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  1. Glad to see these contests still happening. I came across the topic a couple weeks back but couldn't access my pieces in time. I'll keep my eyes open for the next one!
  2. I was just talking to my brother (who is very into LEGO but not at all into Bionicle) about all the things that took the forums by storm here back in the day. Was a pleasant memory. Thanks for your dedication to the site, the fans here, and the community. Looking forward to what may come!
  3. Congrats to the winners. Le-Koro is a beast of a build.
  4. Went with Le-Koro Platform, although some inspired builds across the board. The Birth of a Dark Hunter is honestly a terrifying take on Nidhiki's transformation. The half-transformed state he's in... tragic.
  5. Nice renders. The heads look a little small, but maybe that's because I'm used to the chonky full-body pieces. Although I like the way the body is raised higher than the head, adds more level of depth to the model. What program did you use for these?
  6. I just finished another playthrough of Portal 2 a couple of days ago. Must be a sign! This IDEA is incredibly detailed. I'm a big fan of the extending panels, they really capture the behind-the-scenes nature of Aperture and the anticipation that things could change in a moment's notice. Same with the inclusion of back railings. The faith-plate is a great play feature. The boxy exit chamber and observation room feel a little out of place with the rest of the thin-panel design. I like that it can take minifigs, but I wonder if having more than just one open side would have been more playable. Love the minifig selection!
  7. Not sure how, but Onua looked surprised when he saw Lewa at first. Great artwork. Kinda feel bad for the Lehvak Va at the end...
  8. Been thinking about this one. I felt the legs were a little too blocky compared to the sharp angles of the chest, shoulders - even the fins on the legs themselves. But DeeVee makes a good point about the style influence that I didn't consider, which redeems the build style in my eyes. Still not sure how I feel about the super-emphasized elbows and knees, but I can see the style coming through there as well. I love the colour and the fully detailed back. Plus so many great elements, even if hardly any are new. Thanks for the review and the great photos!
  9. I always felt that the bat-form Makuta didn't have enough wing coverage... I'm inspired by the way you created the shoulder connection, I don't know if I've seen the Inika foot used like that before (usually it's turned around as shoulder armor, rather than the connection point itself). The way you constructed the lower legs is also unique, passing through the Piraka limb to the Metru leg behind. Lots of interesting things going on here, even with the limited pieces at your disposal.
  10. Bionicle, Adventure, Alpha Team. Fond memories, and great way to commemorate the occasion!
  11. Just wanted to say thanks for hosting these raffles on the regular! Happy New Year everyone.
  12. Lots of fun looking through these. You can feel the emotion in Ominous. The choice to do a red edit really deepens the experience. I also really like the concept of old Metru Nui tech washed up or buried for Mata Nui residents to discover. Radio. Nice.
  13. Love it. My favourite part is that the original creator made sure to use parts from only three Bohrok sets - so it feels like a true combiner that could exist in-universe. Your work here is bright, bold, and fun. The Fohrok didn't appear much in story, so colour-wise it's hard to say what is "accurate" - blue/orange is in the comics, but it's hardly more than a silhouette so your choices are nice and offer a bit more of a rusted, oxidized metal appearance.
  14. I like the concept. I wonder if it's possible to sink it a little deeper, as the movie/artwork has the blue light recessed from the edge of the lens. You mentioned in the video working on the Mata version of the mask. The two smaller lenses are approximately rod-diameter, so a lightsaber could be cut down and inserted into a carefully drilled hole. The largest of the three lenses is approximately the diameter of a stud, which presents a bit more of a challenge as that would mean the whole depth of the plate itself would be outside the mask. But it could be done with somewhat similar results to the original intention for the Nuva version. I think three studs on the Mata might be overkill. Give us an update here if you do go forward with the Akaku Mata!
  15. Very good. Love how you captured each element of the symbol, especially how you took the four curved edges and have them distinct by using four pieces. Curious if you can manage to get only 6 lines in the lower half instead of 8 - each line represents one of the breeds of Bohrok.
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