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Mata Blue/tan Matoran


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You should name him Squeege. I like it - it's a nice, simple little build with some System thrown in there, too. My only problems are the trans blue on the body - it just looks sorta out of place - and the 1x1 blue bricks on the staff also look kinda awkward. Also, I understand what you were trying to do with the System configuration and the minifig legs on the back, I mean to try to beef up the sides, but it'd probably look better without, anyway. Still, though, nice little build. :)EDIT - What, what the heck is that with the minifig legs on his back? o_O

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hah this is so good! I'm not sure why its staff has a brush on the end - but I prefer it to another pointy weapon thing. The only thing I don't like is that the legs are too tan and the chest is too blue, but I can't really see how you would mix it up a bit. Anyway it's an awesome matoran but I can't help with the name because I am also suckish at that.


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Who cares what his name is? he looks cool, and that's good enough for me! The matoran's staff is very nice (not to mention creative), and I especially like that cleaner bristle on top. The matoran's body is not so hot though. I think that it bulges out way too much, though from the front this is not a problem. Overall though, good job!


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You should name him Squeege.

Hah, great idea.

EDIT - What, what the heck is that with the minifig legs on his back? o_O

What is what with the minifig legs on his back? Trans-blue: Yeah, I know. I don't have many Mata blue or tan pieces (and I already had a full-size Mata blue MOC built), so I made do with what I had. Weapon: Glad everyone seems to like it! That piece came from a City set that I didn't even remember I had (probably from my old Brickmaster subscription). I didn't have any Mata blue or tan weapons, and when I saw that piece I had the idea to make a club of sorts out of it. Minifig legs: I put those on in an attempt to bulk up the sides a bit as well as add some more tan to the torso. I don't like how bulky it is either, but it looks a lot better from the front. Thanks for the comments, everyone! :t: :b: :3: Edited by Toa Balta #3


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I'm not good at naming things either, but I'd have to say it seems to me to be more of a Turaga kind of build (although it could just be the staff). The body is a bit boxy, I've never been much of a fan of the use of system parts, occasionally it works. on the front I'd say it does, on the back, less so. Certainly back 2 looks a lot better. Also well done on the colour scheme, tan parts aren't the most common, and are difficult to work well with anything other than black in my experience. But the little touches you've made that disperse tan evenly about it are really good, specifically the pins in the feet, and the system part in front of the kneck.

- Taipu1.


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Very interesting. I love the colours used, and the build is small and interesting enough so as to really catch my eye. If you could post some intructions on how to build this, I'd greatly appreciate it. It's just so cute, I want to build my own now! :) t1ssig.png

~Your friendly, neighborhood Shadow



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