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  1. Redemption is the opinion of others really, so its pretty much an impossible goal unless everyone has forgiven you. But are any characters capable of redemption in my personal opinion? For me it would come down to motivations. Ahkmou is the only character immediately coming to mind who I think could be redeemed. His motivations were misguided rather than purely greed as the majority of Bionicle villains seem to be. Bionicle seems to lack villains with more human motivations, such as revenge for loss and actions caused by fear. It's a negative I hadn't considered before, that most of the villains are just power hungry.
  2. I'd leave it be. On BZP there tends to be a lot of in depth discussion on Bionicle in areas that just won't be the focus of the majority of the people buying it. Lego will have done their market research on this, gender equality has been a big topic for them recently. Given they decided to keep the already established genders of the Toa, I'd say they concluded that was best for the market. I'd expect this means future sets would have a similar gender ratio as well, but there's no reason Lego can't introduce a lot more female characters in the storyline. Whatever they decide really, it's up to writers to create a story, not for the fans to fiddle with their creation.
  3. I could be wrong, but weren't a small number of all the noble Kanohi done in the wrong colours by mistake, giving the standard Mata colours for the Turaga masks?
  4. I don't think already having a job in any way elliminates the possibility that that is Amaya. Matoran on Mata Nui did not have jobs in the way we have jobs, where we do one to earn a living. The villages there were communities, everyone would pitch in and live in harmony. On Mata Nui Takua pretty much got away with not having a real job, he just helped out with all sorts of things, and not just in his own village. When he volunteered to help in the Ta-koro guard, they made him a member just like that. He's fought alongside the Gukko force as well. As long as Amaya was contributing to the welfare of the village, I don't think it mattered what she did. And at the end of MNOG, the villages were all at maximum defence, it sounds perfectly reasonable that Amaya might abandon her normal job for a bit and help with the village defences. The matoran in that picture could also be Vhisola still, but equally it could also be another unnamed Ga-matoran. As far as the having fun is concerned, I think it's a more interesting and fun theory to simply say that both Amaya and Vhisola aided in the defences of the village when they had to. That would certainly make better fan fiction than "Amaya and Vhisola were both commited to their individual day jobs."
  5. I've always taken the official stance on Matoran:Toa size to be the Metruan and Toa Metru. Thats the only situation where Matoran haven't been altered for some reason, and the most standard way of Toa being created. There are a few cases that don't fit the rule such as Mazeka, Krakua and Lesovikk, but in general thats put down to artistic license or fitting with a current years set range.
  6. From my own experiences of trying to build this sort of thing, I know how difficult it is to make this sort of MOC with an actual matoran sized rider, and to make something like that with comparable aesthetics to the other entries, entry 2 goes a step further than the rest for me, and takes my vote.
  7. I voted for 10 as I did the first time around, its a really unique looking MOC, and you've got to love the metallic blue of course. It was close cut with 1, 8 and 11. Theres a lot of really good MOCs in this poll. 4 and 7 are really great too, but as is always the hazard of revamps (Particularly from '01), they just don't match well in my head to the original characters.
  8. I think one thing people often forget is that at least in the matoran species, there isn't actually any definable reason gender exists at all. Obviously its there so the target of young children don't go "Is my toy a girl or a boy", and then get confused when its neither, but I've always felt that's the only reason there are separate genders in the matoran. The primary difference between individual matoran is actually their element, and each element has its own personality traits. This is perhaps even more sexist, as the genders are then attached to the elements that have the stereotypical female personalities. And that sexism is there because of the market of younger boys. The only storyline use for genders in matoran is actually writing up the story, as gender neutral pronouns tend to sound a little clumsy when used repeatedly in writing.
  9. I always considered the name of Krekka's species to be Krekka, and people called Krekka by his species as an insult, and because they didn't really acknowledge his intelligence. And obviously he was too stupid to argue against it.
  10. Just a few questions I've been unable to find the answer to regarding Kanohi: 1. We've seen that Jaller was fine wearing a noble Kanohi for years, is a matoran also fine wearing a great one? Obviously they can't use the powers, but I just wanted to check if they could wear them without any issues. 2. In LoMN there are two examples of characters wearing one mask over another. However the appearance of this differs in the two cases. When Makuta is wearing Dume's mask, his own Mask underneath appeared to effectively disappear, completely hidden. When Vakama put on the Vahi (and also Takua with the Avohkii in MoL) the mask just fitted over the previous one. Is either of these cases more canon than the other, or are both of them possible? Is it perhaps down to the individual wearing the mask, as obviously Makuta is very different to Vakama and Takua. And is there any limitation to how long someone could have two masks stacked?
  11. Teridax, he planned everything so well, yet he was set back twice by being crushed by a door, and then a chunk of moon.
  12. This makes sense, assuming Takanuva visited only 3 dimensions. Is it actually confirmed anywhere that he only visited 3 though? He could easily have been to more, and there is simply no story on those parts of his journey.
  13. I'm surprised I'm the first person to say Olmak. The possibilities are literally infinite.
  14. Is Takanuva being included as part of the Nuva here? I'd classify him as less of a political threat and more a real threat than the Nuva, because the Nuva could pop off and become Turaga at any time, whereas Takanuva still has something left to do. I suppose that could link in with Velika's plan potentially.
  15. Seeing as the Red Star has to work with existing body parts, I'm pretty sure he'd still look like Hydraxon. If there were to be any effect from recovering his mind, I can only imagine he would either stay entirely Hydraxon, or have the memories of both Hydraxon and Dekar.
  16. I'm pretty sure they knew there was a ceiling. I imagine any surprise they had would simply be the fact it was ripping open. It's not something you would expect to happen. Given the gravity generated by the Mata Nui robot as well, up until that point, I don't think the people in the MU would have any idea that there was anything major happening outside of the domes.
  17. Some points: Colour scheme seems very weirdly distributed. From the front, it's blue and black with very minor amounts of silver. From the back, there's a lot more silver, and not much blue. I would've probably stuck with Hahli Inika's original colour scheme. Staying with this colour scheme, work in more silver and less black. The black should really only be the structure underneath, with blue and silver armour. Proportions are a lot more normal than the original set which is good, but I feel the torso is perhaps slightly too long, by one, maybe two studs. It's more noticable on the back. There, the two perpendicular axle/pin connector pieces are ones I think should go. Obviously they perform some sort of structural purpose though, so that might not be totally feasible. If you were to theoretically remove them though, if you moved the inika shoulder armour piece down, and then shortened the torso by 1 to bring the two Bohrok eye pieces up, that would give a smoother looking armour on the back, and reduce the length of the torso by 1. I know its never as easy as that, but that's what I would try to do.Thighs are an example of where there's too much black, no enough blue/silver, in this case blue. They also look a little bulky compared to the legs. They're not too bulky though, so possibly the lower legs could be changed. The silver Metru chest pieces on the arms just look out of place. I'd remove them entirely, as they make the shaping of the arms a little odd.There's a red pin peaking out at me in the shoulder. Very minor, and not visible from 90% of angles, but when it is visible, the red stands out. Other than the colour scheme, these are all very minor points that mostly come down to the opinion of the person looking at it though. Sort the colours, and this would definitely be an improvement on the original set.
  18. Without an actual rider, its hard to tell, but I personally think the seat looks a little out of place. It seems to upright for something that looks like it should be pretty fast. Only Jetrax had a proper seat on the real sets, and that only worked because there was a full cockpit. I think this MOC would work better with a bike type riding position, like on Rockoh and Axalara. Other than that point, this thing looks very good. I like the turbine pieces underneath, makes it look like it has vertical take off. It actually looks like you've thought about how its technical workings should relate to its appearance, because you've got the engine at the front, and then those pipes leading down to the back.
  19. Is the translucent lightsaber blade piece Homer's plutonium that he throws in the intro, or the infamous enanimate carbon rod? I'm hoping it's the enanimate carbon rod, but the former seems far more likely.
  20. I'd guess they can drink non-protodermic water, as the matoran on the island of Mata-Nui survived just fine. The pit mutagen is probably what made the water surrounding Voya-Nui undrinkable, but the Mahri-Nui inhabitants were mutated by it, and so probably no longer had a signicant need to drink anymore.
  21. *Simpsons geekmode kicks in.* The interior isn't as good a likeness as I would have hoped. Its missing several rooms: the dining room, the second sitting room with a fireplace, the basement (Guess I didn't expect them to have that). Also the famous opening sequence where Homer runs through the door in the back of the Garage wouldn't work. No door. I guess the exterior looks are more important, and they're done pretty well. Its missing the exterior basement doors, and I would've liked to see the treehouse with it. I'm not quite sure who this is directed at. It strikes me as a fun toy for children who watch the simpsons, but with its high price tag, that doesn't seem right.
  22. Perhaps there should be a poll to find out if people want him to have an avatar or not? I also see the point about the site already being very Tohu heavy, but ultimately, the account is Hapori Tohu, so if people do want it to have an avatar, then the standard logo is the logical choice.
  23. Seems a little counter intuitive to me, the most successful CUUSOO set I think was minecraft, and thats a theme, not a set. As far as I know the individual sets that were released, the Curiosity Rover and others, weren't nearly as big sellers. (Based entirely on impression I've been given, I haven't actually seen any sales figures).
  24. That's precisely why I thought that. They're not commonly used pieces, so they don't immediately jump to mind, but not much else would fit in that position, which is why it's such a smart choice.
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