's arm. The Vortixx had been going for hours without a smoke; it was clear that he was jonesing. Still, his professionalism hardly wavered. "Echelon now in control of the Sanctum," he said in his usual clipped, monotonous voice. "Accompanied by honour guard consisting of at least one Toa, element either iron or magnetism, unknown Kanohi; one Skakdi, sniper, unknown make of rifle as well as Zamor launcher, effects of spheres also unknown; one titan, species unknown, capabilities unknown. Those were the only ones I managed to identify with any clarity. May contain a female Lesterin wielding control of insects and a female Vortixx with possible telekinesis; too chaotic for certainty. Have a cigarette by any chance, employer?" -Void IC: (Vera) Vera made a mental note, remembering each specific detail to write down later. She had good enough memory to remember these details easily, however writing it down would be more for the benefit of seeing all the evidence laid out. Echelon being in control of the Sanctum, his Honor Guard. A diverse and dangerous crew of people this man had assembled. While he wasn't at the top of what Vera was looking into at first, he was now another threat to the peace and prosperity this island was getting used to, an era of peaceful progress, and now the corrupt and the wicked were having their way with Ko-Koro. Vera never understood the appeal of cigarettes, of cigars, of pipes. It seemed out of all the habits Nika could pick up, he'd pick up one that would in reality slowly kill him, and possibly weak his ability in his profession. She could see the way his fingers tapped, that inward frustration expressing itself in those small movements. Vera grabbed a fresh pack of cigarettes for Nika, tapping it and popping it open. Walking over she handed him the cigarette and the pack. "Have the information on Echelon's Honor Guard been divulged to any of the Guards in any of the Koro?" Vera questioned. If not she'd make a tip to Hahli, though she may not be allowed to be anonymous in its delivery, if it was to be taken seriously. IC: (Hanako) With all the excitement (if you could call it that) that had happened on our trip to Mata Nui, and our trip into the village I had gotten around to something that had been on my mind. Early in our trip I had an outburst, partly fueled by own frustrations on Soraya. She didn't really deserve the attitude I had given to her. So I made my way to where Soraya was. I came up to the Dashi, finding her upon her bunk, I had brought some food and water along with me, hearing that she had helped greatly in the rescue, cemented in my mind that while she had a firebrand personality, Soraya was a good person. I liked her, but someone so outspoken usually did not earn friends around the Menti, unless they were amused by such behavior. Grievances she had aired before were reasonable enough, well to me. I had problems in our society, things that I had spoke with Yumi about or had wished to speak about. She had let me down twice recently by her callousness, it hurt realizing how aloof my friend was, and how I may have been reasonable for enabling such behavior. "I'm sorry if I've disturbed your rest. I came here to apologize for my outburst that had happened some time ago. I meant to give you this apology sooner, and not keep you waiting. You were not the reason I was like that, and it was unfair to direct it towards you. I'm sorry for that outburst. I brought you some water and fruit," I said, setting them aside for her convenience. I gave a small smile, perhaps it was time to see I could return to the village, my talk with their leader wasn't complete yet.
  14. IC: (Vera Polzin) I lead them towards the study where we had our discussion before, I took a seat by the small table off to the side. Looking to Pae and then to Nika. I spoke. "You two may take a seat if you like. I heard what happened in Ko-Koro, awfully tragic that they'd lose a leader, and are now ruled by cultists and brigands. Tell me everything you have learned thus far, about the situation in Ko-Wahi and the investigation I sent you there for," I spoke flatly. I had only whispers, small bits of information to initially work with. I needed something more substantial, something my gut told me, but my brain couldn't quite put together. Ultimately that was all this was, a bunch of loose connections.
  15. IC: (Hanako) "I want to apologize for Commodore Ayiwah suggested. Order is a virtue she hold close to her heart, she is a good women despite what she suggested. I also want to thank you for your patience and for your help so far," I said, bowing in both apology and thanks for everything she had done to help us so far. Someone had to keep us from making enemies with the people of this island, whether deliberate or accidental, I would not let this expedition be a bust. A voice cut through my mind, it was Ayiwah ordering everyone back to the submarine. "Well Toa Leah, I must take my leave. I wish to speak with you again at some later time." I said, with a smile and another slight bow before heading back towards the direction of the submarine. I wondered if life upon on this was always as disorderly as it seemed in this village. So many people willing to cause all sorts of problems in daylight, including kidnapping visitors! I hoped by this command, it meant Ayiwah and the others had the situation under control. A pang of guilt stabbed at the heart of me though, and spread through the rest of me, I couldn't shake it. I should have been there, alongside the others, alongside Ayiwah and I had tarried too long, people could be injured or worse because of such hesitation. Maybe I wasn't the right choice, maybe I was too much of a rookie, nevertheless I stowed such feelings, and if I faced any remonstrance, I would take it, and let it be a reminder for my mistake. IC: (Vera Polzin) I had already scanned the door to see who was standing behind it, A Vortixx and a Toa. Being that there was only one Toa in the group, I knew it was Pae. The other was Nika, with his rifle, and general posture, it was an easy tell. So that meant Jin was off somewhere else or she was dead. I wanted to know the reason if either situation proved true. She was my employee after all, they all were. While my business with them was strictly off the books, it was still business and I had employed them on this mission. I was aware of the situation in Ko-Wahi, though I did not predict that another organization supporting Makuta would rise so soon again. Given how easily it seemed to be toppled, someone was funding them, arming them, making them into a real threat and that was troubling thought. I opened the door, regarding Nika and Pae. "Hello gentlemen, please come in. We'll speak in the study," I said.
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